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The front of a black 2019 GMC Sierra 1500 is shown in the woods outside Atlanta.

What Your Local Atlanta GMC Dealer Can Offer You

It can be very difficult to figure out where to buy your next vehicle. It’s a daunting process with all the preliminary research, price comparisons, online searches, setting your budget, and to ultimately find the right dealership to do business with. Like any relationship, it takes work to make it work. You want to make sure they can help you get the right vehicle that matches your needs and lifestyle. On your part, it’s critical to thoroughly research your options to avoid buyer’s remorse. Buying or leasing a vehicle is one of the most significant decisions people make, and it should not be taken lightly. Most likely you’ll have the vehicle for many years, so you want to be sure you’re making a good investment. Fortunately, your local Atlanta GMC dealer can help make this process a lot easier. For drivers in the Atlanta region, here are some GMC vehicles that best suit the Atlanta lifestyle.


SUVs have become synonymous with family adventure and are perfect for those seeking more interior space along with plenty of room to carry cargo. If this is you, then an SUV is a perfect choice. In addition to the added room, they also offer advanced features and a high towing capacity for hauling a trailer or boat.

GMC Acadia – This all-wheel drive SUV seats up to seven people in its cavernous interior, so you and your passengers will be riding in the utmost of comfort. There are also plenty of entertainment options to keep everyone from getting bored on those long road trips. The AWD models of the Acadia have a large 22-gallon fuel tank to keep you going between fill-ups and offer about 21 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. For towing, the Acadia provides a maximum capacity of 4,000 lbs, more than enough to haul just about anything you might need for any trip. Its engine puts out 310 horsepower for superior performance. Once you drive an Acadia, you’ll forget about the word “underpowered.”

GMC Yukon – If the Acadia isn’t big enough to satisfy your demands, consider moving up to the even larger Yukon. With room for up to nine people, the Yukon is truly the king of GMC’s SUV lineup. It’s innovative EcoTech engine delivers enough power and performance for a vehicle of this size, and everyone will love the enormous room inside for both passengers and cargo. You’ll be paying a bit more for the Yukon, especially if you spring for the higher-end Denali model, but you’ll be getting one the finest SUVs on the road today – the perfect combination of utility, performance, and luxury.

A black 2019 GMC Yukon Denali is parked outside a modern house after leaving their Atlanta GMC dealer.


Instead of a family-focused SUV, perhaps you are more of a truck person. No matter if you are working the farm or packing up the gear to head to the mountains, you’ll benefit from driving one of GMC’s exceptional pickup trucks. While we don’t get as much snow as our northern neighbors in the Atlanta area, it does happen, and we certainly get plenty of rain. Driving a GMC truck provides peace of mind in all kinds of driving conditions, so you can feel safe driving your family, friends, and even cargo around.

GMC Sierra 1500 – An affordable and economical choice for truck buyers, this model of the Sierra offers utility coupled with performance and fuel efficiency. It gets 20 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway, delivering up to 420 horsepower under the hood for power and performance when you want it. It can tow up to a massive 12,200 lbs and features a GMC MultiPro tailgate, which allows for easy transporting, loading, and unloading of cargo in the bed.

GMC Sierra Denali 2500 – Stepping up to the Denali 2500 not only gets you more power, but also some luxury touches that add a bit of style to the brawn. With the 2500, the towing capacity bumps up to an incredible 15,400 lbs. On the aforementioned luxury side, this model also adds in heated, ventilated, and perforated leather front seating, sure to provide top-quality comfort no matter if you are driving around downtown or off-road in the rural backcountry.

GMC Sierra Denali 3500 – For the top dog in pickup trucks, it’s tough to beat the high-end Denali 3500 model. This truck will provide you with the maximum in luxury and utility, with an astounding towing capacity of up to 23,100 lbs. That’s ten tons! Even if you don’t need to pull a trailer, the payload capacity of the Denali 3500 is still over a whopping 6,100 lbs. And as far as comfort goes, the 3500 shares the same premium leather seating found in the 2500, and also includes tech features like 4G LTE WiFi so both you and your passengers can stay connected while on the road.

GMC Canyon – Moving back down the scale again, we come to the Canyon, a smaller pickup on par with the Sierra 1500. If you don’t have the need for the larger Sierras, this the Canyon is a good choice. It still offers plenty of room for both passengers and cargo, powered by a 308 horsepower engine. This truck is no slouch. It’s also a money-saver at the gas tank as well, with fuel economy numbers coming in at 20 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway, making this a great option for buyers looking for a more fuel-efficient truck without sacrificing the main reasons why people choose pickups.

A red 2019 GMC Canyon Denali is parked in front of a glass building.

GMC: A Trusted Brand

Another benefit of choosing a GMC vehicle from an Atlanta GMC dealer is the longevity of GMC as a brand. American car buyers have come to trust GMC as a maker of high quality, long-lasting vehicles. When you buy a GMC, you can be assured you’ll be getting one of the finest vehicles on the road today, backed up by a reputation for excellence and decades of proven customer satisfaction. Millions of GMC drivers can’t be wrong. Ask one, and they’ll tell you that the brand means quality.

The Perfect Vehicles for Atlanta Drivers

So as you can see above, your local Atlanta GMC dealer can provide what you are looking for. They are ready to work with you to help you succeed in finding the right vehicle for your specific Atlanta lifestyle. They’ve got an extensive array of vehicles to choose from in all trim levels, and their friendly and professional staff can show them all to you and even get you into some test drives. Their expert finance teams will also be there to work the numbers and arrange financing that you can afford so you don’t break the bank on your next vehicle. Service after the fact is also a point of pride with GMC dealers. They not only want you to be happy with your vehicle when you buy it but also after the sale and for many years after. Their GM-certified technicians are experts in performing simple routine maintenance as well as diagnosing more complex issues. For Atlanta drivers, there really is no better choice than stopping in to see your local Atlanta GMC dealer. They’ve got the vehicle need and can get you into it!

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