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A black 2023 GMC Terrain Denali is shown from the front at an angle.

A 2023 GMC Terrain Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to cover a lot of ground in exceptional comfort, then a 2023 GMC Terrain may be the best SUV option for you. This compact SUV provides big car convenience in a smaller and more efficient package. GMC has been offering the Terrain since the 2010 model year, and the 2023 Terrain represents the most advanced model yet in this great legacy. It has more comfort, convenience, and technological features than most other models in its vehicle class.

The 2023 GMC Terrain features a 1.5-liter Turbo I-4 gas engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission that will get you wherever you want to go quickly, efficiently, and safely, producing an impressive 175 hp and 203 lb-ft of torque. This will get you from 0 to 60 mph in just 8.9 seconds, quick enough to merge easily onto a busy highway. It also gives the Terrain the power to tow up to 1,500 lbs. The Terrain is also very fuel-efficient; whether you choose front-wheel or available all-wheel drive, the Terrain will deliver an impressive 26 MPG in combined fuel economy. As you can see, the GMC Terrain will give you solid performance; however, the Terrain really stands out when it comes to comfort, enjoyment, and safety for up to five passengers.

Four Exceptional Trims to Choose From

GMC offers the 2023 Terrain in four trim levels for drivers. The base model is the SLE, with an affordable MSRP of $29,900. The Terrain SLT adds a number of technological features that will enhance your enjoyment of your vehicle, like a hands-free power liftgate. The Terrain AT4 is a specialized off-road model, adding rugged features like Goodyear Sport Terrain tires, a front steel skid plate, and a traction select system. This will allow you to hit the trails in your Terrain AT4 with the peace of mind that you have a vehicle that can handle whatever nature can dish out. The top trim is the Denali. Named for the tallest mountain in North America, the Denali has everything you can ever want in a compact SUV. The attention to detail on the Denali is second-to-none, and it comes with standard all-wheel drive, the GMC Pro Safety Plus system, and a host of other features that truly make it the best of the best.

The interior of a 2023 GMC Terrain Denali is shown from the driver's seat.

Covering the Terrain in Comfort and Convenience

Getting where you are going in comfort is the key to the GMC Terrain. No matter which of the four trims you choose, you will get a roomy interior cabin that can comfortably seat up to five passengers, with over 103 cu.ft. of space for all on board. That translates into 40.9 inches of legroom for the front-row passengers and an equally impressive 39.7 inches of legroom in the back. This way, no one will feel cramped or cheated.

The GMC Terrain also has plenty of room for your belongings. The liftgate opens to 29.6 cu.ft. of space in the trunk, and if you want more space, fold down the rear row of seats to free up 63.3 cu.ft. of cargo room. These are fold-flat seats, so you get the maximum amount of space possible. You can even fold the front passenger seat flat to accommodate extra-long objects. Accessing this space is also easy, as the Terrain SLT, AT4, and Denali models all feature a hands-free, power-programmable liftgate. This will come in handy when you have your hands full and need to get into your Terrain’s trunk.

The seats in the Terrain are luxurious and comfortable. The Terrain SLE features a premium cloth seat trim with available heated front seats. The Terrain SLT takes things up a notch with perforated leather-appointed seats that look great and feel even better. The AT4 and Denali trims have special leather seats that feature their respective logos. These accents really stand out and capture the specialized styling of each Terrain model. The SLT, AT4, and Denali all feature heated front seats and a heated steering wheel, with the Denali also giving you heated rear outboard seats, which will come in handy on cold mornings. With seating as luxurious as this, you may have a hard time getting your passengers to leave your GMC Terrain when you reach your destination!

Keeping You Connected

GMC makes sure to keep you and your passengers connected wherever you go in your 2023 Terrain. This is because each model features the GMC infotainment system. This advanced system helps you connect your smartphones using Bluetooth so you can make hands-free calls wherever you go in your Terrain. The Terrain SLE has a 7-inch diagonal color touchscreen, while the other models feature an 8-inch touchscreen that makes navigating the system easier than ever.

The infotainment system also has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. This will allow you to stream your favorite apps, whether it’s navigation to get you from point A to point B or entertainment like Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music, so you can stream your favorite music to make getting there even more enjoyable. The fact this is a wireless system allows you to leave the annoying charging cables at home. Even so, GMC has located a number of USB charging and data ports in the front and rear of the Terrain, so you can keep your devices charged. In addition, there is an available Wi-Fi hotspot on the Terrain, allowing everyone to access the internet during your travels. The Terrain Denali features a built-in navigation system, which is available as an option on the SLT and AT4.

The Terrain features an exceptional audio system, with the SLT, SLE, and AT4 all featuring a 6-speaker audio system, with each speaker strategically placed throughout the passenger cabin. True audiophiles will want to get behind the wheel of the Terrain Denali, which is equipped with a 7-speaker Bose premium audio system that will turn your Terrain into a mobile concert. When you pair it with SiriusXM, which comes as a 3-month trial subscription, you will test just how exceptional the Terrain’s audio system is with the best in commercial-free music, sports, talk, news, and comedy radio.

Technology to Keep You and Your Passengers Safe

GMC has made safety a standard feature on every 2023 Terrain, with every model featuring GMC Pro Safety. This suite of six driver assistance systems will make operating your Terrain safer than ever. The Following Distance Indicator will let you know if you are getting too close to the vehicle in front of you. If the system determines that a crash is imminent, it will use the Forward Collision Alert so you can take evasive action. It will also engage the Automatic Emergency Braking system to either bring your Terrain to a safe stop or reduce the impact of an unavoidable collision. There is even Front Pedestrian Braking, which works in the same manner but is designed to detect pedestrians crossing in the path of your Terrain.

The Terrain also has IntelliBeam automatic high beams. One major distraction of driving at night is turning your high-beam headlights on and off to increase visibility. This system takes care of this for you, turning them on in areas of low light and then automatically turning them off when the lighting improves, or the system detects another motorist on the road.

A major cause of highway accidents is when drivers become distracted and drift out of their lane. The Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning will help you avoid this problem. If you start to drift out of your lane, the Lane Departure Warning will sound to get your focus back on the road. The Lane Keep Assist will also use slight steering adjustments to get you back safely in your lane.

If you have a young driver in your family, then you are going to love the Teen Driver system that is standard on all 2023 Terrain models. This acts as an electronic chaperone, letting you know how your young driver performed in your Terrain. It will also allow you to prevent the GMC Pro Safety features and other safety features like airbags from being deactivated while also limiting the volume on the GMC infotainment system. There is even a feature on Teen Driver that will not allow the Terrain to be put in gear if the passengers are not wearing their seatbelts. GMC and the Terrain have gone above and beyond what is considered standard when it comes to safety, making it the perfect vehicle for both solo commuters and parents of newly-licensed teen drivers.

A black 2023 GMC Terrain Denali is shown from the rear at an angle.

Designed for Drivers Who Want a Difference

When you are looking for a compact SUV with something extra, your best choice is the 2023 GMC Terrain. While this provides the performance and fuel economy you expect from a model in this vehicle class, the Terrain excels in the aspects that make driving more enjoyable. It has a roomy interior with plenty of space for up to five passengers to ride comfortably while having the convenience and technology features to enhance everyone’s experience and make the ride more enjoyable. In addition, GMC has included the GMC Pro Safety system to make sure that you and your passengers get wherever you are going safely in your Terrain. For a compact SUV that provides the perfect balance of performance, safety, and cutting-edge tech, the 2023 GMC Terrain is designed to take your driving experience to the next level.