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The Presidential Candidates’ Transportation Choices Leave Us Shaking Our Heads

No matter your political party allegiances, it is hard not to at least acknowledge the absurdity of this presidential election campaign cycle. Never before in the entire history of this great country, has the term “circus” better applied to the political landscape here in America. Never have there been so many pantsuit pandering and sunset-toned candidates on a single stage as there are today. The final debate stage has been set in none other than Sin City, and as the sun sets on the most controversial race to the White House ever, Americans are taking these final moments to reflect on what is most important to the future of this great nation. We aren’t talking about foreign policy, Supreme Court Justices, or even the financial crisis that America continues to face, but rather – what the future leader of the free world is choosing to ride around town.

I Mean…Seriously?

Okay, Hillary – I understand that not everyone will always agree with your choice for a running mate, or whether or not you should be wearing that pant suit that was stitched together by the small hands of a four-year-old sweat shop laborer – but, at the moment, I am having a VERY hard time getting past your choice in a campaign vehicle. While the GMC Savana Explorer is a step up from the Oldsmobile Cutlass you purchased back in 1986 before leaving the dull task of driving in the hands of your hired peasants, the conversion van is not the picture of class that your campaign has tried so desperately to convey this past year. The black exterior color is about the only thing this vehicle has going for it, and while I am still waiting on an official comment from your staff, we can assure you – no one wants to be seen driving that thing around.

Don’t worry, Hil – I’m not just picking on you this time. Donald Trump has been the shining beacon of orange light during this election cycle, but his choice in campaign vehicles does not come close to the big-headed persona that America has come to both love and hate at the same time. I have to say, that the Chevy Suburban is a million times better than Hillary’s granny conversion van, but for a candidate who has built the foundation of his short political career based on shock and awe, this one leaves me stumped. Every other politician in America would be expected to choose such a cliche SUV for campaigning purposes, but Donald has made it clear that he is not like every other politician. So, again, we must ask ourselves – why?

Unconventional Candidates Make Conventional Choices

Despite writing for an automotive blog, I have to admit, the vehicle choice of these two presidential candidates makes me want to take a nap. It is easily the most conventional, and boring aspect to this otherwise Hollywood-esque bid for the White House. I’ve said it again, and I will say it here again – I am disappointed. As much as I would love to pinpoint the demise of these candidates on their shaky values and past political mishaps, I don’t see how America can forgive Hillary or Donald for such poor transportation choices. Because in this political arena, the most ridiculous things are what matter the most.