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A red 2020 Chevy Traverse is parked in front of a restaurant.

What Chevy SUVs Have 3rd-Row Seating?

It’s no secret that large families need plenty of room inside their vehicles. That is why Chevrolet has created a trio of SUVs that are family-friendly and perfect for road trips. If you wonder what Chevy SUVs have 3rd-row seating, you have come to the right place. Whether you are merely curious or you have recently searched for “Chevy dealer near me,” you will be happy to know that the answer is right here! The new Chevy SUVs with 3 rows of seating are the Traverse, Tahoe, and Suburban. Let’s explore these large vehicles to see why they are so perfect for families.

2020 Chevy Traverse

Available in seven unique trim levels, the new 2020 Chevy Traverse offers 3rd-row seating for all of your family adventures. Carrying up to eight people, you can get everyone off to school or extracurricular activities without a hitch. Classified as a larger mid-size SUV, the Traverse offers 23 cubic feet of space behind the back row. That should be plenty of room for backpacks or groceries, and the hands-free liftgate makes it easy to load up the back. However, if you need more space and can stand to lose the second and third row of seating, you can fold them both down to reveal a maximum cargo area of 98.2 cubic feet.

While the base model only comes with a few safety features (a rearview camera, cruise control, Teen Driver technology, and a tire pressure monitoring system), the Driver Confidence package is included on the second trim level and higher. This suite of advanced safety features adds rear park assist, lane-change assist, rear cross-traffic alert, and blindspot monitoring.

Rear park assist and rear cross-traffic alert work in unison with the rearview camera to help guide you out of crowded parking spots. If a vehicle or obstacle is detected, the system will alert you to stop. Lane-change assist and blindspot monitoring work together to prevent side-swiping accidents. Using the side-mounted sensors, these two systems will detect the lines on the road and other vehicles that enter into your blind spot.

Another useful feature that you will find on this 3-row SUV is the Rear Seat Reminder system. Using advanced technology, this feature will remember if the back doors were opened and closed before the vehicle was started. After you park at your destination, an audible alert will sound. This is designed to remind you to look in the back before you leave the vehicle.

A white 2021 Chevy Tahoe is driving down the road.

2021 Chevy Tahoe

Back with a 40% increase in space, the new 2021 Chevy Tahoe is one of the largest SUVs with 3-rows of seating available on today’s market. Classified as a full-size model, it has been lengthened and widened to provide the ultimate ride experience for large families. If you are keen on road trips, it’s a perfect choice. With three rows of seating, it can accommodate eight to nine people. Stretching the wheelbase by 4.9-inches, the space for back-row passengers has increased. What was once only suitable for children is now spacious enough to accommodate teens and even adults.

To put things into perspective, the second row of seating has gained 3-inches, and the third row of seating has grown by 10-inches. Meanwhile, the overall length of the new Tahoe has been lengthened from 204-inches to 210.7-inches. That doesn’t just do wonders for the back-row legroom. It also makes the cargo area more extensive than before. The older model offered 15.3 cubic feet of room behind the 3rd-row of seating. Now, it has 25.5 cubic feet. As for the maximum cargo area, it has grown from 94.7 cubic feet to 122.9 cubic feet. With all of that extra storage space, you can do just about anything!

Available in six trims, every Tahoe model comes with over 30 safety systems and driving aids. First on the list is forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking. Using sensors mounted to the front of the vehicle, the forward-collision warning system will detect if an oncoming vehicle is in your path. It will send both visual and audible alerts to prompt you to take avoidant action. If you do nothing, the system will trigger the automatic emergency braking system. This will take over the brakes and bring the Tahoe to a complete stop before impact is made.

Also included on every trim level are other advanced safety systems such as lane-change alert, lane-keeping assist, and blindspot monitoring. You can also opt for the head-up display and 360° surround-view parking camera system. The head-up display will project vital vehicle stats onto the windshield so that you don’t have to look away from the road. The 360° surround-view parking camera system will give a full view of your surroundings to help prevent fender benders.

The rear media system of a 2021 Chevy Suburban is shown with a girl looking up directions to a pizza place, after leaving a Chevy dealership near you.

2021 Chevy Suburban

If neither of the SUVs mentioned above are big enough for you, then there is always the new Chevy Suburban. With available seating for up to nine people, this 3-row SUV is the biggest model in the Chevrolet lineup. It has also been a best-seller for over 10 years due to its incredible features and spacious cabin.

The latest model, like the new Tahoe, has also been enlarged. Offering 19% more cargo room than before, you’ll have plenty of space for camping gear, backpacks, luggage, and anything else you want to bring along. The wheelbase has grown by 4.1-inches, and the rear cargo area with all nine seats in use has been expanded from 39.3 cubic feet to 41.5 cubic feet. If you want to access the maximum cargo area, simply fold down the back rows of seating to reveal 144.7 cubic feet of space. Also, passengers in the third row get 2.2-inches of extra legroom. This means that there is more space for your children to grow, and you won’t have to buy another vehicle.

The standard safety features that come with the new Suburban are similar to the Tahoe’s equipment. Every trim features a forward-collision warning with automatic emergency braking. Front/rear pedestrian detection is also included to help prevent potentially deadly accidents. Other standard safety systems include a tire pressure monitoring system, blindspot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert. As for stand-alone safety systems that you can add, one of our personal favorites is the 360° surround-view parking camera system. Featuring nine cameras located all around the vehicle, you won’t have to worry about causing a fender bender ever again.

Find a Chevy SUV Near You

If you have been searching for “Chevy dealer near me,” then you have probably come across a few options. The best way to decide which dealership will get your business is to look at their customer reviews. Once you’ve decided on your dealerships of choice, head over to test drive your favorite Chevy SUV with 3rd-row seating. We recommend that you bring along your family so that you can test out every aspect of the vehicle before you buy it.