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Be the Master of Your Domain in an AEV Jeep

Well, not just the master of your domain, but practically any domain you can imagine. In an AEV Jeep, just about anything is possible. AEV – American Expedition Vehicles – are top of the line accessories designed specifically for Jeep Wranglers. The best part about an AEV Jeep is that for all the boosted capabilities and off-road domination, you won’t sacrifice a thing when it comes to ride quality and comfort on regular old highways and paved roads. Behind the wheel of an AEV Jeep, you’ll conquer all kinds of terrain, on and off road.

The question isn’t why buy an AEV Jeep Wrangler, it’s where to buy it from. For those of you in the New England area, Keene Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, (CDJR) is the ultimate answer. You simply will not find another AEV shopping experience that puts you, the customer, at the forefront of the entire customized process.

Why Buy from Keene CDJR?

First of all, the crew at Keene CDJR features an upgraded inventory of AEV packages, which includes the JK200, JK250, and JK350. For those of you new to the AEV game, you might want to consider a JK200 package, which boosts the Wrangler by two inches, making room for larger tires.

But real performance upgrades come from the JK250 and JK350 packages – the most popular ones currently sold at Keene CDJR. Those provide enhanced brakes, sub cases, shocks, and suspension for optimal performance both on and off road, thanks to the dual sport suspension. Effectively handling both types of terrain is what makes these AEV Jeep Wranglers so unique. Now your weekend warrior can rock out (get it) on all-terrain adventures and, come Monday morning, slide into your office parking space with the smoothness of a sedan. We call this a Wrangler win-win.

Evidenced by the Experts

You don’t have to blindly accept our claim that an AEV Jeep Wrangler can conquer anything as gospel. Instead, let us prove it to you. It takes about a month to properly build an AEV Jeep Wrangler. As soon as it’s ready, we take the time to test drive it with you, showing you what your new AEV Jeep Wrangler is capable of by having you experience it for yourself.

You will be amazed by how flat the cabin stays no matter what your AEV Jeep is climbing. More often than not, customers, especially those new to AEV Jeep culture, don’t realize what their new Jeep has just articulated because of the consistently flat cabin quality. When they do look back and see for themselves the extent of their AEV Wrangler’s capabilities, it’s a delightful surprise – evidence that these things really can conquer the world.

Not sure that you have what it takes to match your AEV Jeep’s abilities? Not to worry, especially you first-timers. At Keene CDJR, we have our very own articulation course and will use it to show you how to negotiate tough terrain. We will physically demonstrate by driving your new Jeep ourselves, and then have you give it a try, while we remain on site and ready to help, if necessary.

For a more in-depth look and actual experience with AEV Jeep Wranglers, give us a call or come by the dealership so we can set you up for success in your very own AEV Wrangler – proof that you really can, “Go Anywhere, Do Anything.”