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A white 2022 Nissan Armada is shown from the front off-roading in the forest.

A Cabin Comparison: 2022 Nissan Armada vs 2022 Ford Expedition

Shopping for a vehicle to handle not just all the passengers you’re planning on hauling but also all your gear can be quite challenging – especially when you’re looking for heightened style in addition to maximum practicality. If you’re wondering about your options, there are two SUVs that have been exceptionally popular with families, commuters, and frequent travelers alike, recognized for their copious cargo space, as well as helpful everyday features. We’re talking about the Nissan Armada and the Ford Expedition, two 8-passenger SUVs that have been competing against each other for years. When it comes to the 2022 Nissan Armada vs 2022 Ford Expedition, which offers you more in its cavernous interior when your journey calls for increased space, comfort, and style? Let’s find out which SUV’s interior has been designed to outshine all of its competition.

Premium Style

Any drive deserves to be cozy, accentuated by comfortable seating materials, sophisticated appointments, and added extras to provide more value to your travels. That’s where the 2022 Nissan Armada really impresses, with appointments that are ready to deliver the wow factor. Available leather-appointed seating, front and rear heated seats, a heated steering wheel, second-row captain’s chairs, and more are ready to heighten the appeal of any journey. Plus, with noise dampening materials, you’re in for a quiet and tranquil ride, no matter how hectic it gets in the outside world. A Driver’s Memory System is also available to add even more comfort to your journey, welcoming each driver into the cabin with customized seating, steering, and mirror placement, making the Armada a top choice when you’re seeking refined comfort.

So, can the Expedition keep up with the level of excellence found in the Armada? The 2022 Ford Expedition showcases updated interior styling available for its latest model year, featuring leather seating materials, massaging front seats, and optional captain’s chairs in its higher-level trims. Base level trims won’t get the level of elegance that you’ll find in top trims, instead showcasing plainer materials without all the bells and whistles. If you want premium style, you’ll need to be prepared to pay for it in the Expedition by choosing its coveted Platinum model.

A grey 2022 Ford Expedition is shown from the side driving on an open road.

Ample Space

Cargo space is always an issue, especially for families or those who need to haul around a lot of materials and gear for work. You’ll find that the 2022 Armada is ready to handle more with an adaptable interior that can accommodate anything and anyone you’re bringing along for the ride. On top of three rows of seating able to fit eight comfortably, the Armada features a power-folding third-row to make more room for gear and cargo with the touch of a button. With up to 92.6 cu.ft. of cargo space, you’re in for a more productive and functional ride. Other helpful features include an under-floor cargo bay, perfect for important items and valuables, as well as a second-row center console, which is ideal for storing electronics and other devices. Loads of legroom throughout makes the Armada a comfortable choice for drivers and passengers alike.

Like the Armada, the Expedition aims to please, with plenty of room to relax onboard, as well as copious cargo space to maximize your journey. The Expedition also offers plenty of space to allow you to store everything from groceries to gear without hassle. Plus, with its Cargo Management System, you’re able to remain as organized as possible with ingenious solutions, ready to keep your belongings safe, secure, and easily accessible. Both SUVs showcase some of the best utilization of space found on the road, which is why they’re so popular with many types of drivers everywhere.

Versatile Trims

It helps to have options when it comes to your vehicle, and when you’re shopping for a large-scale traveler, like the Armada or the Expedition, both are prepared to offer you a selection of trims to suit your needs. Take the Armada, for example, which is available in a number of models, designed for virtually any driver. From its luxurious Platinum model, which showcases quilted leather seats and unmatched sophistication throughout, to its base S model, featuring simple, modern appointments designed for maximum comfort, you can’t go wrong with the Armada. Opt for the Midnight Edition for even more sleek features, like jet-black materials, carpeted floor mats, and exclusive badging throughout to add more modern style to your travels.

The Armada takes a more stylish approach to its trim levels, whereas the Expedition harnesses the spirit of adventure in several of its models. The Timberline, for instance, showcases daring style with ActiveX trimmed seats, Deep Tangerine stitching, and more bold elements within. For those who are seeking ultimate luxury, you’ll find it in the Platinum trim, which features the best of the best in appointments, like leather upholstery, stylish accents throughout, and a contemporary design that’s hard to beat. The choice between these two will depend on what you’re looking to enjoy in a vehicle and your budget, as the Expedition jumps quickly in price from its base XL trim to its mid-level options. There’s a fine line between affordable and over-priced when it comes to the Expedition’s trims, which may cause you to think twice about adding on more features and ramping up the bill.

The white interior of a 2022 Nissan Armada shows three rows of seating during a 2022 Nissan Armada vs 2022 Ford Expedition comparison.

Smart Tech

No modern vehicle would be complete without a host of tech features designed to keep you effortlessly connected, entertained, and secure during your journey. The 2022 Nissan Armada showcases a beautiful 12.3-inch widescreen infotainment screen, which provides access to plenty of must-have tech options, including connectivity features, like Apple CarPlay, a WiFi Hotspot, and more. Plus, with helpful features, like a Remote Engine Start System and Rear Door Alert, you’ll be able to take advantage of increased security and convenience when you opt for the Armada. Its host of safety and driver-assist options through Nissan’s impressive Safety Shield 360 suite allow you unrivaled assurance during any trip. With added extras, like an Intelligent Rear View Mirror to help you see better behind you and an Intelligent Around View Monitor to provide a clearer picture of what’s surrounding your vehicle, any ride in the Armada is simply better.

The Expedition is also armed with plenty of tech and safety options to allow for a more confident ride. Its interior is illuminated by a standard 12-inch touchscreen, equipped with the SYNC 4 infotainment system, providing access to all of the essentials, like smartphone integration, navigation, in-vehicle apps, and more. Safety and driver-assist features can be found as well; however, if you want to take advantage of the most coveted features, like BlueCruise semi-autonomous driving, you’ll have to upgrade to the costly Platinum trim.

2022 Nissan Armada vs 2022 Ford Expedition

Both of these SUVs offer drivers and passengers undeniable style, space, options, and tech that you can expect to find in luxury vehicles. Although the Expedition does showcase some pretty impressive options, they won’t come cheap, and although the Expedition offers versatile trim options, the base and mid-level trims are far less luxurious than the Armada. That’s why our pick is the 2022 Nissan Armada, due to its level of luxury, ingenious use of space, and variety of trims to appeal to many different types of drivers, all for an affordable price. It’s no secret that these SUVs were designed to deliver a cabin space, accentuated by modern appointments and an air of superiority; however, the Armada just offers more at a better value. If you’re looking for a large family vehicle and the interior is a big selling factor, you can’t go wrong with the 2022 Nissan Armada.