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A red 2018 Subaru WRX is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that had used Subarus for sale.

Love Used Cars Again With Subaru

How has Subaru done it? When it comes to awards for quality, Subaru rivals such premium brands as Genesis and Porsche, ranking as a brand known for building cars that last. At the same time, Subaru challenges larger brands like Chevrolet, Toyota, and Ford when it comes to affordability. You would think that the two concepts would be incompatible, but if you find a used Subaru for sale, you are going to love that quality and affordability go hand-in-hand with this automotive brand.

The interesting thing is that Subaru does not mass-produce vehicles like some of the larger companies. For example, Subaru produced just fewer than 68,000 vehicles worldwide in August 2022, bringing its year-to-date total to 529,000 total vehicles produced. In comparison, Ford sold 467,000 F-Series trucks in the United States alone over pretty much the same period. As for passenger vehicles, the Toyota RAV4 has been the biggest seller in 2022, with over 300,000 sold already this year. This is more than half the total production for Subaru over that same time period.

So, is the quality due to the fact that Subaru doesn’t produce as many vehicles? Or is the quality the result of better use of technology, such as the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and EyeSight driver assistance systems that are featured on most Subaru models? It could be that Subaru just puts more love into the vehicles it builds than its rivals.

Awarded For Love

When you are buying any used vehicle, you want to know that the used car you are choosing will be reliable, dependable, and safe. One of the best ways to find out which brands have a reputation for such longevity is by checking out what the industry has to say about the vehicle.

When it comes to safety, you can check out the top safety picks for each model year as determined by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Each year, the IIHS runs a series of crash tests on the different passenger vehicles in each class. After running the tests, the IIHS releases the results along with a list of the best models in each vehicle class. The best models are listed as a Top Safety Pick+, with the next group of top models labeled a Top Safety Pick. Since 2013, Subaru has earned more Top Safety Pick+ awards for its vehicles than any other automaker. This shows that buying a used Subaru will give you a safer vehicle than most other models in the same vehicle class.

In addition, longevity is a key factor to consider when buying a used car. You want to know that the used vehicle you just spent your hard-earned cash on is going to last. If you buy a used Subaru, the chances are that it will outlive most other used vehicles you are considering. In fact, the Experian credit company found in a study that 96% of Subaru models sold in the last ten years are still on the road today. This is a higher percentage than for Honda and Toyota, two of Subaru’s biggest competitors and companies that are known for quality in their own right. This is probably a big reason why the American Customer Satisfaction Index found that Subaru is number one in customer satisfaction among all automotive brands.

A green 2019 Subaru Forester is shown from the front while driving through snow.Used SUVs To Love

Subaru manufactures one of the most comprehensive lineups of SUVs on the market. This is quite a feat considering that Subaru is not one of the giant automakers like Chevy, Ford, or Toyota. Still, the engineers at Subaru have come up with several great models to choose from that are excellent options when buying used.

The longest-running model in the Subaru SUV lineup is the Forester. This compact crossover has been thrilling drivers across the country since 1998. Now in its fifth generation, the Forester has room for up to five passengers in a comfortable interior, with an easily accessible trunk space. It features Subaru’s Symmetrical all-wheel drive system. This is a full-time all-wheel drive and was designed for the Forester. This is different from many other crossovers from competitors, which were designed as front-wheel drive models with an all-wheel drive system adapted to this existing model. The fifth-generation Forester features a 2.5-liter Boxer-4 engine that is efficient and effective. Not only will it give you impressive fuel economy, but it will also provide you with solid acceleration.

The second oldest model in the Subaru SUV lineup is the Outback. Named for that amazing expanse of the Australian desert, the Outback is a great midsize SUV for your next adventure. It is slightly larger and wider than the Forester, so your passengers will enjoy a little more legroom, with added space for their belongings in the trunk. The Outback first arrived here in 2000 and is now in its sixth generation since the 2020 model year. The main difference between the fifth and sixth generations was the replacement of a flat-6 engine with a turbocharged Boxer-4. While the sixth generation offers a smaller engine, one of the benefits of the newer model is the Starlink infotainment system, which began being offered as a standard feature on all Outback models starting in 2020.

The two newest members of the Subaru SUV family are at opposite ends of the table. The subcompact Crosstrek was introduced in 2012 and has gone on to become the vehicle of choice for many commuters. Its sporty design allows it to move quickly through traffic, with a choice of three different powertrains, including an insanely fuel-efficient hybrid model.
Subaru began offering the Crosstrek in 2016, with the hybrid powertrain being offered on the second-generation model that debuted in 2017.

The largest of the four Subaru SUVs is the Ascent. It is also the newest, having been offered for the first time during the 2019 model year. This three-row, midsize SUV gives larger families the ability to capture the benefits of driving a Subaru. The Ascent has room for up to 7 passengers, making it ideal for use as the family vehicle. Its two rows of seats also easily fold down, offering drivers a great deal of cargo space for those home improvement projects or for moving things. Subaru offers the Ascent with standard Symmetrical all-wheel drive and a 2.4-liter Turbo Boxer-4 engine that will help you save money every time you fill up the tank.

Used Cars To Love

Subaru has also built some sedans that you are sure to love when you find a used one for sale. The aptly named Subaru Legacy is a traditional midsize sedan that was built for drivers who want a classy four-door car that is safe, fuel-efficient, and affordable. The Legacy is actually the oldest Subaru model still in continuous production, dating back to 1989. Now in its seventh generation, it is a great choice for a commuter or family driver.

Making its debut the year after the Legacy, the Subaru Impreza offers drivers two different compact car choices: a traditional sedan and a sporty hatchback. The Impreza is now in its fifth generation and offers drivers a standard Symmetrical all-wheel drivetrain with a choice of manual or continuously variable transmissions (CVT). Since 2020, all Impreza models with the CVT offer a standard EyeSight safety system, making it a great choice for the new driver in your family.

For those with a need for speed, there is nothing like a used Subaru WRX, especially the performance WRX-STI model, with over 300 horsepower due to its turbocharged Boxer-4 engine. The WRX has been making pulses pound since its release as an Impreza trim, which is why it has become a favorite among popular with a growing number of performance compact sedan fans.

Gone But Still In Our Hearts

Automakers sometimes discontinue a line of vehicles, often because they decide to focus on another model. Such is the case with the Subaru Tribeca, the company’s first three-row SUV. Built from 2005 to 2014, the Tribeca was supplanted by the Ascent. Still, if you want a great deal on a used three-row SUV, then a Subaru Tribeca might be a great choice for you.

A black 2018 Subaru BRZ is shown from the side while rounding a corner.

A Gap Year To Love

Manufacturers will also skip a year or two for a model. This allows the automaker to make updates and improvements on an existing model, which is what has happened with the Subaru BRZ. This sports coupe was sold from 2013 to 2020. Sporting a high-performance version of Subaru’s Boxer-4 engine, the BRZ is a bit of an anomaly for Subaru. Where most other Subaru models come with standard all-wheel drive, the BRZ is a rear-wheel drive model, designed that way to maximize acceleration. It is also the only two-door coupe in Subaru’s lineup. The good news for fans of this model is that Subaru brought it back for the 2022 model year with a refreshed chassis and engine. Still, you can find a used Subaru BRZ that will give you the thrills only matched by the Subaru WRX-STI.

Find Your Next Subaru

Buying a used Subaru is a great way to get behind the wheel of one of these award-winning models. Whether you are looking for a used Impreza or Crosstrek for your daily commute or a used Ascent, Legacy, or Outback for your whole family, you are sure to fall in love with whichever used Subaru model you choose.