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A grey 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee is shown from the front at an angle while parked in a forest after leaving a dealer that had a used Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Once You Go Jeep, You’ll Never Want to Drive Anything Else

When you’re searching for a new, used vehicle, you want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth and that your new car is going to last. Luckily, if you’re thinking about a used Jeep, like a used Jeep Grand Cherokee, then you’ll be happy to hear most Jeeps retain their values quite well. Not only that, but as a popular brand name, Jeeps are appealing and recognizable vehicles that demand attention wherever they go.

No matter the stage you’re at on your car-buying journey, it’s always good to do the legwork and make sure you’re getting the best vehicle for your money. Consider your lifestyle and what you need from your car. As a versatile brand, Jeep builds its vehicles tough but flexible, meaning they fit in a variety of situations, from off-roading weekends to busy days running errands.

If you want a vehicle that does it all and does it well, you can’t do much better than a used Jeep. To prove our point, we’ve highlighted a few of Jeep’s best-used models. From the rugged adventure-ready Wrangler to the iconic Grand Cherokee to the affordable Compass, Jeep has an arsenal of great reliable models drivers can depend on year after year, showing once more why once you go Jeep, there’s no going back.

The Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee

There’s the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Grand Cherokee, two very similar SUVs that are easy to mix up. So what’s the difference and is one better than the other when you’re searching for a used SUV?

Let’s start with the Jeep Cherokee. This model is notably smaller than the Grand Cherokee. As a crossover, the Jeep Cherokee comes standard with a lower-power engine, but drivers can opt for a V6 if they want more performance-wise. But a smaller engine and lighter size, in this case, means better fuel economy. All in all the Cherokee is a great vehicle for daily life, running errands, and toting the family around.

As a larger vehicle, the Grand Cherokee naturally needs a bit more power, with a V6 engine coming standard and options for a V8 or even a V6 turbodiesel engine. While both the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee carry up to five passengers, the Grand Cherokee offers a roomier cabin that can be more comfortable for adult passengers or if you have more gear to bring along. However, if you need seating for up to eight passengers, you can opt for the Grand Cherokee L. Both Jeeps have an excellent track record when it comes to reliability.

When you shop used, you get the opportunity to scoop up extra features like four-wheel drive, for a real bargain. If you’re shopping on a budget, the Jeep Cherokee will usually be less than a Grand Cherokee, and depending on your needs and lifestyle, this may be perfect for you. Check out the 2018 Jeep Cherokee to take advantage of Jeep’s latest technology, like its user-friendly infotainment system that can come in a five or 8.4-inch touchscreen.

If you’re one who likes to get off-road once in a while, keep an eye out for the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk that will take you over rutted trails and through mud without hesitation. The 2019 Grand Cherokee has a high dependability and safety rating, along with a spacious and comfortable cabin that’s great for active families.

A grey 2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys is shown from the front at an angle while parked in a rocky area.

The Wrangler

If your day often takes you away from highways and onto rough terrain, there’s no better vehicle for you than the Jeep Wrangler. Known for its tough, no-nonsense attitude and iconic boxy frame, the Wrangler gives drivers the best bang for their buck if they want to hit the trails at a moment’s notice. This might not be the most subtle or refined vehicle when it comes to practical daily needs like commuting or taking the kids to school, nor is it known for its high-end luxury cabin materials. But when road conditions get slick or you hear adventure calling, the Wrangler more than makes up for it with its turbocharged V6 engine, high ground clearance, and unbeatable performance.

The good thing is that since the Wrangler has been around for more than three decades, there are plenty of great models to choose from. Plus, because a Wrangler is something Jeep owners love to customize, you might be able to scoop up some really great upgrades at a bargain price. Now in its fourth generation, the Wrangler is more efficient and safer than ever before. New aluminum doors and hood shed pounds off the frame. With several engines, trims, and special editions to choose from, it’s easy to find a Wrangler to fit into your active lifestyle. However, if you’re looking to do some upgrades yourself or you simply like to take your Jeep out for a rough and tumble good time, an older model from the second generation, which ranged from 1997-2006, can often be had for a lower price.

The Compass

The Jeep Compass is a reliable crossover that families can rely on to deliver on a daily basis. The Compass is also one of the most affordable vehicles in Jeep’s line-up, making it great for drivers shopping on a budget. What’s great about the Jeep Compass is its flexibility. While it comes standard with front-wheel drive, Jeep offers all-wheel drive options as well. If you like to get out into nature, the Wrangler isn’t the only Jeep that can get you there. The Jeep Compass TrailHawk edition is made to show off with a rock climbing mode and premium off-road suspension. Families searching for a safe vehicle when roads get snowy can count on the understated Jeep Compass to get them home safely.

When you’re prowling the used car lot, keep your eyes peeled for the 2018 Jeep Compass. This year offers drivers a great vehicle at an affordable price. The interior has comfortable, supportive seating and enough cargo space to meet the daily needs of groceries, sports gear, or work materials. Plus, with the user-friendly infotainment system, drivers can connect via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to sync their smartphones for a personal driving experience. And with excellent safety ratings, drivers can feel confident every time they get behind the wheel.

A red 2021 Jeep Compass Trailhawk is shown from the front at an angle while driving off-road.

Why Buy a Used Jeep?

The real question is why not? Jeep is an iconic name with durable, reliable vehicles that are known to hold their value extremely well. This can make them a little pricer than some used car brands, but they are still in the affordable range if you know what you’re looking for. Just look at a used Jeep Grand Cherokee, and you will see how well these vehicles hold up over time.

If you simply want a rugged machine, then search out used, older Wranglers. After being in production for over thirty years, there will be plenty to help you curb that wanderlust. What about a family vehicle? Jeep has you covered with a variety of options in a number of price ranges; from the Grand Cherokee to the compact Compass, there’s room for everyone and everything. Jeep models are sure to give you the most for your purchase. With Jeep, drivers know they are getting a long-lasting, tough vehicle that will take them farther than ever before, whether that be down the paved highway or off on a forest adventure.