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A black 2021 Kia Forte is in a cement parking area after leaving a Kia dealer.

Technology Highlight: Kia’s Innovative UVO Infotainment System

From SUVs, crossovers, hatchbacks, and sedans to hybrid and electric vehicles, there’s something in the Kia dealer for everyone. This wide variety attracts many drivers to the Kia brand, but one of the biggest draws is Kia’s commitment to offering the latest innovative technology. UVO, which is short for “your voice,” is Kia’s state-of-the-art infotainment suite that promises the latest in technology and safety. Now the question is, “Do all Kias have UVO?” We’re here to look at the different aspects of UVO from what it is and what it does to how you can determine if your Kia features the UVO suite.

What is UVO

UVO is the Kia technology suite that ensures drivers are distraction-free but actively connected to all technology and safety features the second they get behind the wheel. This technology is centralized in the touchscreen display found in the latest Kia models. The hub features everything from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration to hands-free calling and a rear-view backup camera.

Kia encourages users to tap into the advanced technology in order to be the most connected driver on the road. UVO integrates infotainment systems and telematics to keep you informed about how well you Kia is performing. Kia’s UVO is designed to keep you and your Kia driving smoothly.

The Kia UVO feature on a phone is showing a 2021 Kia Seltos.

UVO Subscription Levels and Features

Kia offers the UVO enhanced driving experience in four subscription packages—Lite, Care, Plus, and Ultimate. These packages include different amenities and features with the UVO Lite now standard on all Kia models for the first five years of ownership. Here’s a closer look at the packages as well as their different features.

UVO Lite

UVO Lite features general trip information such as speed, distance, and location. It also comes standard with 911 Connect and a Maintenance Reminder, the latter of which notifies drivers of routine maintenance needs. The 911 Connect feature gives drivers greater peace of mind by automatically calling 911 and sending the vehicle’s location to emergency responders when the airbags deploy in an accident. The UVO app gives drivers more control with Lite users able to remotely check the vehicle’s mileage, remotely charge and stop the charge of the vehicle, and receive charging status notifications with the click of a button.

UVO Care

The UVO Care package is the next subscription and is $9.99 per month or $99 annually. It includes all the features of the Lite package as well as several upgrades like Vehicle Health Report, which gives drivers monthly diagnostic reports on the vehicle’s health as well as various coupons and tips. The Care package also includes 24-hour roadside assistance and automatically alerts emergency personnel of a vehicle’s location when activated.

UVO Care provides a suite of alerts that make up the most noticeable differences between the Lite and Care packages. These alerts give drivers further control over the vehicle and include a Geofence Alert, which allows drivers to set area boundaries and receive alerts when the geofence is passed. Curfew Alert and Speed Alert are outstanding features that notify drivers of curfew alerts as well as when a preset speed is exceeded. Other alerts include Diagnostic Alerts, Panic Button Notification, Rear Seat Occupancy Notification, Low Starter Battery Alert, Valet Alert, and Vehicle Alarm Notification.

UVO Plus

UVO Plus is the third-tier package and is priced at $22.50 per month or $225 annually. It includes the UVO Care package and several upgrades. One of the most luxurious features in the Plus package is Climate Scheduling, which allows drivers to set the vehicle’s cabin climate to their preferences from the UVO app or online. Say goodbye to those hot summer days waiting for the car to cool off or those frigid winter mornings where the car takes forever to heat. Climate Scheduling ensures the car is always at the optimum comfort level for the driver and passengers.

If you’ve ever forgotten where you’ve parked your car, the Find My Car feature is a great addition to the Plus package and enables drivers to find and get directions to their vehicle. While UVO Plus offers the same alerts as UVO Care, the Plus truly shines by offering an array of remote features beginning with Remote Lock and Unlock. Don’t remember if you locked your car? Use the Remote Lock and Unlock feature to lock your vehicle at the touch of a button. UVO Plus also includes Remote Horn and Lights, Remote Start and Stop, Remote Start with Climate Control, Remote Heated Seats, and Remote Ventilated Seats. These features add even more ease and comfort for drivers.

UVO Ultimate

UVO Ultimate is exactly as it sounds—it’s the ultimate UVO package and is loaded with features. Starting at $29.79 per month or $297 annually, UVO Ultimate includes the same features as UVO Plus but ups the game in terms of connectivity with Home-to-Car Alexa and Home-to-Car Google connectivity. This gives drivers a virtual assistant in their Kia, which is truly remarkable and makes distraction-free driving easier than ever.

The Ultimate package also features three exclusive navigation features. Send Destination to Car allows drivers to send their search destination results from the app or the vehicle’s online navigation system. The UVO Voice Assist technology allows drivers to use voice-activated technology to search points of interest on their route. Connected Routing is designed to make trips more efficient by providing the latest technology to improve a driver’s route, offer real-time traffic data, and increase the accuracy of the projected arrival time.

A red 2021 Kia Seltos is driving on a winding road.

Do All Kias Have UVO?

After working in partnership with Microsoft to develop a hands-free communication and audio command system, Kia introduced UVO at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. The first-generation program was featured in select Kia models like the 2011 Optima, Sportage, and Sorento. Over the next few years, Kia continued working behind the scenes and introduced the second generation UVO in the 2014 Kia Sorento. This version was based on a Google operating system and earned rave reviews thanks to its integration with Google Places and Google Maps as well as emergency assistance, maintenance, navigation, and infotainment technologies.

Kia introduced the latest version of UVO in 2018 and debuted the newest technology on the 2019 Kia Optima. This update added three programs—UVO Link, UVO Link with navigation, and UVO Play—that mirror the packages mentioned above and offer a variety of features like Points of Interest, Remote Start, and Climate Scheduling. Once again, the update has earned outstanding reviews because of its ability to confidently provide drivers with the ability to stay connected while behind the wheel.

That brings us to the question, “Do all Kias have UVO?” The question is difficult to answer and depends on the make, model, and year of your Kia. By visiting your Kia dealer, you can better determine if your vehicle features UVO or the latest software update. You can also determine if your vehicle has UVO Link or UVO eServices by checking your UVO type via the UVO Availability page on the Kia Owner’s Portal. Another alternative is to venture to Kia’s website, where you can input the model or VIN of your vehicle to determine UVO availability and capability.

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