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8 Things to Look for in a Chrysler Dealership

Shopping for a vehicle can feel pretty overwhelming, especially when you first get started and realize how many options you potentially have. I find the best way to approach the entire process is to break it down into a series of decisions that you have to make since each step is easier to tackle than the entire process as a whole. While choosing a make and model is important, choosing the right dealership is one of those things that can be easily overlooked. You shouldn’t just type “Chrysler dealer near me” into a search engine and hope the first one is the best – you deserve to shop at a dealer that will put your needs first.

But how do you find that? Today, I’m going to take you through a brief exploration of some of the things you should look for in a Chrysler dealer near you. Choosing the right one comes down to doing a little research (I know – don’t worry, it’s not that hard) and knowing what to look for. I can’t promise you that the first dealer you pick will be the absolute best, but I can give you a decent sense of what signs indicate you might have found a good one.

#1 – An Easy-to-Use Website

This might seem a weird place to start, but hear me out: when you look for a Chrysler dealer near you, this is likely the first thing you’re going to see. I’m guessing you’ll be doing research and looking for dealers online (if not, then you should be – it’s faster and easier than pounding the pavement). That means their website is the first impression they’re going to make on you.

As such, you should expect any dealership to make that first impression a good one. The site should be easy to use, well laid out, and provide you with all of the information you could want. That includes showing off their inventory, giving you info about financing, and making it easy for you to contact them. If their website is a mess, then that’s probably how they run their business, and you don’t need that in your life.

#2 – A lot of New and Used Vehicles

Whether you think you want a new car or a pre-owned model, it’s always a good idea to look for a Chrysler dealer near you that offers both kinds. For one thing, having plenty of new and used vehicles available to you means you have more options to choose from. Even if you think you know for sure which type of vehicle you want, having additional options means you could find an even better choice than you considered.

Also, a dealership with both new and used vehicles has typically been around for a while. That much product on their lot requires a pretty hefty investment, which usually means they’re serious about what they do. You’re typically better off with a dealer that is experienced and proven in the industry.

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#3 – The Vehicle You Want

This should probably go without saying, but I’m saying it anyway: choose a Chrysler dealer near you that actually has the vehicle or vehicles that you are interested in. It’s always possible that you’ll find a better option when you go to buy your car, but you should at least be able to check out the one you think is best. Don’t just assume they’ll have the latest Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid or a used Chrysler 300 available, either, make sure. Check their online inventory, give them a call, or send an email to check that they have what you want.

#4 – People that Want to Help You

A good dealership will have employees that will go out of their way to help you since you’re their customer. When you make contact with them, they should be immediately helpful. It doesn’t matter if you call them, send an email, or show up at the lot – whoever you interact with should be friendly and helpful. If you feel ignored or like you are imposing by being there, then go somewhere that actually wants and deserves your business.

#5 – A Clean, Welcoming Location

Whenever you do visit a dealership, make sure it is welcoming and well taken care of. The lot should be clean and well-lit, especially if you are there in the evening, and feel like a place you want to do business. A dirty lot that isn’t well cared for can often indicate there are issues with morale and poor leadership – it tells you that someone at the top doesn’t care as much as they should. This is a rule for any kind of retail business: you should want to go there and feel welcomed.

#6 – Friendly Salespeople

This is something that’s important to keep in mind throughout the entire shopping process: the salesperson should help you. They might make suggestions about models that could meet your needs, even if you already have one in mind, and that’s fine. Part of their job is making sure you’ve considered all of your options and know about every vehicle that could be good for what you need.

But there’s a difference between suggestions and discussing what you need and pushing their own agenda onto you. If you feel like they’re trying to get you to buy a particular vehicle rather than responding to what you need, then get out of there. Despite the reputation car salesmen have earned over the years, there are plenty of great ones that will put your needs first and actually make your car-buying experience better; find one of those.

#7 – Financing that Works for You

Just like you need to find the vehicle that is right for what you need, you also need to find financing that works for you. This can be a bit tricky and might not come up immediately, but the earlier you look for it and discuss what you need, the better. If you have great credit, then the dealer should be able to help you find a loan that has excellent terms and low interest to keep your costs down.

On the other hand, if credit is a problem for you, then you want to look for a dealer that knows how to help in those situations. If you have particularly rough credit, then you might need to look for a Buy Here Pay Here dealership that can guarantee financing. Whatever your situation is in terms of financing and credit, choose a dealer that will work with you and meet your needs.

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#8 – More than Chryslers

Even though we’re talking about Chrysler dealers, it’s a good idea to look for a dealership that focuses on more than only Chrysler models. Chrysler is a part of the larger Stellantis group, which also includes Jeep, Ram, Dodge, FIAT, and Alfa Romeo. So don’t limit yourself to a relatively small selection of models.

A great Chrysler dealer will offer Chrysler vehicles, as well as hard-working Ram trucks, powerful Dodge muscle cars, and rugged Jeeps. This gives you a ton of freedom to get the right sort of vehicle to meet your needs. Even if you think a particular model is a good fit, more options mean that you might find something you never even considered that ends up even better. So pick a dealership that will give you plenty of cars to choose from.