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An orange 2018 Chevy Equinox is shown from the front at an angle.

The Chevy Equinox: A Crossover to Make Everyone Happy

Very few people want a car, SUV, or truck for just one purpose. Sure, we all know someone who only drives to work and home. But most people need a ride that serves but many types of trips, because life keeps them busy and can be unpredictable. This can make purchasing a new vehicle a bit of a hassle instead of the joy that it should be in an ideal world. You know you have to drive in the city, but you also want to be able to take your family on road trips. You don’t want to have trouble finding a parking spot you’ll fit in, but you also know you need room to store your kids’ sports gear. It seems hard to imagine a vehicle that can meet all of those expectations.

If you go to your local Chevy Equinox dealer, you may find the solution to this conundrum. The Equinox is a crossover that has been impressing drivers since it debuted in 2004. As a crossover, the Equinox ends up fulfilling most people’s expectations for their vehicle while also offering some extra goodies they didn’t expect. No matter what you want out of your driving life, the Equinox is ready to be by your side. Its versatile nature makes it a great purchase for the modern driver, and any family should consider it when it comes time to upgrade to a new ride. Let’s take a look at what lifestyles the Equinox can support.

The Family Vehicle

The Equinox can seat five passengers comfortably, even on a long journey. Whether bringing the family to the beach, or into the mountains for a lodge getaway, the Equinox will make certain the whole clan stays comfortable. It has plenty of cargo space, too, so everyone’s luggage can fit in the back without having to make tough calls on what stays home. It’s perfect for trips to school and little league games, as it has room for athletic gear and backpacks, even if all the seats are taken.

The Equinox’s safety features also help you feel at ease when on the road. No one wants to have their family in a vehicle they do not have complete faith in. I dare say that safety is the number one concern for anyone buying a new vehicle if they plan to have the kids in it. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration awarded the Equinox a five star Overall Safety Rating. The Chevy Safety Assist systems afford you a wide array of technology to make sure your trip is secure. With forward collision alerts and automatic emergency braking, you’ll be able to ride stress-free no matter where you’re taking the family for this year’s vacation. There’s no way to put a price tag on that sense of security, though as it happens, though, the Equinox’s price tag is not too high, either.

A red 2022 Chevy Equinox RS is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Chevy Equinox dealer.

The Sporty Look

Few people think of the word “sporty” when they picture a crossover, but the current iteration of the Equinox should change that. Chevy has given the Equinox a bit of a makeover, and the Equinox now has a cool vibe to it that makes it fit in among sportier rides. If you really want your Equinox to shine, there are two special editions available that will make your ride stand out. The darkly colored Midnight Edition, a personal favorite of mine, adds a glossy touch to the exterior with a black grille designed specifically for this special trim. Its body-color mirror caps add an extra level of zest to it, daring anyone to claim that a crossover cannot be as sporty as a sedan.

For those looking for a dash of color to add excitement, the Redline Edition may be just what’s needed. It has red accents on its wheels along with redline decals on exterior mirrors. This touch of color gives the Equinox a sense of vibrancy, especially when mixed with its redline specific black grille. The contrast of black and red assures that the Redline Edition makes a statement. Your Equinox will not look out of place even if you’re parking it among popular sports cars.

Outdoors Lifestyle

While great for around town or for heading out to experience some nightlife, the Equinox can also be a great addition for any individual or family that enjoys the outdoors. If you are thinking of adding the wilderness to your vacation plans, the Equinox might be a solid bet. It has 1,500 pounds of towing capability. This will make it easy for you to bring whatever you need if you plan on driving out to the plains or forest to camp out overnight. You may not immediately associate a crossover with boondocking, but you’ll be happy to see just how much your vacation possibilities expand with the Equinox.

The City Driver

If you know you’ll be driving into the city a bit, you might be worried about navigating those tight side streets. It can especially become a nightmare when parked cars line both sides of the road, and a big truck comes the other way. Luckily, the Equinox’s crossover nature makes it surprisingly nimble, so you won’t struggle as would in a larger SUV or truck. The Equinox’s design gives you a sense of command without limiting where you can drive or park. There’s no need to be afraid every time the streets become narrow or something comes lumbering from the opposite direction.

A blue 2022 Chevy Equinox Premier is shown from the side.

The Environmentalist

If gas mileage is on your mind, the Equinox stands out as a real winner. It earns 26 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway in front-wheel drive form, dropping only to 24 city and 30 highway with all-wheel drive. You’ll be able to go much farther than you’d expect before you have to refill. Both the environment and your wallet come out ahead with those numbers.

However, you will soon have an even better option for the Equinox if the environment is on your mind. Chevy has unveiled an Equinox EV that will be available in autumn of 2023. This will add an exciting choice for those interested in what the Equinox has to offer. It pledges 70 miles of range with only 10 minutes of charging. On a full charge, it can go 300 miles. Gone will be any worries that your electric vehicle might limit your travels due to charging times or battery life. It will be customizable so you can give it the vibe you want, and has just as sleek a look as the gas-powered Equinox. There’s no reason to sacrifice the sporty nature of the standard Equinox just because you decide to opt for the electric version.

The Everything Vehicle

The Equinox is a great option simply because it has so many options. Chevy’s crossover will meet almost any driver’s needs, which is why you’ll want to give careful consideration to buying one the next time you’re on the market for a new vehicle, even if a crossover was not on your mind. If nothing else, you may want to at least take one out for a test drive. It may win you over with its versatility and knack for adapting to all circumstances.