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Ford to Phase Out Sedan Models in Upcoming Years

Over the past few years, sales of sedans and other “traditional” models of cars have begun to see a decline in sales. A prime example of this would be within the lineup of Ford cars. While remaining one of the premier manufacturers of cars in the US, the numbers don’t lie.  This holds true for all of the other major automakers as well.

This decline in sales is mainly due to the competition from SUVs and crossovers, which continue to gain popularity amongst buyers due in part for their many convenient features and capabilities. This demand for SUVs and crossovers, as well as the decline in car model sales,  can be seen across many different automotive companies, and Ford is taking notice. Still, one might wonder what the final push was that made SUVs and crossovers finally take over in popularity concerning sales.

There are a few reasons that buyers are now looking for SUVs and crossovers more than ever, and few factors that affect their decisions to do so.

Better Gas Mileage

In past years, regular car models have had a sales edge over SUVs and crossovers because they had much better gas mileage. However over the years, with new engine combos and fuel-efficient technology, SUVs and crossovers have gotten almost on par with the MPG capability of smaller cars.


Many drivers who are fans of SUVs and crossovers love them and stay loyal to those models because they love their passenger and cargo flexibility, as well as how easily drivers can get in and out of SUVs and crossovers. These features are especially handy for drivers who find themselves on regular weekend adventures with several other passengers and/or lots of equipment and belongings. Not to mention that drivers also get used to sitting at a much higher level when driving, which soon becomes a minor, but important, preference. These are great perks for many customers and keep them coming back for more year after year.

Green Advancements

With companies producing more and more SUVs and crossovers, their focus also shifts to making new energy-based cars. To keep up with future trends, advancements, and innovations, Ford intends to focus a good amount of their new technology development and design towards battery-operated cars. Ford has said that they intend to add multiple new battery-operated car models to its new, freshly redesigned automotive line-up.

As sales in the traditional Ford car models decline, Ford has turned to its customers to get their valuable opinions on what they would like to see from the company as it moves into the future of automotive design, innovation, and technology. The answer was clear: Ford customers want more SUVs and crossovers, as well as more green options when it comes to car models. If drivers are going to buy a Ford car, they want to invest in something that is progressive in multiple areas. The move by Ford to listen to their customers and adapt accordingly, truly shows the strength, integrity, and adaptive ability of the brand as a whole, further solidifying their prominent position in the automotive industry.


Today’s driver expects the best in technology when it comes to their car. In fact, many of today’s drivers are especially tech-savvy and prefer that the technology that surrounds them reflects that. Ford understands this and has made amazing technological advancements in so many areas, such as connectivity, navigations, entertainment, and safety. Even the pickiest of tech-savvy drivers find themselves quickly impressed by the onboard technology of new Ford models.


Ford has always made safety a top priority on their vehicles. Their SUVs, crossovers, trucks, and cars have always had large suites of available standard and optional safety tech. Both passive and active technology remain impressive on all Ford models, including driver awareness technology. Today, Ford’s innovations in safety technology have made it possible to prevent accidents from occurring and protect drivers and passengers in the event that they do occur.

Clean Energy

Finding ways to make cars cleaner and more efficient is currently one of the biggest sources of design and innovation in the automotive industry today. Ford is making big strides in their green and clean car technology and looks forward to adding more green and fuel-efficient Ford car models to its line-up in the next few years and beyond. In fact, Ford has announced that it intends to put up to 16 battery-electric cars to the automotive market by 2022.

In addition to reducing the number of traditional sedans Ford intends to bring to their new model year line-up, Ford also intends to spruce up and redesign its popular SUVs like the popular Explorer and the Escape. Initially, the change in Ford’s direction with its cars was driven by sales. However, most car companies have been seeing the same dip in traditional car model sale and have made similar decisions. Because Ford is an innovative company, it wants to change with trends to make their customers happy. While eliminating specific car models, Ford will be giving themselves more room to concentrate on the SUVs and crossovers that customers are demanding and continue to invest in creating new clean and green tech for their new car models.

Ford Cars at Your Local Dealership

While there is no question that significant changes are coming to the automotive marketplace, your favorite Ford cars are still available at your local Ford dealership.  Long-standing models like the Taurus and the Fusion will remain terrific options for family cars for those that would prefer to still have a more traditional “car”  Be it a car, truck or SUV a Ford is an excellent option for your next vehicle purchase.