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A white 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 is having cooper barrels loaded into the bed by a forklift.

Six Reasons You Should Buy a Chevy Truck

Life comes with some important choices, like where to live, what to do, whether or not you want a family, and how you are going to support and provide for yourself and those you care for. But along with those responsibilities comes a lot of freedom of choice. You can live on the beach and teach yoga, for example. Or buy a farm and raise cattle. Whatever and wherever you choose, the one constant is that you are going to need a way to get around. You are going to need a vehicle that is dependable, affordable, roomy, comfortable, and rugged. That’s why you need to head to your local Chevy dealer to find a truck that will fit into your busy lifestyle. Here are six reasons you should choose Chevy for your next truck.

Superior Towing and Hauling Capacity

No matter what weight class and size you are looking for, Chevrolet has you covered. But let’s go straight to the big guns and talk about pure horsepower and towing capacity, and for that, we want to look at the Chevy Silverado HD. The HD stands for Heavy Duty, and this truck definitely has some heavy duty towing capacity.

Available as a 2500 HD or 3500 HD, the Silverado is the truck you need if you want to do some serious towing and hauling. In fact, the Silverado 3500 HD has a maximum towing capacity of 36,000 lbs and a maximum payload capacity of 7,442 lbs. Plus, it has features that include the StabiliTrak stability control system that assists you with trailer sway control, a tow/haul mode, steering assist, and auto-grade braking, all designed to provide enhanced road control when hauling heavy loads.

A black 2021 Chevy Silverado 3500HD LT is towing large bales of hay through a field on a gooseneck trailer.

Great Quality Truck That Won’t Break the Bank

All that muscle sounds pricey, but Chevrolet is known for its reasonable prices. Chevrolet is America’s truck brand, and that means offering the quality that customers need within their budget. Their largest heavy-duty truck, Silverado HD, starts at an affordable $35,900. With its superior towing capacity, this is a lot of value for the price.

If you don’t need that much power, though, their mid-sized Silverado 1500 with excellent towing capacity and up to 420 horsepower starts at only $28,600. If you’re on a budget but need something that can get the job done, the Chevrolet Colorado offers exceptional towing performance at an even better gas mileage than its larger counterparts. You can get a Colorado starting at just $25,200. If you’ve shopped around for trucks, you know that buying one is almost equivalent to buying a luxury sports car. It can get expensive, but Chevy has the capability you need at a price you can actually afford.

Affordable Maintenance and Available Parts

We can’t talk about buying a new vehicle without talking about when it will need repairs. All that heavy hauling and towing on your truck can put some wear and tear on its parts, no matter how tough it is. So inevitably, we all have to take our vehicles in for occasional maintenance and repairs. But with some trucks, you’ll have to leave your truck in the shop for weeks while a particular part is ordered and shipped in, and the harder a part is to find, the more expensive it tends to be.

However, American-based Chevrolet has suppliers all over the country where you can usually find or order online what you need. This kind of access and service makes it a cinch, and a whole lot cheaper, to get repairs done on your truck so you can get back out on the road. While Chevy trucks are definitely built to last, and when they do have something break, it is cheap and easy to swap parts out or even do DIY repairs.

Customer Service You Can Depend On

A dying professional service in this country is good customer service. But oddly enough, it is one that is in high demand across all industries. I know that more times than not, a friendly voice on the other side of a conversation is usually halfway to a solution. Because no computer can provide you the kind of context and care that another human being can.

This is why Chevrolet and GM have toll-free customer service lines nationally that you can call for all your questions about your vehicle. They can provide you information about parts and warranty information, as well as provide you information about your car’s features like interfacing with smart devices such as your Apple or Android phones. You can also utilize Chevy’s online tools to find how-to guides detailing how to get the most out of all your truck’s features. So, if you can’t figure out how something works, or simply have a question about your truck, Chevy’s representatives can help.

A blue 2021 Chevy Silverado 2500HD is shown from the side parked with mountains in the background, after leaving a Chevy dealer in Houston.

High Resale Value

I’ve had quite a few trucks in my life, and when you find a good dependable machine, you likely hold onto it until the wheels fall off. But sometimes, it’s time to upgrade to something with a bit more power or perhaps with more comfort and tech upgrades. Then you have to go through the painful process of weighing the pros and cons of keeping your old faithful truck or selling it to upgrade to something better. Well, one item you can move over to the pros column is resale value if you own a Chevy. Chevy trucks have one of the highest resale values, especially amongst mid-sized trucks, which means you know you are getting the best possible price when you sell or trade it in. A great truck is an investment, and knowing that you’ll get a good price whenever you’re ready to sell is worth it.

A Name You Can Trust

Chevrolet got its start back in November of 1911 in Detroit, Michigan, and has been making cars Americans love ever since. In 1918, Chevy came out with its first truck, the Chevrolet One-Ton, and started a legacy that would have truck enthusiasts everywhere happy for years to come. This first design was meant to be an affordable and flexible design, so customers can add on and customize to achieve a vehicle to meet their needs. This, plus locally made parts and its accessible design, made it quickly become a trusted American brand. And the Chevy brand has continued to design and build trucks with this same customer in mind.

With it’s continued superior tough framework and efficient but sleeker look, Chevrolet has been synonymous with affordable value for over a century. Chevrolet trucks are known for their long lifespans and hearty construction. Plus, you get the security of knowing that you are buying a truck from a manufacturer right here at home that values local American businesses. With a vested interest in the local economies, for many, this means better quality products and customer service.

There’s No Reason Not to Buy a Chevy Truck

There are so many reasons as to why your next truck should be a Chevy that it’s hard to find a reason it shouldn’t be. With a storied history of reliability and American craftsmanship, Chevy trucks have won the hearts of its drivers since the very first one. Once you drive a Chevy, you’ll find that no other truck can really compare. For a robust workhorse that can handle your work, family, and play, you need to invest in a Chevy truck.

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