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Commercial Chevy

Are You Helping or Hurting Your Business?

Today’s commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, just as today’s businesses do. From small businesses to larger commercial fleets, the needs and demands of today’s businesses require automakers to offer a wealth of options. Some businesses value fuel-efficient and technology-centric designs, while others still require heavy-duty commercial trucks and upfit builds.

With this in mind, General Motors continues to offer one of the most diverse capable line-ups. From the Chevy Cruze to the full-size Silverado (and with the Express line of vans nestled comfortably in-between) Chevy’s line-up speaks to the diversity of demands placed upon today’s fleet vehicles.

Regardless of which type of vehicle best fits a company’s needs, it’s worth spotlighting Chevy’s dedication to incorporation available technologies into all of their car, crossover SUV, truck and van offerings. Even when optioned, they provide the perfect platform for mobile business applications.

And utilitarian vehicles such as the Silverado and Express van series can easily be configured to accommodate the unique needs of any business, or service provider. Whether fully-customized or making use of predesigned up-fits, these versatile vehicles are ideal for all breeds of contractors and service providers.

In addition, commercial and fleet vehicles generate added value, when branded. As one of the most inexpensive components of any company’s marketing, branded/wrapped vehicles can offer some of the highest returns on your investment of advertising dollar. After all, a vehicle driven 15,000 miles a year is estimated to pass approximately nine million other vehicles. That’s nine million sets of eyes that could be mentally cataloging your company’s logo, website and/or contact information.

That said, are you using commercial vehicles in your business? If so, are you making the most of your investment?

If you’re interested in testimonials regarding the commercial conversion of Chevy vehicles, take a few minutes to visit the General Motors Fleet page on YouTube. Their ‘Stories From The Road’ series provide some great insights as to how Chevy vehicles continue to prove themselves as the perfect mobile platform for any (and every) type of business.

Here’s are just a few examples: