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Why One Jeep Owner Has Made a Lifelong Commitment to the Brand

People make significant commitments throughout their life. A person will make a life-long commitment to their spouse. Someone may make a commitment to quit smoking or drinking, and others may focus on living a healthier life.

For Ron Bourque, that commitment was made to Jeep. He’s been a fan of the brand since 2001, when he purchased his first Jeep Wrangler. Since that time, he’s completely embraced every aspect of the brand, leading to his purchase of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited last year.

There are a variety of attributes and capabilities that Bourque particularly enjoys. He recognizes the reliability first and foremost, especially considering how long his original Jeep lasted. He also appreciates his vehicle’s ability to travel during the winter, as snow can pile up quickly in his hometown. Of course, he’s a fan of all the technological amenities that he opted to add to his SUV.

However, as a fan of performing, he especially enjoys the attention that accompanies the vehicle.

“I love the Jeep wave!” he laughed. “Drivers used to do it more in the past, which is kind of a downer. You don’t see it as much now, but there’s still quite a few people that give you the wave. It always makes me laugh.”

Bourque will surely stick with the brand until he can no longer drive. To understand Bourque’s commitment to Jeep, we first have to take a brief step back in time…

The Manchester, New Hampshire native’s love for the brand started nearly two decades ago, when he decided to purchase a 1999 Jeep Wrangler as a teenager.

“Loved it,” he remembered. “I grew up with it for all that time, so it really became a part of me. Unfortunately, it was eventually time to move on.”

99 Jeep Wrangler FRT 463812

13 years and a whopping 215,000-miles later, it was time for Bourque to pursue a new ride. Predictably, Bourque didn’t spend much time establishing what his next vehicle would be. With a stable job and more money in his pocket, he pursued a vehicle that he had admired for a long time: the 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Ron had known for awhile that he was going to eventually purchase a new Jeep. He was impressed by how long his previous Wrangler had lasted, and he particularly appreciated the Jeep’s performance during the winter. Living in New England, drivers are forced to battle through the worst possible road conditions. Thanks to Jeep’s reliable mechanics and rugged tires, the brand’s vehicles are able to persevere through any snow or ice.

“I loved the reliability,” he said. “I loved the fact that I didn’t feel nervous in the winter when I was driving in everything. I felt like I could get out of any snow bank, any stretch of ice. Any situation where you need the four-wheel drive, it works perfectly.”

Those four-wheel drive capabilities provide optimal traction during those winter months, and they’ll also make for a smoother, easier-to-handle ride. The 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine also plays a significant role in trekking through the snow. Best of all, constant trips to the gas station will be limited, as the unit delivers a 16 city/21 highway mile per gallon fuel efficiency.

Having driven the same vehicle for nearly half his life, Bourque wanted to deck out his Jeep with every possible amenity. In fact, his planned Wrangler Unlimited was so elaborate, he had to have it built elsewhere and delivered.

“I wanted the satellite function,” Bourque explained. “I wanted both the soft top and a hard top. I wanted the Rubicon tires, which are the heavier, bigger tires. I ended up getting two sets of tires, the regular ones and the Rubicon tires. The satellite radio, the premier music package. I really wanted it all.”

Was there one particular function he wanted in particular?


“I needed the navigation,” he said. “I can’t find my way out of a paper bag, so I rely on the system. It just speaks to you, you don’t even have to look down. I use it all the time.”

However, when all is said and done, Bourque’s favorite Wrangler Unlimited attribute is its comfort. Standing over six-feet tall and having dealt with back issues for several years, he finds that he’s not uncomfortable after having traveled long distances in the Jeep. His soft Sedosa cloth-covered seats provide ultimate comfort, and the heating capabilities provide that extra warmth during the winter.

“I think the seats are comfortable, especially when compared to other [compact] SUVs,” he said. “I also like the height and not having to strain my neck to see around other cars. I never exit my Jeep dealing with my back pains.”

Another appreciated feature? The abundance of cargo space. The Wrangler Unlimited delivers 31.5-cubic-feet of cargo room behind the second row, and an incredible 70.6-cubic-feet of space behind the first row. This means owners can store any cargo they see fit, an attribute that Bourque is a particular fan of. Plus, the unit is easy to keep clean thanks to the interior drain plugs. Owners don’t have to think twice about taking a hose to the interior and washing out all the sand and grime.
“It’s just awesome,” he exclaimed. “I can bring tons of stuff up to the beach. I go up there pretty much every weekend in the summertime, but we never have to worry about fitting all my junk.”

While Bourque is a huge fan of his Wrangler Unlimited, he wishes he had opted for a feature that he originally ignored: a rear back-up camera. The unit allows drivers to monitor everything that’s happening behind their hulking SUV. Drivers can’t acquire this feature from the factory, but it can be installed by an aftermarket salesman. Bourque also finds himself wishing he had opted for the side airbags (which are offered by the brand), especially since he had a pair of wrecks in his previous vehicle.

“I can parallel park okay, but that’s the one thing I should have gone with,” he said. “That and the side air bags. If I could do it all again, those would be the two features I’d add.”

If he were to do it all again, would Bourque have opted for a different brand?

“You know, that sometimes crosses my mind,” he said. “What would I be driving if I hadn’t originally purchased that Wrangler? I definitely can’t say I regret my decision, though. I couldn’t be happier.”

This is a sentiment shared by many Jeep owners, and, similar to Bourque, many have made an exclusive commitment to the brand.