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A black 2023 GMC Terrain is shown from the front driving through a puddle.

2023 GMC Terrain Buyer’s Guide

Life is hectic for so many people and more so for the new parent. We lead such busy lives and when the little ones come along, we find ourselves pulled in every direction. Choosing the right vehicle can help make your life more complicated or help you unwind all the knots you find yourself tied up in. The 2023 GMC Terrain gives you the roominess and practical features you need in a compact SUV that is easy to drive, even if the little ones are bickering in the backseat while you are out on a long family road trip.

When my kids were little, getting them into and out of their car seats was always a struggle. It always seemed like there was never enough room. We also spent so much time cleaning up the little messes they made in the backseat and having to keep them entertained on longer trips. The 2023 GMC Terrain has all of these bases covered, giving you a roomy vehicle that makes it easy to get wherever you are heading with your kids. The Terrain is also versatile, so you can use it when the kids are at home or school, and you need to get the job done.

Roominess and comfort for the whole family

It might seem strange to be suggesting a crossover as a family car. Many folks are wedded to big three-row SUVs that might have room for up to 8 passengers, but can also be difficult to park or handle. The Terrain may be a compact SUV, but there is more room than you can imagine once you step inside.

The designers at GMC have given the 2023 Terrain over 103 cubic feet of space inside the passenger compartment. That is a lot of territory for you and your kids to stretch out. It’s also enough space for the proper car seat for your child. Whether you need a rear-facing infant seat, forward-facing car seat, or booster, the Terrain provides you with the space you need to properly secure your child, with the LATCH system securing the proper child safety seat in place. The Terrain features the latest in LATCH system convenience, so you can secure the seat in place safely and efficiently. In addition, the roominess of the Terrain’s rear row of seats makes taking your child in and out of the safety seat less time-consuming than on many comparable vehicles.

The 2023 Terrain features over 40.3 inches of legroom in the front and 39.7 inches in the back, so your vehicle has the room you need as your children grow up. There is also up to 38.5 inches of headroom in the back, with slightly less 36.8 inches of headroom if you opt for the available SkyScape Sunroof. This feature is a nice touch as it lets sunlight shine on you and your family on your drive.

GMC has appointed the Terrain with different choices of fabrics that not only look great but are also durable and easy to clean. The SLE and SLT models of the Terrain have a solid fabric ideal for young children, as you will have no problem wiping away spilled milk or juice without leaving behind a stain. The AT4 model, designed to handle the rigors of off-roading, features leather seats that are also quite sturdy. The top trim Denali has incredibly comfortable leather seats that are stronger than they look. The Denali also has heated front and rear outboard seats that keep everyone’s bottom nice and toasty on cold days. As for the flooring, you will have no problem vacuuming up pieces of cereal your child may have dropped after a long trip. It doesn’t take much to keep the Terrain looking great, with its interior that can handle even the messiest little person.

One of the complaints many family drivers have about crossovers and compact SUVs is that they often sacrifice trunk space to improve the roominess of the passenger compartment. In these models, the trunk is often an afterthought, which is not the case with the 2023 GMC Terrain. The liftgate on the Terrain can open to reveal a deep cargo space with 29.6 cubic feet to fill with toys, strollers, and other things you need when you go out with your kids. There is even enough room for everyone’s luggage, so the Terrain is ideal for a fun-filled family road trip. If you need to go shopping or pick up some home improvement items, you can easily fold down the rear seat to free up an incredible 63.3 cubic feet of cargo space. The additional space is why the Terrain is so versatile.

The black interior of a 2023 GMC Terrain AT4 shows the front seats.

Keeping your most precious cargo safe and secure

GMC is committed to passenger safety, which is why every 2023 Terrain comes with a standard GMC Pro Safety suite of six driver assistance features. Forward Collision Alert will let you know if the system detects an imminent front-end collision so that you can begin taking evasive action. The system will then engage the Automatic Emergency Brakes that will help you avoid a collision or reduce the impact if a crash is unavoidable. There is even a Front Pedestrian Braking system that works in the same way but has been designed to detect pedestrians who may be in the path of your Terrain. The GMC Pro Safety also has a Following Distance Indicator that will let you know how close you are to the vehicle in front of you and alert you if you are getting too close.

The two most significant causes of accidents are drifting out of lane on highways and lack of visibility at night. The standard GMC Pro Safety system on the Terrain has you covered for both problems. Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning will let you know if you begin to drift out of your lane and will use slight steering adjustments to get you back on the path. IntelliBeam automatic high beams will turn the high beam headlights on your Terrain on and off depending on lighting and other drivers so that you can focus on driving at night.

GMC also offers additional safety features on the GMC Pro Safety Plus that comes standard on the 2023 Terrain Denali model. These features include Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, which helps you change lanes by letting you know if a vehicle is in your desired path. Also included are Rear Park Assist, which helps you with your parallel parking, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which will let you know if a vehicle or pedestrian is behind you when you are backing your Terrain out of a parking spot. It even has a Safety Alert Seat that will remind you to check the back seat when you arrive at your destination in case your little loved one has fallen asleep in the back seat while you were driving.

Keeping everyone entertained

One of the best things about vehicles today is the ability to access a vast array of programming courtesy of an infotainment system. The 2023 Terrain features one of the finest, the GMC Infotainment system with a diagonal color touchscreen. While the base model Terrain SLE has a 7-inch screen, the SLT, AT4, and Denali increase the screen size to an impressive 8 inches. The Denali system even features a built-in navigation system.

The GMC Infotainment system seamlessly integrates key vehicle information with smartphone connectivity, fun apps, and Bluetooth phone connectivity. It also features Amazon Alexa Built In, so your favorite virtual personal assistant can come along for the ride. You can even hook your smartphone up to the system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can leave those annoying cables at home. With a young child, you have more important things to focus on, so getting wireless access is a convenient way to access the GMC Infotainment system.

As for entertainment, each Terrain has a sound system that will work great with your favorite music, news, sports, or even children’s programming. You can easily find something to keep you and your child entertained during the drive or ask Alexa for a recommendation. If you need to charge your smartphone, you can opt for the available wireless charging pad in the Terrain’s convenient center console.

A black 2023 GMC Terrain is shown driving on a dirt road.

Getting there is all the fun

The 2023 GMC Terrain is an ideal family vehicle. It is roomy enough for you, your kids, and everything you need to bring, providing a safe and fun environment. GMC has used technology to make the Terrain an entertaining place for you and your kids while also using innovation to make getting where you are going safer than ever before. For a family driver like you, the Terrain makes getting there all the fun.