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The 2025 Lucid Air Gravity Is Ready to Floor You

More electric vehicle (EV) options are entering the market seemingly every day, but it’s no secret that the real competition is between three California-based startups: Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid. While Tesla is by far the best-known of the three, Lucid currently holds the record for the longest-ranged EV on the market. The Lucid Air Sapphire leaves even the Tesla Model S Plaid in its dust when it comes to raw acceleration. Now, Lucid has unveiled its second entry in the EV market, this time targeting the luxury family SUV segment. With three rows of seats, an estimated 440 miles of range, and all the style and technology the brand is known for, the all-new 2025 Lucid Air Gravity is ready to redefine what an electric SUV can be.

A silver 2025 Lucid Air Gravity is shown parked near people with suitcases.

Luxury for an Electric World

If you haven’t heard of Lucid, you’re not alone. The brand’s first (and until now only) model debuted in late 2021 with a rarified starting price of $169,000. While more affordable versions of the Lucid Air have since been introduced, the base model still starts at $77,400 for the 2023 model year, and the flagship performance trim costs no less than $249,000. In short, Lucid has positioned itself as an ultra-exclusive luxury brand that competes with the likes of Porsche and Maserati, and it has the engineering and features to back up the price tags on its vehicles. With a range of up to 516 miles and an output of up to 1,234 hp, the Lucid Air overshadows every other EV currently on the market. It has a refined exterior and luxurious interior that you won’t find with the minimalist models from Tesla.

Now, Lucid is determined to expand its unique brand of electric luxury to a new segment by adding a three-row SUV to its one-car lineup. The new 2025 Lucid Gravity shares its exterior styling with the Lucid Air, creating a sleek and imposing SUV. However, the most impressive part of the exterior styling is just how aerodynamically efficient it is. With a target drag coefficient of 0.24, the Gravity is somehow slipperier than the inoffensive blob that is the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV while still exuding real personality. Combined with Lucid’s in-house electric motor design that incorporates the lessons learned during the brand’s years of experience with Formula E racing, the Gravity is able to go further while using a smaller battery than its competitors.

A Disruptive Force

While the Gravity will likely be powered by the same 88 kWh and 112 kWh battery packs as the Air, even with its impressively low drag coefficient, its larger size means it won’t have the same range as the sedan. Still, Lucid’s estimated 440 miles of range would make the Gravity the longest-ranged SUV on the market, handily exceeding the 400 miles of the Rivian R1S and the 348 miles of the Tesla Model X. On top of its extreme efficiency, this SUV is also rather powerful. With a zero to 60 mph time of just 3.5 seconds, the Gravity’s top powertrain option will likely be based on the dual-motor configuration of the Air Grand Touring Range with its 819 hp. That’s also enough power for a 6,000 lb tow rating, making this an authentic SUV that is ready to haul boats or campers on your adventures.

The Gravity is also impressively luxurious. The first thing you will notice after sliding into the driver’s seat is the massive 34-inch OLED display spanning two-thirds of the dash. This is supplemented by a secondary display over the center console to handle additional infotainment functions. Both screens operate the next generation of Lucid’s software, which includes over-the-air updates for future improvements. Like Tesla, Lucid is a tech-forward company, but unlike its better-known competitor, the ultra-luxury brand does a much better job integrating technology with traditional automotive design and convenience. For instance, the new air suspension available on the Gravity provides the luxurious ride you would expect from a high-end vehicle.

The black and brown interior and dash of a 2025 Lucid Air Gravity is shown.

Taking the World by Storm

While Lucid remains a very young brand with a limited lineup, the new 2025 Gravity marks a major step forward and will help it appeal to a much wider audience. There is a lot of demand for a comfortable three-row electric SUV, and the options currently on the market aren’t priced much lower than the Gravity. In fact, Lucid’s promised base price of under $80,000 looks like a positive bargain compared to vehicles like the Kia EV9 GT-Line, which sells for $73,900 despite being far less capable and luxurious. While the Lucid Gravity probably won’t compete with the Tesla Model Y in terms of raw sales numbers, it is worth considering for anyone shopping for a true luxury family SUV.