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Top 7 Coolest Car Gadgets

Upgrade and Enhance the Holidays

The aftermarket and OEM accessory markets are massive, worth well over $200 billion dollars combined. Having grown exponentially over the last two decades, it is inarguably clear that more people are buying vehicles with plans for further enhancements down-the-line.

Ranging from the purely cosmetic, to performance-enhancing, these kinds of upgrades had once been exclusive to automotive enthusiasts. In that regard, any exclusivity has been diminished by several factors, including increased automotive savvy for previously untouched demographics, ever-growing interest in specialty off-road builds, and (yes) even the influence of urban race culture on (and off) screen.

But dealerships have also helped to ‘open the doors’, by helping their customers to source the aftermarket accessories they need (whether or not they plan to have the dealer’s install them). From the ground up, these customers are transforming their vehicles with upgraded wheel designs, exterior molding, decals and detailing, upgraded cabin technologies, modified exhaust and suspension packages and utilitarian cargo management.

And those are only the most accessible and widely-advertised upgrade options. Depending on the make and model, there are likely a wealth of enhancements available, that you may not have even considered. Not that you can’t change that with a few Google searches, and some downtime on YouTube.

Then, there are the types of innovative accessories that may not have a physical place on (or in) your car or truck. Whether intended to aid the driver or serve their own unique purpose, most of these quirky creations aren’t likely to be sourced through your dealership. But who’s to say they won’t pop up in your Amazon search results? While they may not be applicable to every person (or every vehicle) who knows what might be the next big trend to take over Christmas and the new year to come!