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Three Chevy SUVs, a red 2020 Blazer, grey Equinox, and grey Trax, are parked in front of a city at sunset.

An Affordable Line-up of Chevy SUVs

If you’re looking for a shiny new SUV, Chevy’s attractive offerings have got you covered. Just take a look at the many Chevy SUVs in 2020 and 2021, there’s the all-new Suburban, Tahoe, and Trailblazer, along with the popular Trax, Equinox, Traverse, and Blazer. There’s a lot to love about buying Chevy. Reasonable prices, impressive technology, and robust capability are all rolled into this classic American brand that’s built to last. With over a century in the auto industry, Chevy has learned a thing or two about manufacturing quality vehicles.

From nimble five-seaters to large SUVs that can comfortably seat a party of nine, it’s easy to find the right SUV at the right price when you shop Chevy. Look no further than J.D. Power and Associates for evidence that Chevy makes some of the best SUVs on the market. In 2019, J.D. Power named the Chevy Blazer #1 in midsize SUV models, beating out vehicles like the Honda Passport, Dodge Durango, Nissan Murano, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 2020 Blazer LT was rated a 95/100 for its driving experience, with an overall score comparable to luxury SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator and BMW X6M.

Chevy creates vehicles that meet the needs of American life. Plenty of space for family, friends, and cargo, along with reliable and safe driving features, make Chevy SUVs a top choice for drivers around the country. As a brand built on a long-standing reputation, Chevy contributes to great causes, like breast cancer research and support for veterans. There’s not a lot to dislike about this dependable brand.

Chevy’s Safety Features

The SUV market is flooded with everything from high-end luxury vehicles to rugged, off-roading beasts. However, if one thing is non-negotiable in a new SUV, it’s safety. SUVs carry our families, friends, and precious cargo. Ensuring the protection of your most prized treasures is a must. Chevy understands this and puts customer needs first by offering generous safety features in even their most basic models. Unlike other manufacturers that reserve technology for big-spenders, Chevy SUVs are well-equipped from the get-go.

Along with excellent safety ratings across the board by the National Highway Safety Administration, you’ll find several smart features in Chevy’s most basic packages. For instance, take the L trim on a 2020 Chevy Blazer with no add-ons (starting MSRP under $30k). You probably don’t expect much without paying extra for upgrades, but Chevy may surprise you. This SUV is equipped with a high-definition rear vision camera and StabiliTrak, Chevy’s electronic stability control system with traction control. LED daytime running lamps, child safety locks, and a tire pressure monitoring system that alerts you when your tires need air are all standard features. Capability for OnStar and Chevrolet Connected Services are also included, so you’re never left stranded on the side of the road without help on the way.

If you end up upgrading just one trim level to the Blazer 1LT (starting MSRP of less than $35k), a range of options becomes available. Features like rear cross-traffic alert, rear park assist, lane change alert with side blind zone alert, a highway safety kit, and first aid kit can all be yours as desired without breaking the bank.

A red 2020 Chevy Blazer is driving in a tunnel.

Chevy’s Teen Driver Technology

Are you thinking about letting your teenager take your new SUV out for a spin? Even the most confident parents have to admit that handing over the keys is nerve-wracking. Fortunately, Chevy puts parents’ minds at ease with teen driver technology that cues you into your teen’s driving habits even when you’re not riding along.

This optional built-in system lets you set a speed alert and volume limit. If you suspect your teen is tempted to speed or get distracted by loud music, you don’t need to be in the vehicle to remind them to turn down the radio or ease off the gas pedal. Chevy’s teen driver technology does it for you and even gives you an in-vehicle report card to help you coach your teen towards safer driving habits.

According to the CDC, only 61% of high school students wear a seat belt when driving with their friends. Make sure your teen driver and any front-seat passengers they carry are securely buckled with Chevy’s Buckle to Drive feature. This technology provides audio and visual alerts, along with a delay in the ability to shift until everyone is safely buckled up.

There’s nothing more important than getting to your destination safely. While no safety feature can take the place of an attentive driver, Chevy does everything possible to build and equip their SUVs with every safety advantage. After all, many people purchase SUVs for use as family vehicles. When it comes to all-weather driving, daily commuting, and reliable road trip adventures, a Chevy SUV won’t let you down.

Luxury Brands Have Met Their Match

A dark blue 2021 Chevy Suburban is driving past blurred trees.

Today’s Chevy SUVs are a far cry from the bare-bones models of the past. Look no further than the all-new Suburban to find all the creature comforts you’d expect in a luxury brand. A High Country trim comes with a 12-way power driver and front passenger seat that conforms to provide supreme comfort on long drives. Heated seats in the front and second-row are a welcome feature for the driver and passengers aboard. The standard driver information center has an 8-inch diagonal multicolored screen. It’s also equipped with a large 10.2-inch diagonal color touchscreen with Navigation and all the benefits of the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 Plus System. Become immersed in your favorite soundtrack with the Bose 10-speaker Surround with Centerpoint audio system.

High-definition and surround vision are also standard in the High Country, so you can get a view of all angles and use technology while maintaining a sustained focus on the road ahead. No detail is left forgotten in the High Country Suburban. Finishing touches like a rear camera mirror washer, rear air conditioning, a universal home remote, and wireless charging are all provided at no extra cost. Although you can opt to add customization packages for trailering or other uses, you won’t be disappointed with the standard luxury features already included.

Maintaining Your Chevy SUV

Although the initial cost of owning a new Chevy SUV is reasonable compared to most other brands, many people wonder about the expense of maintenance. Like any vehicle, preventative care is vital. The best way to save money, in the long run, is by investing in routine care, including timely oil changes, brake replacements, and fluid checks.

Chevy helps you get off on the right foot by giving you several maintenance discounts when you purchase a new SUV. As part of the Chevy Complete Care Warranty, you get the bonus of certified service on your vehicle for the first full year of ownership. Schedule a free maintenance visit that includes your first oil and oil filter change, tire rotation, multi-point vehicle inspection, and if you have diesel, a fluid tank refill.

Be sure to sign up for My Chevrolet Rewards within 30 days of buying your new SUV. This purchase alone earns you 20,000 points, so you’ll have up to $100 to spend on your next oil change. Choosing Chevrolet Certified Service Technicians over your local mechanic means you’re guaranteed quality service and parts. These automotive experts collectively undergo 1 million hours of annual instruction and use only the most advanced equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Chevy SUVs are the vehicles to look to when thinking about buying a new car. Chevy offers a wide array of types, trims, and price ranges that allow you to find the perfect SUV to meet your wants and needs.