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Four Essential Tips for New Jeep Owners

Did you recently purchase a new Jeep? Well, congratulations! We’re sure you’re more than excited to get behind the wheel of your ride. However, before you go on your first excursion, there are a number of notable hints and tips that owners should keep in mind. These pointers won’t necessarily influence your ability to operate the vehicle. Rather, they’re more intended to improve the overall owning and driving experience, thus assuring that you’re getting the most out of your new SUV.

Below, we’ve explored some major hints and tips that new Jeep owners should consider. Take a look and keep these in mind when you go off on your first journey. Alternatively, if you’re preparing to start shopping for Jeeps for sale, you can be better prepared for your impending endeavor…


Hint #1: Don’t Forget to Wave

When you’re traveling down the road in your new Jeep, you’ll quickly find that your fellow drivers are acting a whole lot nicer. No, they aren’t impressed with your new haircut, and no, they aren’t in a good mood. Rather, there’s a better chance that they’re also driving in a Jeep, and there’s a good chance that they’re partaking in an honored tradition. Jeep drivers participate in the “Jeep Wave,” which is essentially an acknowledgment between fellow drivers that they’re traveling in the same brand’s vehicles.

Yep, that’s about it. If you own a Jeep, make sure you wave back (or else some evil Jeep spirit will come after you… I’m assuming). However, if you DON’T own a Jeep, don’t think you can suddenly participate. As a proud minivan driver, I can confidently say that the applicable drivers will laugh at you and roll their eyes.

Of course, owning a Jeep goes beyond the wave. Rather, if you do opt for one of the brand’s vehicles, you should consider participating in any Jeep fan clubs. There are a number of enthusiasts out there who will be more than willing to explore your new ride for several hours.


Hint #2: Avoid the Death Wobble

Each brand seemingly has one sinister issue that haunts each of their vehicles. For Jeep, it’s the dreaded “Death Wobble.” The issue is easy to identify: when your vehicle reaches a certain speed, the vehicle will begin to wobble. This doesn’t only make the Jeep harder to control, but it also means the SUV is more susceptible to rollovers. Ultimately, this is an issue you’ll want to avoid.

If you find that your Jeep is showing signs of the Death Wobble, you should immediately get the vehicle to a mechanic. More than likely, the issue can be attributed to the front suspension system, which initially leads to vibrating front wheels. While the issue is tolerable for the time being, you’ll surely want it repaired as soon as possible.


Hint #3: Take Advantage of the Open Roof

While not all Jeeps are equipped with this function, many of the brand’s more popular offerings can have their roof removed (as well as the windows or doors). This is an excellent choice if you’re looking to appreciate the fresh air. The unit is incredibly easy to remove, and it provides you and your occupants with an unmatched driving experience. The ability to remove the roof or doors could also add a bit of fun to any off-roading excursion.

Of course, if you remove the roof, remember that you should also put it back on when you’ve finished your journey. If it suddenly starts to rain and you’re unknowingly inside, you’ll soon discover that your entire interior is drenched.


Hint #4: Learn How to Fix a Jeep

You may have heard that Jeeps run into their fair share of issues. While this isn’t completely accurate, there’s still a chance that you’ll come across some mechanical problems. While it’s always a good idea to have any serious mechanical issue handled by a professional mechanic, you can surely handle any smaller problems that may pop up. Once you’ve purchased the SUV, get familiar with the inner workings of the vehicle. While you’re surely never an expert, you’ll be better prepared to handle any sudden predicament that appears.

Plus, it’s also important to get a grasp on how your particular Jeep operates. There’s no denying that the brand’s offerings are a bit finicky, but the majority of these indiscretions shouldn’t be considered “problems.” Rather, as an owner, you should consider them as endearing attributes of your particular ride.


Hint #4: Enjoy the Ride

While a Jeep is a more-than-capable commuter, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate all of the additional advantages that the brand’s vehicles provide. Primarily, you’ll surely want to capitalize on your SUV’s off-roading prowess. Few vehicles have the ability to travel off the beaten path, and you’ll ultimately have the unique opportunity to participate in some harrowing adventures. Therefore, you shouldn’t be overly worried about overcoming any odd natural roadblock, and you shouldn’t be scared of getting stuck. Of course, if you are going to be off-roading, make sure you travel with a friend (preferably a friend who owns a vehicle that can tow).

There are few better vehicles out there than Jeep’s various offerings. As a new owner, you should keep all of these hints in mind. While we wouldn’t necessarily say that they’re “essential tips,” they should at least improve your first journey in the SUV.