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Three 2019 Ford Mustangs, popular among Ford cars for sale, are driving towards the camera view.

The Modern Ford Lineup

Another year, another lineup of beautiful Ford cars for sale. Whether you’re looking for something small, something medium or something large, Ford has more than enough vehicles for you to select from. Today we will be looking at some of the highlights from the lineup. If you’re looking for something affordable, something sporty, or something flashy, there will be something in this article for everyone.

If you need an affordable car to get you to work and back, you need to introduce yourself to the Fiesta. On the other hand, if you’re pinching pennies because you have a large family to take care of, you owe it to yourself to check out the Ecosport. If you’re looking for something sporty, you’re much, MUCH more likely to want to get your hands on one of the many Mustang variants Ford has to offer in their classic American muscle car. If you’re finally at the point in your life where you can afford a little bit of extra “flash” on your automobile, you might want to get to know the Expedition lineup or see if you can get your hands on a Raptor. Whatever your needs are, there is a Ford for you.

Avoid Breaking the Bank

The most affordable car in Ford’s lineup, the Fiesta, is plenty of vehicle for under fifteen grand. The Fiesta is your standard, four-door sedan that is best used for commuting and cruising around town. If you get the cheapest model, you get a 1.6L, four-cylinder engine that is brought to life thanks to a 5-speed manual transmission. (An automatic will cost you $1,095 more.) The cloth interior is comfortable enough, and the infotainment system will display all of your music information. In the city, you can expect to get 27mpg, and that number shoots up to 35mpg once you get on the highway. For someone that does a majority of their driving as the sole passenger in the car, the Ford Fiesta is a perfect choice for you.

A blue 2019 Ford Ecosport is driving with a blurred background.

While compact sedans may be among the cheapest cars on the market, that does not mean that they are the best choice for every financially-conscience consumer. If you plan to have passengers regularly, you want to feel safer in adverse conditions or if you simply enjoy a higher seating position; you’re probably interested in SUV’s. Enter the Ecosport. The Ecosport is the smallest, and therefore the most affordable, of Ford’s SUV lineup. You need to expect to pay over twenty grand for the privilege of driving an SUV, but you certainly realize some advantages if you do. With the Ecosport, you have the option to lower the back seats to allow for more storage. You can upgrade the Ecosport to four-wheel drive if you plan on driving through mud and snow. Despite a larger frame, Ford decided to go with a petite 1.0 Ecoboost engine that gets 27mpg in the city and 29mpg on the highway. If you travel with passengers, appreciate cargo room or want a four-wheel-drive option on a budget, the Ford Ecosport could exceed all of your needs.

Want A Weekend Car You Can Daily Drive?

Maybe you think that sedans and SUV’s are ugly. You want something that is a little sleeker and sportier. Chances are you’re no stranger to Fords Mustang. The Mustang is a classic in American history, one that everyone instantly recognizes. If you’re just looking to get an affordable Mustang to cruise in, you can enjoy an Ecoboost Fastback for a hair under twenty-seven grand. This is the most fuel-efficient Mustang on the market today, so showing off your new baby won’t put a dent in your checking account. It’ll look like a Mustang, but if you want to achieve that authentic Mustang experience, open your wallet up to one of the GT models.

Once you’ve decided you’re willing to put some money into your pony car, you open yourself up to a whole slew of options. If you like to enjoy the wind in your hair, the first option you can spring for is a convertible model. If power is what you crave, the Mustang goes all the way up to a 5.2L V8 Engine with Flat Plane Crank if you can handle all that. You can also spring for other great comforts such as cruise control, lane keep assist, a heated steering wheel, and a twelve speaker premium audio system. All models come with remote keyless entry, and with the right transmission, you can also get a remote starter installed. The Mustang can be as bare bones or as tricked out as you please.

Make A Statement

If you like to make your presence felt as you cruise down the street, but you need a little bit more functionality than what the Mustang provides, then these next two models cast a shadow on the rest of the lineup. Literally. The Ford Expedition is Ford’s titan of the SUV market, and the Raptor stands out in the truck market. These vehicles are large and luxurious, so don’t expect to pick up one of these vehicles on a budget. The Raptor often sells well above sticker price due to the scarcity and popularity.

A red 2019 Ford Raptor is driving in the desert.

The Ford Expedition is an enclosed truck that fits eight adults comfortably. With a meaty 3.5L Ecoboost engine and the option to upgrade to a 28.3-gallon fuel tank, long trips in adverse conditions won’t phase you. To get the larger gas tank, you actually need to upgrade to the MAX trim level that increases the overall size of the vehicle. Despite the large size, you can still get 400 horsepower out of the engine. This means that you’ll have absolutely no problem keeping up with traffic with a fully-loaded car. Even with all that horsepower and the large size, Ford managed to squeeze 17mpg out of this massive SUV.

Maybe you prefer the style and function that comes with owning a truck. If that is the case, then the Ford Raptor is the truck that you want. The Raptor sticks out in everyone’s mind who sees it. If you’re able to get your hands on one, then congratulations, you purchased that most versatile and tough vehicle in Ford’s lineup. With raised suspension and enhanced shocks, the Raptor can tear across all terrains and climb some of the steepest hills. You can have the truck powered with a 5.0L eight-cylinder engine that has been tuned to the tune of 450 horsepower. You can choose to extend the cab or the bed if that suits your needs and you probably want to spring for the four-wheel-drive option. If you want the sharpest looking truck on the market, the Ford Raptor is the one you want.

There Are No Wrong Choices

Hopefully, this article has shed some light on which of Ford’s lineup is the right vehicle for you. There is plenty of value to be had in their lineup and there isn’t a bad choice among them. Traveling alone or with the family, whether you enjoy power or comfort, your local Ford dealership has a vehicle that will put a smile on your face. Regardless of if you follow your brain or your heart, the Ford cars for sale on the market right now are all quality automobiles.

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