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Here’s What a Fully-Loaded AEV Jeep Wrangler Looks Like and Costs

Ever wonder what a fully-loaded AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) 20th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler Unlimited looks like? Or costs? Well, I can tell you.

The price point might make your heart skip a beat, since it’s to the tune of $100,000. That’s more expensive than some base-price (or even mid-level trim), high-end luxury vehicles and performance cars. But, buying a Wrangler Unlimited at this price point gets you everything. And I mean, everything.

It has the engine, mechanical components, off-road accessories, tires, and anything else AEV technicians think you need to tackle the most extreme off-road trails — and then some. New Jeep models with stock components can already conquer the Rubicon Trail, which is no small feat. So, what AEV did is create a monster. This thing will conquer the Rubicon trail without breaking a sweat, then start scaling the side of building just for fun. It has such a stupidly absurd amount of capability, you’ll probably want to park it on top of your house instead of in a garage. Boy, wouldn’t that put on a show for the neighbors?

Let’s take a look at a few of the more impressive (and shocking) things that have been stuffed into this AEV’s 20th Anniversary Wrangler Unlimited.

If the Apocalypse Was a Building, This Wrangler Would Conquer It

Before the end of the world, we need to get our shit together and buy one of these bad boys. Why? Because, if the apocalypse was a building, this Jeep could not only climb, but conquer, it.


Alternatively, you could just knock the building over. Because somehow, the AEV team managed to fit a 6.4-liter V8 Hemi engine (neatly) under the hood, which translates to a whole lot of pushing power. This thing busts out 470 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque, which is more hp/torque than the engine found on a Camaro SS. It’s been geared to a 4.56 final drive ratio.

You know what all the torque does when you’re in 4-Lo going up a hill with your rear lockers locked? Gives you a buffet of power to work with, providing torque in whatever range or gear you need it in. Don’t punch it too hard if you’re in 4×4/RWD though, or you might end up doing a backflip off the hill with all the torque rushing to the rear-wheels.

The Lift

Or, so you thought. AEV thought of a way to harness the beast that is this 6.2-liter displacing V8 Hemi. With AEV’s 4.5-inch RF suspension lift, 37-inch tires, and remote reservoir Bilstein shocks, this Wrangler not only stays sucked to the ground, it looks like a BAMF doing it.

You might be worried about tipping it, and 4.5-inches might seem a little high, but, that’s not the case with the way this Jeep is setup. With any AEV setup, you never really feel like you’re going to tip, honestly. Also, AEV rigs tend to feel right at home on the road, as well.

A True Kitchen Sink Jeep

The AEV crew also tacked on a 10,000-pound Warn winch, front skid plate, IPF auxiliary lighting, AEV heat reduction hood, AEV roof rack, AEV’s new bead lock wheels, AEV rear back-up camera, and a boatload more – this Wrangler really is the kitchen sink of AEV models. Granted, the price proves that, but so does its astounding capability.