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A New Car Alert banner is shown above a parked blue 2025 Toyota Crown Insignia.

The 2025 Crown Signia Expands Toyota’s Premium Offerings

Two years ago, the name “Toyota Crown” meant nothing to the average driver. Despite being the oldest model in the manufacturer’s lineup and the first Toyota sold in the United States, the Crown never found much success in America and vanished from our shores in 1973. Now, the Crown is back with a vengeance. The luxurious 2023 Crown replaced the Avalon last year, and now the all-new 2025 Crown Signia brings Toyota’s premium nameplate to the popular SUV segment. This new midsize model positions itself as a high-end SUV designed for buyers who want more than the RAV4 offers but are not interested in upgrading to a Lexus.

The black and brown interior and dash of a 2025 Toyota Crown Insignia is shown.

Toyota’s Crowning Achievement

While the Toyota Crown has only recently returned to America, it has quite a reputation in the Japanese market for providing high-end comfort and performance. In fact, the models sold in Japan even have their own brand emblem––a stylized crown––rather than the familiar Toyota badge. Toyota recently decided to capitalize on that reputation by transforming what has traditionally been a full-size sedan into a family of premium vehicles that would appeal to a broader cross-section of drivers. Following this strategy, the 16th-generation Crown was unveiled in 2022 as four distinct models for the Japanese market: a traditional Crown Sedan, a five-door Crown Sport wagon, a high-riding Crown Crossover sedan, and a Crown Estate midsize SUV.

Here in America, we got the Crown Crossover for the 2023 model year, although it lost the “Crossover” part of the name. Now, Toyota has brought us the Crown Estate for 2025, changing the name to the potentially less confusing Crown Signia. The Crown and Crown Signia share a lot in common, with the only major differences being the body styles and the optional i-FORCE MAX powertrain that is available on the Crown but not the Crown Signia. Both models have the same basic styling, premium features, technology options, and base powertrains, so which one appeals more to you comes down to whether you want an SUV or a sedan.

A Premium Experience

The purpose of the 2025 Crown Signia is to provide a premium SUV that sits above the best-selling RAV4, similar to how the Crown sedan sits above the Camry. And just as the Crown sedan displaced the Avalon, the Crown Signia will displace the Venza in the Toyota SUV lineup. In many ways, the Crown Signia is a product-improved Venza, taking the good parts of that underappreciated model and going a step further with new features, superior styling, and a more recognizable name.

Like the Venza, the Crown Signia is powered by a standard hybrid powertrain, although the new SUV produces a more respectable 243 hp (a seven horsepower bump over the Crown sedan, which shares the same powertrain). The extra power and bulkier design does come with somewhat reduced fuel economy, but most SUV drivers will be more than happy with the estimated 36 MPG rating––especially since that is with standard all-wheel drive. The Crown Signia can even tow up to 2,700 lbs, making it a more versatile pick than most hybrid models.

Inside the cabin, the Crown Signia is nearly identical to the Crown sedan, other than the more spacious dimensions expected of an SUV. It has the same pair of standard 12.3-inch displays running across the dashboard for the instrument cluster and infotainment system and the same sweeping contours along the dash and seats. On the Limited trim (there are only two trims for 2025: the XLE and the Limited), those seats are double-stitched and quilted, with leather trim, and are available heated and ventilated. Overhead, a panoramic glass roof lets in plenty of light for both the first and second-row passengers, while a JBL sound system uses 11 speakers to fill the cabin with music.

A blue 2025 Toyota Crown Insignia is shown parked near a building.

Will the Crown Find Success This Time?

Although the Crown hasn’t seen great success in America previously, with the original versions falling short compared to the domestic models of the day, this time around might just be different. Admittedly, the 2023 Crown sedan hasn’t exactly been a smashing success, moving just over 13,000 units this year. However, the new 2025 Crown Signia is aimed straight at a popular and relatively empty segment of the modern car market. There are plenty of drivers looking for a stylish and comfortable SUV that stands out without the flashiness and expense of a traditional luxury vehicle. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the current champion of the premium midsize SUV market, selling an impressive 182,000 units so far in 2023, and the Crown Signia is a compelling alternative for drivers seeking Toyota’s reliability and efficiency.