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A blue 2022 Chevy Colorado is shown to be parked near a used Chevy dealer in Chamblee, GA.

Pick Up a Used Chevy and Save Big

If you’re looking for a used Chevy dealer in Chamblee, GA you need to go now. While the demand for quality used cars like Chevy has increased in the last few years due to a new car shortage, things are finally starting to level out. Prices are going back down, and stock is increasing as new models become readily available again. This is great news for drivers searching for a pre-owned vehicle.

Buying a pre-owned model, especially from a big name like Chevy, means nothing but value for the driver. Chevrolet is famous for its reliable selection of trucks, cars, and SUVs that are available at multiple price points. This makes a brand like Chevy ideal for those hoping to get into a quality pre-owned vehicle without hurting their budget.

If you’ve been meaning to trade in your old car or finally buy for the first time, and your plans were put on hold these past few years, the future is bright. With pre-owned inventory going up, drivers get access to high-end features, special editions, and additional amenities that might have otherwise been out of their budget if they bought new.

When buying a pre-owned model, picking a brand like Chevy is always a smart move. Chevys are known to offer drivers miles of trouble-free driving. They deliver when it comes to powerful engines and performance. When it comes to maintenance, Chevy parts are affordable and readily available.

Honestly, we can’t think of a good reason not to pick up a pre-owned Chevy right now. Drivers will have plenty of models to choose from. Where do you even begin? We’ve checked out Chevy’s most popular vehicles to help you navigate the used Chevy market.

The Reliable Mid-Size Colorado

The Chevy Colorado is a mid-size truck that is known for its reliability and flexibility. This truck makes a great everyday ride, but if you have a little tough work ahead of you, this truck is more than capable.

If you’re looking for a truck on a budget but don’t need industrial strength, keep an eye out for the 2017 Colorado to get the most truck for your money. The 2017 has few recalls and high customer satisfaction. Getting a Colorado from 2017 or newer means you get access to great standard tech like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as wireless charging options.

Opting for a Colorado with the V6 engine gives drivers a little more pep in their ride, 308 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. Adding the Towing Package increases towing capacity with the V6 to 7,000 pounds. Beginning in 2016, drivers also had the option to upgrade their powertrain to a diesel engine for more power and efficiency.

A dark blue 2021 Chevy Suburban is shown driving on a road.

Go Big With a Used Chevy Suburban

The Chevy Suburban is often considered the first SUV on the market. This full-size vehicle offers seating for up to eight passengers across three rows. If you don’t have passengers, it’s easy to fold seats down to make use of the Suburban’s generous cargo space. Whether you’re hauling the family, sports gear, or you’re bedding down for the night in the back, the Subruban has a reputation for being a flexible vehicle that won’t let drivers down.

If you’re in the market for a large SUV it’s tough to beat the Suburban. The SUV offers plenty of space and seating as well as a powerful engine to take you on and off road when you need it. More of a truck than a car, the Suburban has plenty of power for all of your basic towing and hauling needs.

Some of the best years to search for when you’re in the market for a used Suburban are 2017 and newer. These years will give you access to a wide variety of current technology, driver aid, and safety features without the heavy price tag of buying new. The 2017-2020 models are great years to watch out for because they are known to have few mechanical issues or recalls. If you’re looking for an older vehicle, 2010-2013 are also known for their reliability.

The Affordable Equinox for Families

The Equinox has been on the market since 2005, so drivers will have plenty of models to choose from. The Equinox is in good graces with the likes of Kelley Blue Book and J.D. Power, earning continuous praise for its advanced safety technology and comfortable, roomy cabins. As recently as 2022, J.D. Power gave the Equinox the title of Highest Ranked Compact SUV In New Vehicle Quality, while NHTSA gave the 2023 Equinox a five-star overall safety rating.

When you’re searching the used car lots, keep an eye out for the 2018 Equinox and newer. The Equinox was redesigned for the start of the third generation and shed nearly 400 pounds, making it lighter and more efficient than previous years. These years also include standard tech like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as advanced safety features.

A blue 2023 Chevy Equinox is shown parked near a building.

The Chevy Impala Is a Value Machine

In a market saturated with SUVs and trucks, sedans can go unnoticed a lot of the time. If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle at a great price, however, the Impala is a model you should look for. Sedans can often be had for a lower price than SUVs or trucks while offering more in the way of additional features, making them a great investment.

The Chevy Impala was discontinued in 2020, so it’s still possible to get a fairly new model at a great price. Drivers who are looking for an economical commuter or practical sedan will appreciate the Impala’s practical, understated design. Add to that the car’s stellar reputation for safety and reliability, and it’s hard to walk past an Impala.

Although the Impala was one of Chevy’s longest running models, the car didn’t really find its footing until the tenth generation. This generation delivered improved handling, modern design, upgraded tech, and more standard safety features. Thanks to these improvements, the Chevy Impala has gone down in history as one of Chevy’s best selling models ever.

It’s pretty hard to find a bad Impala from the last few years. If tech, safety features, and efficiency are what you’re after any Impala from 2016 and newer is a great value. While a 2016 might sound old, a report from found that the Impala ranked at the top of their list of best ten-year-old cars, so don’t let the numbers fool you. If you’re searching for a vehicle that will go and go, the Chevy Impala is a safe bet.

So Many Chevys So Little Time

There are so many great used Chevy models out there to choose from, so we cherry picked just a few of our favorites from across the board, from a midsize truck to SUVs of all sizes, and finally a sedan.

Drivers looking for a used vehicle will appreciate Chevy’s commitment to quality and reliability. If you’re on the fence about buying a pre-owned vehicle, you can feel confident that a Chevy will get you where you need to go. You will invest wisely when you invest in a pre-owned vehicle from Chevy.