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Top-Tier Transmission Repair Can Be Found At DePaula

Few problems with your vehicle can be more unassuming at first, but devastating as they progress, than transmission trouble. If your engine is the heart of your vehicle, then the transmission is surely the brain, offering seamless adjustments while in motion to help your engine run smoothly, shift gears efficiently, and tackle changing conditions as they occur. So when something goes wrong with your transmission, it affects your vehicle’s entire propulsion system – leading to problematic driving and, at worst, a completely immovable vehicle.

Failure, however, is not an option for the techs at DePaula, which has been known for years as the best place for transmission repair in Albany, NY. At DePaula, our professionally-trained and expert technicians know just how to diagnose your transmission trouble and what to do to help fix what’s wrong.

Smelling a foul odor or seeing some kind of thick smoke coming from under the hood? It’s possible that your transmission is burning transmission fluid, a critical lubricant that helps prevent the transmission’s moving parts from rubbing and grinding against one another and keeps your transmission running smooth. Burning fluid could be a sign of many problems, the chief among which could be overheating within your transmission. This may require reconditioning or refurbishing of your transmission, or replacing either piece-by-piece or the entire system until the source of the problem is found. This way, your DePaula mechanic can help you narrow down the problem and spend only as much as you need to in order for your transmission to run like new again.

Regardless of whether or not you see any signs of burning, your transmission fluid will need changing approximately every 60,000 miles, or as often as your manufacturer recommends in your owner’s manual. DePaula can help you to find precisely the transmission fluid that’s right for your car – otherwise, your transmission could be further damaged or weakened by an inferior or improper fluid. And when it comes to getting this messy job done right, DePaula has all the tools and all the know-how to make sure nothing goes wrong, and you’re ready to drive away safely with fresh transmission fluid in tow.

In the worst case scenario, you may find your transmission is unresponsive or even producing some kind of harsh grinding or clicking noise – and this can be seriously bad. That’s because this might indicate grinding or rubbing of moving parts within your transmission itself, which can led to irreparable damage and completely trash your transmission if not fixed quickly and efficiently. This is when it’s best to let the techs at DePaula assess your system and see exactly what level of repairs your transmission needs to be back in fighting form.

So whether you’re concerned about basic transmission care or facing an imminent crisis of transmission failure, there’s no service shop better equipped or more knowledgeable than DePaula for all your transmission repair needs. Contact DePaula today and set up an appointment for your car – and get ready to keep driving on for miles to come.