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A red 2023 Honda Accord Sport-L is shown driving on a highway.

Everything That’s New With the Latest Accord Generation

The 2023 Honda Accord has hit the streets, and the 11th generation of this all-American favorite brings much more than a few new paint colors and some tech upgrades. It’s a whole new Accord, complete with a revolutionary new design, impeccable powertrains, and a level of innovation we haven’t seen before in this midsize family sedan. Over the past 46 years, the Accord has held one of the top spots in the industry as being a reliable, safe, and accommodating sedan, appealing to everyone from families to commuters, road trippers to daily errand runners. It’s the proud recipient of many prestigious awards, including U.S. News & World Report’s Best Midsize Car for the Money, Car and Driver’s 10Best, Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buy Award, and more. This year, it becomes something it hasn’t been before, proving that as the years keep ticking by, it’s only getting better with age, so let’s take a look at some of the features and exciting new upgrades you can expect in this Honda icon.

A black 2023 Honda Accord Sport-L Hybrid is shown driving near a lake and mountain.

A Revamped Design Inside and Out

Some of the most noticeable changes involve the 2023 Honda Accord’s appearance, as it showcases dazzling new design details throughout. Let’s start inside, since after all, this is the most important aspect of your ride, right? You want to be able to travel in ultimate comfort, and Honda claims that the 2023 Accord’s cabin is cozier than ever, with new body-stabilizing seats and available features like leather-trimmed appointments, heated and ventilated seats, and all-new seating material. It’s made with a new kneading process to ensure maximum comfort and a much softer texture than before. Clean lines and an open environment can be felt inside its carefully laid-out cabin, with elements of elegance dotted throughout to elevate the luxury experience you get to enjoy inside.

A honeycomb-patterned dash trim, which you’ll find in other popular Honda models like the Civic, as well as a one-touch power moonroof add an air of excellence to this established traveler. Plus, with a self-opening trunk, plenty of storage solutions throughout, and impressive legroom, even in the rear, the cabin experience you’ll have in the all-new Accord is truly remarkable. Of course, you’ll notice the Accord’s extensive upgrades from the moment you spot it on the roadway, and when you’re looking for modern style, the 2023 Accord showcases this perfectly.

The sleekness that seeps out of the Accord from front to back is obvious at first glance, with bold, athletic styling available to amplify its appeal with drivers everywhere. Contoured body lines and an eye-catching profile immediately set it apart from the crowd. Plus, with beautiful LED lighting elements, various wheel designs, heated side mirrors, and other enhancements available as you make your way up the trim levels, the Accord is captivating from every angle. The 2023 Honda Accord perfectly blends everyday practicality with modern beauty to achieve what few vehicles on the streets can: the ideal balance for drivers to enjoy every second they’re behind the wheel.

A blue 2023 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid is shown driving on a city street.

A Hybrid Takeover

You’ll also notice more hybrid options in the lineup this year, which allows the Accord to be even more efficient than it’s ever been. Most of its trims are offered with a high-performing hybrid powertrain, which allows daily commuters and other frequent travelers to drive with confidence that their vehicle is offering them the best fuel economy both on the highway and in the city. Its 2.0L four-cylinder hybrid isn’t just ready to provide you with maximum efficiency, it’s also ready to add some excitement to the daily drive. With 204 horsepower leading the way, this hybrid powertrain makes even the most mundane drives to work feel like a thrilling experience. Able to get an estimated 46 MPG in the city and 41 MPG on the highway, the Accord hybrid powertrain, which is offered in the Sport, EX-L, Sport-L, and Touring models, makes quick work of those stop-and-go traffic situations on your way into the office.

Multiple modes allow you to fine-tune your drive like never before, with EV Mode utilizing electric-only power to enhance efficiency, Sport Mode to add excitement to the ride, and other customized modes to enhance your journey in every possible way. You’re also able to control the level of regenerative braking in the 2023 Accord with Deceleration Control, which helps you charge the battery at slow speeds, as well as limit the amount of wear and tear on your braking system throughout your daily travels. If you’re looking to add more efficiency to your day, choosing a hybrid is a great idea, and in the 2023 Honda Accord inventory, you’ll find more options than ever to add value to your drive.

Of course, in true Honda fashion, you have plenty of options when it comes to the Accord for you, which is why two of its trims, the LX and EX, come with a dutiful gas-powered engine that won’t let you down. Situated beneath the hood of its base models lies a 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 192 horsepower for an engaging ride. Paired seamlessly with a continuously variable transmission, the ride quality you can expect out of these models is exquisite. With smooth operation, accurate handling, and an overall refined ride, no matter which engine has captured your attention, you’re bound to be satisfied with your experience in the 2023 Accord.

A blue 2023 Honda Accord Sport Touring is shown driving on a highway.

An Arsenal of New Tech

As with any new generation, you can expect a slew of tech enhancements to elevate the ride, and the 2023 Honda Accord doesn’t disappoint. The 2023 Accord is the first-ever Honda with available Google Built-In to bring a level of convenience to your drive like never before. It also features an available extra-wide 12.3-inch Infotainment touchscreen to help you connect to your apps and devices hands-free, for a better experience on the road. You’ll also find a customizable Driver Information Interface, which provides you with important details about your trip including vehicle status, speed, estimated range, and more.

Available wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, plus wireless phone charging makes it easy to stay connected to your devices and keep everything powered up without unsightly wires cramping your cabin style. While an available 12-speaker Bose premium sound system can also add extreme enjoyment to your daily travels. Plus, with various helpful features like parking sensors, a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, and more, there’s no doubt that you’ll be confident behind the wheel and ready to take on anything the road tosses your way. Whether it’s safety and assistance or connectivity and entertainment that’s a priority for you, the 2023 Accord is loaded up with the most tech ever to ensure that all of its occupants can truly enjoy the ride.

2023 Honda Accord: Welcoming a New Generation

It’s no secret that Honda has pulled out all the stops with the all-new Accord, from the designer details outside to its elegant cabin space inside. Hybrid powertrains take over the lineup, offering a level of performance and efficiency we’ve not yet seen in this model, while innovative tech completes the experience by offering all the features you need to make your drive exceptional. As more SUVs and trucks take over the roadways, the Accord proves that sedans are here to stay. When you want a vehicle that’s easy to handle and provides a breathtaking ride, the 2023 Accord is ready to exceed your every expectation, no matter where you travel next. There’s a reason why the list of awards heaped upon the Accord is so extensive, and when you want to harness an invigorating experience during any type of journey, checking out the 2023 Honda Accord may be the best decision you make all year.