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8 Dealerships to Check Out in Virginia

Shopping for a car is hard enough without struggling to figure out where you should buy your vehicle from – and yet, that’s an extremely important part of the process. If you just search for Virginia auto dealers and pick a random one that comes up, you could very well miss out on the right dealership for you. But with so many options out there, how do you even start to work your way through all of them?

Well, I’m here to help – or at least, help a bit by giving you an easy-to-use selection of Virginia auto dealers that you can check out and choose from. I’m not saying these are all of the best dealerships in the state, to be fair, there are far too many for such a simple list to be that comprehensive. But these are certainly among the best, and all are well ranked by their customers for treating them fairly.

I’m presenting these dealers purely in alphabetical order, not ranked in any particular way, so keep that in mind. Take a look at each of these Virginia auto dealers to see what they have available and if they might be the right choice for you.

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Bomnin Chevrolet – Manassas

Bomnin Chevrolet is the first of several Chevy Virginia auto dealers on this list, so if you’re looking for a Chevy or GMC, then you are in luck. You can find both brand-new and used vehicles at Bomnin Chevrolet, which makes it a great choice no matter what kind of vehicle you are looking for. They have a service center and parts department available, which is helpful whenever you need maintenance performed or need to go in for routine service. Although Bomnin is an established auto dealer, their Chevy lot is fairly new, so keep that in mind as you are considering your options.

You can find Bomnin Chevrolet located just off Sudley Rd, between Sudley Manor Dr and Lomond Dr in the northern part of Manassas. They are only a few thousand feet south of the I-66, however, which makes them easy to reach from all over northern Virginia and the surrounding area.

Brown’s Arlington Honda – Arlington

Brown’s Arlington Honda is part of the larger Brown’s group of dealerships, and they have many different locations available through Virginia. This one, in particular, specializes in Honda vehicles, but they also have Mazda and other manufacturer dealerships. They have an inventory of both new and used vehicles, including Certified Pre-Owned Honda models for you to choose from. As you would expect, they also have a service and parts department available, and while their service center is closed on Sundays, their sales team is around seven days a week.

You can find Brown’s Arlington Honda just off Lee Hwy, where it is also Old Dominion Dr, in the Cherrydale section of northern Arlington. Lee Hwy is also state route 29, and they are just north of I-66, making them easy to reach from all over Virginia.

Duke Automotive – Suffolk

Duke Automotive specializes in Chevy, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac vehicles, so if you are interested in any of those manufacturers, then this is a great choice for your Virginia auto dealer. They have a large selection of brand new models available, and they offer discounts for military and first responders. You can also find a great inventory of used models at Duke Automotive, including Certified Pre-Owned GMC and Chevy vehicles. One of the great things about Duke is that they are active in the community and participate in local programs such as Toys for Tots.

You will find Duke Automotive just off N Main St, south of the junction of Pruden Blvd and Godwin Blvd, in northern Suffolk. They are located just a couple thousand feet south of state route 56, which makes them easy to reach for anyone in southern or central Virginia.
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Hart Motor Company – Salem

The Hart Motor Company sells both new and pre-owned vehicles, with several different locations throughout Salem. In terms of new models, they specialize in GMC and Kia, so you can choose from a surprisingly wide range of vehicles compared to some other Virginia auto dealers. Hart Motor Company has a body shop, as well as service and parts departments, so they can help you with long-term support. They have been in business in Salem for more than 80 years, so they must be doing something right.

You can find Hart Motor Company just off E Main St between Craig Ave and S Electric Rd in eastern Salem. E Main St is part of state route 460, which makes them easy to reach from western and central Virginia. They are only a few thousand feet south of the I-81 as well, which makes them accessible from all over Virginia.

Koons Toyota – Arlington

If you are in the Arlington area and prefer Toyota to Honda, then Koons Toyota is a great option for you. They are a part of the Koons family of Virginia auto dealers, with numerous other locations available throughout the area. You can find both new and used vehicles at Koons Toyota, including Certified Pre-Owned Toyotas, and they offer military and college rebate programs.

You can find Koons Toyota on Lee Hwy, just off Old Dominion Dr, in the Cherrydale district of northern Arlington. Much like Brown’s Arlington Honda, they are just north of the I-66, making them easy to reach from all over Virginia.

Rick Hendrick Chevrolet – Norfolk

Rick Hendrick Chevrolet is another Virginia auto dealer that specializes in Chevy vehicles, which is good news for you if you are interested in a Silverado or Camaro. You will find hundreds of new and used vehicles at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet, including Certified Pre-Owned models and options priced under $10,000. Rick Hendrick Chevrolet also offers military and veteran discounts as well as first responder discounts.

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You will find Rick Hendrick Chevrolet just off E Virginia Beach Blvd, between the I-64 and Newtown Rd in eastern Norfolk. E Virginia Beach Blvd is part of state route 58, and they are located about a thousand feet north of the I-264 (where it meets the I-64), so they are quite easy to reach from all over central and southern Virginia.

Sheehy Used Auto Outlet – Manassas

While a lot of Virginia auto dealers offer both new and used vehicles, Sheehy Used Auto Outlet focuses solely on used vehicles. If you know you are not interested in a brand new model, then this can make them a great option. They are part of the larger Sheehy Auto Group, which includes numerous dealerships specializing in various manufacturers, and that gives them tremendous buying power. This means you can find a wide range of excellent used vehicles at Sheehy Used Auto Outlet.

They are located just off state route 28 in the Historic District near Old Town Manassas. You can easily reach them using route 28, state route 234, or I-66, which makes them convenient for anyone in northern Virginia.

VA Cars Inc. – Richmond

VA Cars Inc. also focuses on selling used vehicles, making it another fine choice if that is what you are interested in. Because they are not a dealership for a particular manufacturer, you will not find CPO vehicles here like you can at some other Virginia auto dealers. They do still have a large inventory of used vehicles to choose from, however, including many priced under $10,000.

You can find VA Cars Inc. just off the Midlothian Turnpike near state routes 76 and 150 in western Richmond. This makes them convenient and easy to reach for people in central and eastern Virginia