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A silver 2020 Chrysler Pacifica is parked in front of a modern building after leaving a used minivan dealer.

Minivan Comfort on a Budget

Many current minivans are designed for comfort, with sumptuous seating, many amenities, and a spacious cabin. That said, a visit to your nearest used minivan dealer will reveal that many late-model used options on the market offer like-new features at a much lower cost than a brand new vehicle. These vans are all very comfortable and smooth to drive, as well as ride in. They are full of modern amenities and technology that keep their occupants comfy and connected, all while offering high gas mileage and generally low insurance and maintenance rates.

Arguably the most comfortable used minivan that you will find is the Chrysler Pacific, which blends luxury and utility in a way that few other vehicles can match. Today, we will be exploring the top three more comfortable used minivans available today to give you an idea of your options. Because they are still so new, many examples of these vans can even still be had with a warranty, offered through a Certified Pre-Owned program. For like-new quality at a used car cost, here are a few great options for those looking for a nearly new minivan that makes road trips more relaxing through sheer comfort.

Chrysler Pacifica

When the Chrysler Pacifica minivan first came out for 2017, it was clear that the inventors of the minivan were now perfecting it. Classically beautiful, sleek bodywork is draped over an enormous interior volume filled with luxury and class. The seats fold flat into the floor, making for an incredibly versatile and practical interior that can be completely reconfigured in minutes, all without breaking a sweat.

These days, while early Pacifica minivans have retained much of their value, they can be acquired for far less than comparatively equipped brand new vans. It is best to go for the used Pacificas that still have their factory warranty intact, or have a certified pre-owned warranty, for perfect peace of mind.

Higher-end Pacificas feature gorgeous interiors filled with premium leather seating that makes miles and hours fly past in exquisite comfort. But even the vans equipped with just cloth seats are more than enough to lull some passengers to sleep on long drives. The Touring and Touring L models of the Pacifica come standard with perforated leather upholstery, while the Pacifica Limited comes with premium leather-trimmed seating. The rear seats that can disappear into the floor and extra floor storage when the seats are in the upright position are both standard. This feature is called Stow n’ Go and makes vehicles that require you to remove the seats entirely look ancient.

While the practical applications of just the Pacifica’s seats are impressive enough on their own, the interior of Chrysler’s perfected minivan has many more tricks up its sleeves. Gorgeous ambient lighting is another unique feature of the Pacifica, which provides a calming and warm feeling to the cabin when driving at night. Many used Pacificas have come with a factory rear-seat DVD player system, in addition to an advanced infotainment system capable of playing audio from many different kinds of inputs. Most Pacificas on the used market also have heated front seats, and many have heated steering wheels and heated second-row seats as well. Overall, the most comfortable minivan on the used market is the opulent Chrysler Pacifica.

A gray 2020 Honda Odyssey is parked in front of a soccer field.

Honda Odyssey

When it comes to buying a sensible and reliable passenger vehicle for a down to earth price, Honda is a natural choice. For decades now, Honda vehicles have proven to be well-engineered and impressively reliable, from their humble beginnings all the way to the present day. While a late model Honda Odyssey might often be less expensive than higher-end vans like the Pacifica, it still offers equal or greater mechanical underpinnings with interior accommodations that are very nearly as opulent.

The latest iteration of the Honda Odyssey was introduced for 2018, making it a viable option on the used market. Most late-model Odysseys can seat up to eight, with some models being limited to a still substantial seven. The first and second rows of seating are made up of substantial captain’s chairs that offer immense relaxation and refreshment over long trips. Many used Odysseys feature heated front seats, and some come with front seats that can be actively cooled as well. Leather trim on the first and second rows of seats is also a common option.

The Odyssey includes many amenities, such as various easy-access features to make getting into the third row a snap and a full suite of technology and infotainment capabilities. An impressive 160-watt seven-speaker audio system with a subwoofer comes standard from the factory, as well as Bluetooth streaming capability for the audio input. While this can seamlessly connect to your phone, an aux jack is also included, as well as a hands-free system that can handle many functions. One of those functions is even an SMS texting system.

Apple Carplay and Android Auto are included on every Odyssey besides the base model, and an in-car PA system is included on higher-end models. You can also find additional entertainment options, such as satellite radio and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. All of this technology is impressive, especially considering the affordable price used Hondas frequently go for. That said, one of the biggest reasons for Honda’s success is the reliability of its vehicles. The Odyssey features a smooth and powerful V6 that is as dependable as they come.

A red and a silver 2019 Toyota Sienna are parked in front of a modern building with a city in the distance.

Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is a stalwart machine, powered by the beefy 2GR-series V6 engine and featuring the solid Toyota build quality and reliability that keeps these machines on the road for startlingly long periods of time. The current Sienna generation dates back to 2011, but it has been updated several times over the years. The 2018 and later models feature a new engine, more safety technologies, and sharper looks. In 2019, the Sienna became one of the increasing number of minivans available with all-wheel drive, greatly adding to driver confidence and peace of mind in challenging conditions. Add decent gas mileage and an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle III emissions rating, and you have one of the most advanced minivan powertrains on the market.

Inside, the Sienna continues to soothe and impress. All late-model Siennas feature tri-zone automatic climate control, as well as remote keyless entry and seven or eight seats. Further standard interior features include several USB ports placed within easy reach of all the passengers and hands-free phone controls via voice command.

Optional interior amenities include luxurious leather seating perfect for long-duration cruising and road trips, backed up by a Blu-Ray rear-seat entertainment system with a 16.4-inch display with HDMI inputs. This even means that modern video game consoles can be used with the screen, provided they can be powered via the 120V outlets included on most Siennas. The Sienna pairs ultimate reliability with respectable comfort and impressive mechanical and technological capabilities.

Find Your Used Minivan

No matter your needs, there is an excellent used minivan that will meet them. Whether those needs are ultimate comfort, thriftiness, or reliability, a minivan model exists that delivers that with more than enough luxury to make each trip a small vacation. The Chrysler Pacifica offers incredible interior options and ambiance while maintaining gorgeous exterior styling and a premium feel all around. Meanwhile, the Honda Odyssey provides more than enough comfort at tempting prices. The Toyota Sienna rounds out the top options with its high reliability and confidence-building drivetrain options.

There’s room for everyone in each of these options, and quite comfortably at that. Delivering the family to the next destination doesn’t have to be a chore. With these vans, it can be done in supreme comfort and with more than a little bit of genuine style. All three of these minivans offer the most practicality possible while also offering low running costs and, in some cases, impressive aesthetics. When it comes down to it, no other vehicle on the road can beat a minivan when it comes to the ability to take everyone along in the most comfortable way possible.