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A blue 2020 Ford Edge ST is shown driving on a highway after visiting a Ford dealer.

Finding the Best Used Ford for Your Lifestyle

Ford is a great brand if you’re thinking about buying a pre-owned model; they’ve spent over a century turning out models—from cars to trucks to SUVs—so they’ve deduced how to keep a vehicle on the road for decades. They also have models for every price point, all guaranteed to get you where you need to go, and any Ford dealer worth its salt will have multiple trim options per model for you to peruse through.

Whether you’re just starting your car-buying journey and researching, or you know you want a Ford but just can’t seem to narrow it down, we’re here to help. We’re experts on the Blue Oval and know how to tailor a search to a need. Are you a commuter? Do you have a family? Small or large? Do you need a vehicle for the job site? The list goes on. Keep reading for our recommendations on how some of the best pre-owned Fords can fit into your life.

A white 2020 Ford Fusion is shown driving on a city street.

The Functional Fusion

The Ford Fusion is a midsize sedan with seating for up to five passengers. It was in production from 2006 to 2020; as Ford placed more focus on the growing crossover and electric market, this model was discontinued—but that just means a great deal is waiting for someone like you.

The Ford Fusion is known for its reliability and its affordability. It was adopted into police cars and even used as a race car in 2013. Low maintenance issues and decent fuel efficiency make the Fusion a winner in more ways than one.

All of this supports the fact that the Fusion would work well for commuters, small families, or carpoolers, with its cabin oriented around its supportive seating. (It was designed for the person who drives a lot.) Because of these great features, the Ford Fusion often finds itself ranking at the top of Best Used Car lists.

When you’re shopping for a pre-owned Fusion, it’s worth your time to track down a 2020 model. This was the last year this sedan was produced, and it was also noted for being its most dependable. Picking up a 2020 model also means you get the most recent technology and safety features across the Fusion production run, and without the brand-new price tag.

If you’re willing to go for a slightly older model, 2017 offered a refreshed Sport trim equipped with a 2.7L EcoBoost V6 capable of adding a little extra excitement to any drive.

A silver 2020 Ford Edge is shown driving on a road on a cloudy day.

The Essential Edge

The Ford Edge is a midsize crossover SUV known for its great fuel economy and durability. While it was discontinued in 2023, there are still plenty of first-class models out there for drivers who want a vehicle that will take them further for less.

The Edge wasn’t in production for long, only rolling off the lines in 2007, but that still gave it plenty of great years, so drivers should have a problem finding a pre-owned one that fits their needs and budget.

The Edge has seating for up to five passengers and is known to be a well-balanced SUV that works well for commuters, small families, or solo drivers looking for an efficient vehicle. The interior is modern and airy, and most models come with an abundance of standard features, making it a great value if you pick up a pre-owned model.

If you want an essential vehicle without all of the bells and whistles, the Edge is what you need. Thanks to a well-designed cabin, this two-row SUV offers comfortable seating for adults even in its back row. Fold these seats flat to enjoy plenty of cargo space for work materials, groceries, hardware, or sports gear.

When searching for a pre-owned model, 2020 ranks highest in customer satisfaction and reliability. You also get plenty of technology and convenience features. The 2020 model is known for its thoughtfully designed cabin with soft-touch materials and great standard features like dual-zone automatic climate control.

The Family Explorer

Ford has plenty of noteworthy SUVs and crossovers in its automotive family, but we feel one of the standouts is the classic Explorer. This is a midsize SUV with three rows that can seat up to seven passengers. The capacity of this SUV and its flexible seating make it ideal for growing or active families that want a little wiggle room, whether for seating or cargo space.

The Ford Explorer also has a high reliability rating, with some models lasting up to 100,000 to 200,000 miles when properly cared for. Overall, the Explorer is a solid investment for SUV drivers. Its great cargo space and seating options give you enough room for groceries, essentials, luggage, or the occasional surprise passengers.

When you’re on the hunt for an SUV, you have a lot to choose from. This can make it feel overwhelming, so going with a proven brand like Ford and a popular model like the Explorer can make things a lot easier. The Explorer has been in production for more than three decades, giving Ford plenty of time to work out potential issues to create a functional, reliable vehicle for your family.

When shopping for a pre-owned Explorer, one of its highest-rated years is 2019; this was the year the Ford introduced the Explorer’s hybrid powertrain, which delivered a range of over 500 miles plus gave the Explorer a great towing capacity of 5,000 lbs.

The 2019 was the first model in the Explorer’s sixth generation. Its refresh included a new platform allowing smoother and more responsive driving thanks to an even weight distribution that previous generations lacked.

A red 2019 Ford Explorer is shown driving on a road near a mountain.

The F-150 for Tough Stuff

It’s no secret that Ford builds the best truck in America. The F-Series—specifically, the F-150—has ranked at the top of best-seller lists for nearly half a century. If you want a pre-owned truck you can count on, the F-150 is it.

This full-size truck is available with multiple powertrains and trim options, making it great for drivers who need more or less power. At the same time, its interior was designed as much for resilience against the debris of hard work as for the small, adventurous family.

The F-150 was created for work or play. On or off the road, countless drivers can depend on the F-150 for decades. Its high performance and power are just a few of the reasons the truck has gained such a great reputation among drivers.

When you’re shopping for a pre-owned F-150, keep things in mind like the engine, trim, and your daily driving habits. If your day involves heavy towing, ensure you get a truck equipped to handle the job.

As for years, the current generation of F-150s—starting in 2021—was refreshed with drivers’ needs in mind. You can expect a suite of Ford’s standard safety and driver assistance features, plus a comfortable cabin with plenty of updated tech to make driving, towing, and hauling easier than ever.

Find a Ford

Ford is a brand that listens to drivers and keeps their needs and wants in mind. Whether it’s a sedan for commuting, an active family vehicle, or a work truck for big jobs, Ford hits the mark with drivers every time. Well-designed, long-lasting vehicles give pre-owned models a lot of value to those looking to get into something substantial that’s within their budget.

Drivers can expect a lot when they pick up a used Ford—but because the market is so large, sometimes it can feel tough to get it right. With a Ford, you never really have to worry about getting it wrong; their vehicles were created to be efficient and flexible enough to fit into your lifestyle for many years to come. Want a vehicle that fits your needs? Then it sounds like you need a Ford!