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A black 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 is driving down a coastal raod after leaving a used Chevy dealer.

Spice Up Your Life with a Used Chevy

Most great cars are remembered because they offer performance, great styling, and reliability. After all, nobody wants a great looking, powerful car that needs to be taken to the mechanic as often as you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist. There are even cars that might seem to be lackluster on the surface, but they still manage to leave a strong and lasting impression. Sometimes, these types of cars are spiffed up with a set of custom wheels or other bling to make them look better. If that works and makes your car look sportier, then go for it. However, there are some cars on the market that no matter what you do to it, in the end, it still remains a typical car. If you are currently driving a typical car, perhaps it’s time to head to your nearest used Chevy dealer and take a look at an exciting car, like a Camaro, Corvette, or Blazer.

Life is short, and you do what you can to get the most from it. For example, you may spend your weekends on camping adventures, you may go mountain biking because riding in the street isn’t as exciting, or may you take the scenic route on your way home from work because the view is better and the roads are curvy. Nice. Now, just think about how much more thrilling that drive would be in something other than your typical car. That’s right; think about screaming around those curves in a Camaro or Corvette. Work might be uneventful, but your commute home won’t be, at least, not anymore.

Why Some People Drive Typical Cars

At this very moment, American pony cars and sports cars are the most impressive they have ever been. You can make the statement that the classic 1960s muscle cars are the best, but it’s a difficult argument to make when you compare them to what is available today. Modern beasts like the Corvette and Camaro are well-built, performance-driven, and look amazing on the road and sitting in your driveway. They offer more safety features than their predecessors, more modern conveniences, get better gas mileage, and are more reliable. You can’t argue that.

We are conditioned to buy and drive typical cars, which is why you see them all over the place. Many times, typical cars are bought simply because they are considered a safe buy, rather than because of any actual advantages they have. But the truth of the matter is that exciting cars, including muscle cars and pony cars, can be just as safe and family-friendly as run-of-the-mill cars. And while you might not buy a used Corvette to transport your family of four, a used Blazer is sporty, reliable, pleasant to look at – and it’s not your every-day sedan.

A red 2019 Chevy Blazer RS is shown from the side driving through the city.

The Chevy Blazer

Some people refer to the Chevy Blazer as the Camaro of crossovers, which in addition to being quite clever, is actually an accurate statement. You don’t have to be familiar with muscle cars to see that the Blazer has the brash and bold look of the Camaro, which gives it the sportiest look of any SUV. The sporty look of the Chevy Blazer is definitely a plus, but there is more.

As far as performance, the Chevy Blazer won’t let you down; even the entry-level four-cylinder packs 193 horsepower. But the optional 3.6-liter V6 cranks out an exhilarating 308 horsepower, which isn’t boring at all. The V6 drivetrain is silky-smooth with impressive acceleration and makes this crossover one of the best performing in its class – particularly when paired with the optional twin-clutch all-wheel drive system.

One reason people tend to stick with typical cars is due to safety features. Somehow, people think that sporty vehicles lack important safety features, which is just not true. Airbags across all Chevy Blazer trims are standard and will protect occupants from front-end collision as well as from side collisions and rollovers. In fact, the Blazer lineup offers a full range of advanced safety features that keep you and your family safe while on the road. So it looks as though a sporty vehicle can also be safe and sound.

Did we mention that the Chevy Blazer was stylish? In addition to its obvious sporty looks, the Chevy Blazer is available in a plethora of exciting and dynamic exterior colors, including Cayenne Orange, Cherry Red Tintcoat, and Iron Gray. Lastly, the Chevy Blazer offers the room you need to seat your family in comfort. Just because a vehicle is sporty, it does not mean it has a small and cramped interior. The front seats are roomy, and the rear seat slides back and forth to free up extra legroom or extra cargo space as needed.

A green and black 2019 Chevy Camaro is driving past a blurred city building at night.

The Chevy Camaro

The new generation of the Chevy Camaro is not like the muscle cars of the 1960s. Old Camaros were excellent drag racers, but that is about where the praise ends. Current Camaro models earn praise for many reasons, including great handling, responsive steering, and good fuel economy. That said, the Camaro still brings back the excitement we need in our otherwise tedious daily routines.

The space-age body design, the aggressive body lines, and the stunning color choices are all great reasons to choose this iconic car, but far from the only reasons. The Camaro V8 offers up to 650 horsepower with the top supercharged V8 engine and can be equipped with an automatic or manual transmission, making shifting great again. With so much power, the Camaro can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 3.5 seconds.

Further, the Chevy Camaro drives, well, like a Camaro; it is super fun to drive, and you will have a blast simply cruising around town. The ride quality has improved significantly over the years, and there are now a variety of driving modes that help you handle the car better in different driving situations. In a nutshell, once you get in and fire up the engine, it isn’t likely you will want to get out of the car again for a long time.

The Chevy Camaro is fast and stylish, which doesn’t surprise a lot of people. But what will surprise you is that the interior is quite comfortable and roomy. This is worth noting because muscle cars aren’t known for their comfortable interiors. The driver and passenger seats are power-adjustable, and the steering wheel is wrapped in leather and will even heat up to keep your hands warm in the winter.

There was a time when the Camaro was a rough and tough muscle car and was viewed as a rebellious and wild ride. It was a stereotype that peaked in the 1980s, which is why you never saw conservative business-type people driving them. That reputation has long faded, and people from all walks of life can be seen driving Camaros down the road.

Perhaps you currently own what many consider to be a boring car and are in the market for something with a little more pizzazz. If so, Chevy has several models that will change the way you feel about driving. Changing your daily commute from boring to thrilling is as easy as paying a visit to your local used Chevy dealer.