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A silver 2019 Chevy Passenger Van, one of the popular Chevy vans for sale, is parked outside a building.

Two Vans (and a Truck) for Your Business

Choosing the right van for your business is a big decision that can make a huge difference in how smoothly things run and how happy your customers are. As you check out different Chevy vans for sale to meet your needs, there are two models in particular that you should take a good look at. The first is the 2019 Chevy Express Cargo Van, which is ideal if you need to make deliveries or otherwise transport cargo from one location to another.

The second is the 2019 Chevy Express Passenger Van, which is a great choice if your business focuses on transporting passengers instead of cargo. In some ways, these two vans are very similar since they share a basic structure that works beautifully for all sorts of businesses. The exact needs of your business, however, will dictate which van is right for you – so consider everything you need and then look for a van that checks all those boxes.

Finally, if you want something a bit more freeform, then consider something like one of the 2019 Silverado Chassis Cabs to meet your needs. To be fair, these are more truck than van, so if you specifically need a prebuilt van, then this is not the right choice. But if something like a box truck or similar vehicle might better meet your demands, then a Silverado Chassis Cab is a great choice.

The 2019 Chevy Express Cargo Van

You have a business, and it’s growing, or you’re just starting a business – either way you realize that you need a van to make deliveries and get work done. But, with so many Chevy vans for sale out there, how do you know where to start? How do you know which van will give you everything you need? Well, start by checking out the 2019 Chevy Express Cargo Van because for a lot of businesses it is the perfect choice.

First off, if you need to transport passengers, then skip down below – this beauty is strictly for hauling cargo around. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look at what this van is capable of. I’m going to assume you already know (or at least mostly know) exactly what you need in a commercial van, if not then you should do that before you look at Chevy vans for sale. Consider how much weight you need to load up in the van itself, any towing capabilities you might want, as well as interior and exterior features.

Now then, here’s what you need to know: the 2019 Chevy Express Cargo van has multiple engines available, including a standard 4.3L V6 and an available 2.8L Duramax Diesel engine. With the right configuration, this van has a payload capacity of up to 4,282 lbs. While that includes the driver, it still gives you a lot of weight to play around with so you can load it up with all your cargo. It also has a towing capacity of up 10,000 lbs so it’s a great choice if you not only need to load it up but also pull a trailer behind you. That makes this ideal if you work in a trade: you can load up the van with your tools, equipment, and supplies – as well as some building materials – and pull a trailer behind you with even more stuff when you have a big job to get done.

There are also lots of equipment packages available on this van, inside and out. These include things like available ladder racks, storage for tools and equipment, and an available sliding side cargo door. All of this adds up to the perfect vehicle for making deliveries or getting your equipment to a job site.

A red 2019 Chevy Cargo Van is parked in a city with a delivery worker walking away.

The 2019 Chevy Express Passenger Van

If passengers are your focus, rather than cargo or equipment, then start your search for Chevy vans for sale with the 2019 Chevy Express Passenger Van. This model gives you the same power and performance available on the cargo model, but with features designed to make your passengers more comfortable. That means it has the same 4.3L V6 engine as well as two more available engines including a 6.0L V8 Vortec engine for greater horsepower and torque.

The standard model includes seating for up to 12 people, including the driver, but there is also an extended wheelbase model available that provides seating for up to 15 people. Whether you are starting a shuttle service or need to be able to provide your clients with reliable transportation between locations, this is an ideal choice. It comes with swing-out rear and side passenger doors, with a sliding passenger door available.

What really sets this model apart from the Cargo version, however, are the available features and options to make your passengers more comfortable. These include power windows and door locks, rear passenger air conditioning, and exceptional safety features to make sure your passengers are protected. There are also great tech features including a 120v outlet and auxiliary outlets, available USB ports so passengers can charge their devices, and even available 4G LTE Wi-Fi functionality so your guests can stay connected.

In terms of overall comfort, a commercial van is never going to match something like a luxury SUV, but you won’t find an SUV that can safely fit 15 people. The 2019 Chevy Express Passenger Van includes rear heating as well as air-conditioning, so you can keep your passengers comfortable in all kinds of weather.

The 2019 Chevy Silverado Chassis Cabs

Finally, if you’re not quite sure a cargo or passenger van is actually the right choice for you, then consider another way to go. While the different Chevy vans for sale out there can be quite tempting, in some cases you might start off thinking a van is the best option, but find that your choices don’t really check all your boxes. Particularly when it comes to hauling an assortment of tools or tackling other heavy-duty tasks, a van can seem like a good way to go, but something like a utility bed can actually be a better option.

In these situations, you might skip the Chevy vans for sale at your local dealership and instead consider a more powerful commercial vehicle such as one of the 2019 Chevy Silverado Chassis cabs. There are three different cabs available, each of which offers a different amount of power and performance so you can get something that is just right for you without falling short or going overboard. The Silverado platform and frame is strong and can support a wide array of different upfits, depending on what you need.

While standard heavy-duty Silverado models top out at the 3500HD, the Chassis cabs start at 4500HD and include 5500HD and 6500HD too. These are powerful trucks that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at them and get the job done every time. So whether you are interested in a utility bed, flatbed, or want to make it into a dump truck, this chassis cab model is a great choice that can meet all your needs.

At the end of the day, that’s what the right solution for your business should be. With different Chevy vans for sale on the market, you want to make sure you pick the model and options that do everything you need. This will make it easier for you to get your job done and can make things more efficient, saving you time and money.

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