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A red 2024 Ford Bronco Outer Banks is shown driving over a shallow river after visiting a car dealership.

Finding the Right Ford for Your Unique Needs and Lifestyle

Ford has developed a reputation in nearly every vehicle category. With over 100 years in business making excellent vehicles, Ford has had plenty of time to perfect a variety of body styles, and that’s why they have award-winning models in almost every market. If you know you want to shop the Ford lineup for your next model but are new to the Ford family of vehicles, you could benefit from an overview of some of the company’s most popular options. Ford has done a tremendous job of curating a lineup with something for every driver and lifestyle. Each model caters to a specific driver and lifestyle. Here’s a look at the Ford lineup and exactly what type of driver each vehicle is best suited for. Here’s what to know before visiting a Ford car dealership.

The Bronco: For Off-Road Enthusiasts

If you’re shopping the Ford brand because of its reputation for beefy off-road vehicles that are great for exploring, you might want to check out the Bronco. The Bronco is Ford’s dedicated off-road SUV. It left the Ford lineup for many years, and Ford brought it back by popular demand.

This four-wheel drive SUV is truly designed for unpredictable, bumpy, and messy terrain. It will get you maximum traction on slippery surfaces and is ready to explore with the adventurous driver. Plus, it gets some serious towing powers to drag a camper or other cargo to your destination. With great ground clearance and tons of packages, you can add to make it even more rugged. The Bronco is right for serious off-road enthusiasts who primarily live and drive away from paved roads.

The Bronco Sport: For Off-Road Hobbyists

The Bronco Sport is the fun, affordable, and smaller sibling of the Bronco. It’s an off-road subcompact SUV with car-like dimensions that are great for navigating busy city streets and parking in small spots. Still, like its big brother, the Bronco Sport is a four-wheel drive vehicle. Its subcompact dimensions, paired with its 4X4 capabilities, make it ideal for someone who lives a hybrid lifestyle, part in the city and part in the great outdoors. The Bronco Sport also gets excellent fuel economy, so it’s perfect for road trip enthusiasts. Its modest towing ability makes it just right for solo travelers or couples who want to trailer a small camper to a destination.

The Escape: For the Commuter/Adventurer

The Escape is a compact SUV with front-wheel and all-wheel drive options. It’s a nice versatile choice for those who want a stylish, cosmopolitan-ready SUV that can also tackle wet roads, thanks to its AWD capabilities. The Escape also has good fuel economy and is available in hybrid and plug-in hybrid models for even better efficiency. It can certainly serve a commuter’s needs well. Thanks to a comfortable cabin, it could be a good fit for a small family, too.

The Edge: For Professionals and Small Families

The Edge is Ford’s midsize SUV. It boasts seating for five and has a spacious cabin. If you regularly transport adult passengers or teenagers, everyone should appreciate the generous second-row leg and headroom of the Edge. It has terrific standard infotainment features and a stylish interior. So, it’s also good for professionals who want to impress clients with an attractive, sleek model.

A person is shown locking a red 2024 Ford Mustang with a key fob.

The Mustang: For Thrill Seekers

This one is for thrill seekers, power cravers, and pony lovers. It’s a classic muscle car that’s been with the Ford family for many generations. Under its hood is a roaring powertrain that will make the hairs rise on the back of your neck (and possibly garner noise complaints from neighbors). It’s fast, boasts precise handling, and excellent performance dynamics. If you’re looking to treat yourself to a vehicle that’s a ton of fun to drive and has the sports car experience without the typical sports car prices, check out the Mustang.

The Maverick: For Light-Duty DIYers/Contractors

The Maverick is perfect for someone who has to do some light-duty work with their pickup but also needs a good everyday driver. It’s a compact pickup truck with excellent fuel economy, so it gives you the flexible cargo options of a pickup bed and modest towing abilities, paired with dimensions that are easy to drive and park in small spaces. If you spend part of your time on job sites and the other part in the city, the Maverick could be a smart and versatile choice for you.

The F-Series Trucks: For Serious Workers

The F-Series is Ford’s line of full-size pickups, consisting of the light-duty F-150 and heavy-duty F-250 and F-350. This one’s for those who use their pickups for work and require professional-grade trailering and payload capacities. The Ford F-Series trucks are built to last and are known for outrunning the competition in longevity. More recent models get the Pro Access Tailgate, a versatile tailgate that can be set to several convenient positions that are useful on the job site. The F-150 is powerful, dependable, and perfect for contractors, agriculturalists, and any professionals who do serious work with their pickup.

The Expedition: Big Family Fun

With seating for eight, the Expedition is Ford’s great family-friendly SUV. It’s ready for carpooling, baseball practice pickups, school field trips, and family road trips. With plenty of ways to configure the rear rows to create extra cargo space, it’s also great for those who need to transport all sorts of stuff from one day to the next, like groceries or sports gear. The Expedition is available in a number of trims. Throughout them, you’ll find excellent convenience and comfort features that keep all rows of passengers content on long drives. The Expedition’s serious towing abilities also make it perfect for adventurous families who like to go camping or boating.

The Explorer: Affordability and Comfort for Families

The Explorer is a three-row SUV with seating for seven and offers a generous suite of standard infotainment features to keep little ones happy on long trips. It also has great driver-assistance features to give parents confidence when transporting precious cargo. The Explorer also has solid towing abilities, but not as high as the Expedition’s. So it’s best for hobbyist adventurers rather than serious campers.

A dark green 2024 Ford Explorer Timberline is shown parked in a forest.

Which Ford Model Are You?

Ford has managed to have one of the most diverse lineups in the automotive market. Drivers from across the country, from all walks of life, from every industry, and beyond can find something that fits their needs in the Ford family of vehicles. When you shop Ford, you know you’re getting a vehicle that will deliver great value. So many of their vehicles have won awards and been top sellers in their vehicle category. The Ford name stands for longevity and quality, and you can experience it in any of their models.

Whether you need a road trip vehicle, an off-road adventurer, a large-family SUV, a hard-working pickup truck, or a thrilling sports car, you’ll find something that fits your needs in the Ford family. Most Ford models also come in a variety of trims, each of which further complements specific needs and tastes. Many of Ford’s models have been a part of the lineup for several decades, giving the manufacturer plenty of time to perfect them, and you’ll feel that when you test-drive your chosen model. Ford’s strength is in its diversity, and you’re to find a perfect model when exploring the iconic brand’s extensive lineup.