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2018 GMC Sierra

The Many Uses of the 2018 GMC Sierra

You just bought a new 2018 GMC Sierra. Now what? Yes, you will obviously use this truck to get you from point A to point B or haul some cargo around when necessary, but the Sierra offers more than just a daily commuter experience. In fact, GMC has designed this truck with the intention of being a multipurpose platform you can use and adapt to your specific needs.

From getting around and hauling any number of people and cargo you can imagine to exploring what mother nature has to offer off road, the GMC Sierra is a multipurpose and multi-use vehicle that requires some experience and a lot of imagination to truly discover the possibilities. If you want to take your truck to places, others wouldn’t dare to go, that is fully possible with the Sierra.

Here are just a few of the possibilities you should think about when using your new 2018 GMC Sierra.


The Workhorse

Perhaps more than anything else, GMC has designed the Sierra to be capable of professional and commercial uses. For some skilled professions, for example, there is simply no better alternative than the performance and capacity the Sierra has to offer. The chassis itself is also extremely flexible and adaptable to a variety of purposes. When you want a platform that can virtually do it all with just a little bit of set up, the Sierra is the way to go.

The chassis is highly adaptable with a variety of accessories and cargo containers. For professionals wanting to expand the carrying capacity of the truck, for example, you can mount a number of different toolboxes in the back and sides of the bed. For the maximum amount of cargo space, choose the commercial Sierra variant bed which replaces the traditional cargo bed with a larger, flat top design. This will allow you to carry more cargo, larger equipment, and more dangerous loads safely than the typical cargo bed design.

The various engine options of the Sierra also make it a good general hauler around town. Sometimes, some jobs require a little bit of extra power to make life more convenient. In these cases, a larger engine like a 6.2 L V8 with around 400 hp makes it easier to move around different tools, larger equipment, and debris.


Going Off-Road

Once you start to look at the Sierra as a multi-use truck, you will quickly discover just how off the beaten path it can go. In fact, you can skip the pavement altogether and take your new truck onto the dirt paths. With a number of different accessories and modifications, the Sierra is a confident off-roader in skilled hands. It also offers a smoother ride and better traction with a larger suspension system and four-wheel drivetrain.

On its own, a four-wheel-drive Sierra has a great deal of traction with the right tires. For the best results, you have to choose tires that have more grip than the usual on road variety. Larger treads and knobs will better grip loose debris and terrain. The size of the Sierra, especially with its larger suspension, gives it plenty of ground clearance to avoid some of the common obstacles you will find out on the open, unbeaten path.

To really make the Sierra into an altering vehicle, you have to add some extra accessories to survive outdoors. Body armor such as undercarriage skid plates will protect the vehicle and its insides from damage from large rocks and obstacles. A power wench is a good addition in case you get your truck stuck in particularly challenging terrain. Smaller accessories like tool boxes and cargo bed racks will even allow you to turn your truck into a carrier for all of the toys you want to bring on a road trip.


The Daily Commuter

You should not underestimate the value that the Sierra has as your daily mode of transportation. While you might not think that a full-size truck can be used for the occasional trip to the grocery store, the right engine choice with good gas mileage makes it a great in town vehicle in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, since you sit up higher in a Sierra, your visibility is better compared to smaller vehicles. Sitting up higher means you can see other vehicles while they can also see you from a greater distance. The handling characteristics of the truck also feel more smooth and stable once you get used to the larger size of the truck. Finally, the extra cargo space you get compared to a trunk or folding interior make the truck highly adaptable for a variety of situations in town.

The best way to think about using a Sierra as your daily commuter is to assess how you use your car normally. What kinds of errands do typically run? What is the traffic like where you live? While a midsize truck may be a more logical option, the size of the Sierra should not be dismissed just because you think it is too large and unwieldy for the daily commute.


Make the Sierra Experience Your Own

More than anything else, the best benefit about owning a GMC Sierra is the range of possibilities it offers you. Even if you don’t spend a fortune making modifications to the truck, you can still get a lot of varied use out of it as it comes off the dealership lot. If you haven’t bought one yet, think about what kind of engine, cabin, and bed options will fit your lifestyle and needs the most. These details will help you decide if a certain trim or technology package will be worth the additional costs.

If you want something manageable, go with the baseline Sierra with a single cabin and a short bed. To maximize everything out, the heavy-duty HD Denali with a full cabin and a long bed will meet almost all of your needs. Either way, it is difficult to go wrong with a 2018 GMC Sierra truck.