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A white 2022 Nissan Leaf is shown charging in a garage.

5 Nissan Models for Under $30k You Didn’t Know You Needed

You might be at a crossroads in your life. Purchasing a new car to attain a higher quality of life is on your agenda, but the specific make and model that would be best is still a matter of speculation. The first journey begins with the smallest step, and the first step you should consider is on the lot of your local Nissan dealer. Nissan has a versatile array of vehicles that are perfectly suited for a wide variety of uses. Not only have we compiled some of the best vehicles that suit the needs of any driver, but we’ve also gathered five models that you can drive away with for under $30k.

It might surprise you to know that Nissan has a lineage that dates back a considerable amount. Like many prominent automobile manufacturers, Nissan got its start in the first half of the twentieth century, 1933 to be precise. In the several decades that have followed, Nissan has continued to pursue technological innovation and the development of cutting-edge engineering to produce a product that possesses no equal.

#1 – Nissan Versa ($15,180)

We’re conditioned to believe that above-average quality equates to paying more. When any consumer goods happen to sell at a lower price, we almost instinctively believe that this has some bearing on its quality. Nissan is here to reprogram your thought patterns and throw this concept completely out the window. The Nissan Versa accomplishes this.

Starting at the unbelievable low price of only $15,180, the Versa has all of the attributes you look for in a car in a conveniently low-priced package. Aside from its price, the other number you’ll be impressed with is its 35 MPG combined fuel economy rating. If price and fuel efficiency aren’t enough to sway your opinion, then you’ll be happy to find out that the Versa received a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA. Many of these features make it an ideal vehicle for not just the economically-minded, but also the younger driver in your life.

A blue 2022 Nissan Sentra is shown driving on an open road.

#2 – Nissan Sentra ($19,610)

For the average consumer, the name of the game is practicality. You need something that’s affordable, reliable, and offers you the peace of mind that’s often out of reach. For all these factors, a solution exists in the Nissan Sentra. Ever since it began rolling off assembly lines in 1982, the Sentra has been one of Nissan’s most practical offerings. One saying that permeates throughout our consumer-based economy is “you get what you pay for.” Nissan dismisses this notion, as the Sentra’s starting MSRP of $19,610 makes it affordable for an average income. But, what does that come with? We assure you it’s more than you might have expected.

The Sentra has an engine that provides more than adequate performance and sustainable fuel economy. A 2.0L 4-cylinder engine generates 149 horsepower and can go from 0-60 MPH in around nine seconds. Achieving a combined 33 MPG means your fill-ups will be less frequent, and your commute won’t be slow and lumbering. Never before has the term “best of both worlds” been more fitting. Not to mention, an upscale and comfortable interior will make traveling to your daily occupation seem less like a chore and more of a choice.

#3 – Nissan Kicks ($19,800)

Let’s say you have some kids to cart around and don’t feel like owning an eyesore such as a mini-van. Well, good news, you don’t have to! The days of the large SUV that’s hard to handle and expensive to maintain have long been at an end. Nissan makes the SUV more accessible and economical than ever before with the Nissan Kicks, which will allow you to get your fix for comfort and cargo.

Much like the Sentra, the Kicks has a combined 33 MPG, which at one time was practically unheard of for an SUV. A 1.6L 4-cylinder engine makes this possible while generating 122 horsepower to get you and your passengers from point A to B. Another similarity the Kicks shares with the Sentra is its lower-than-average MSRP, which begins at just $19,800. Convenience shouldn’t come with a high price tag, and with over 32 cubic feet of storage space, you can stock up on what you need for those long trips. The only thing the Kicks can’t solve is the repetitive question of “are we there yet?” from your youthful passengers.

#4 – Nissan Leaf ($27,400)

For the ecologically minded, the mindset might be “go electric or go home.” The EV (Electric Vehicle) revolution has taken the automotive industry by storm, and many are eager to do their part to reduce the emissions that cause harm to the earth’s atmosphere. For the discerning driver who wants to go green, the Nissan Leaf is available. Like many of the brand’s other models, Nissan makes EV technology available to the average income with a starting MSRP of $27,400. Factor in the available $7,500 Federal tax credit and local incentives, and you could end up driving home in an EV for under $20k.

Saying “goodbye” to the pump has never been easier. With a range that lasts up to an astounding 226 miles, you might say the Leaf goes the distance for its driver. Speaking of distance, Nissan will warranty your battery for a period of 8 years or 100,000 miles, which means you’ll have some security when you’re out and about. You’ll also have plenty of room for goodies and extras on those lengthy trips, thanks to an available 30 cubic feet of cargo space. Going electric has never been more appealing.

A 2022 Nissan Frontier PRO-4X is shown off-roading after leaving a Nissan dealer.

#5 – Nissan Frontier ($28,340)

If you think that owning a quality pickup truck for an affordable price is an unattainable feat—think again. The Nissan Frontier combines the rugged individualism of the competition with a price tag that won’t break the bank. A starting MSRP of $28,140 is a bargain for all the versatile advantages that the Frontier has to offer its owners. Whether it’s work, leisure, or anything in between, the Frontier has you more than covered.

Nissan equips its capable midsize pickup with a 3.8L V6 and a nine-speed automatic transmission. This is high-grade performance that the competition charges extra for, but Nissan makes it standard, not to mention affordable. When it comes to the capabilities of Nissan’s V6, you needn’t doubt its effectiveness. No fewer than 310 ponies and 281 lb-ft of torque are underneath the hood and ready to help you take on the most arduous of tasks you have before you. And if you’re the trailering type, how does an available towing capacity of 6,720 lbs sound?

Better Products at a Lower Cost

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration when car shopping is staying within the confines of your budget. While some would have you believe that this means sacrificing quality, Nissan has shown us the exact opposite. There are still manufacturers that believe in providing vehicles that combine the principles of being affordable and efficient, helping you attain the quality of life you deserve. Whether you’re looking for fuel economy, safety, or getting off the beaten path, there’s a Nissan out there for you and your long-term goals. With so much to offer, you might find the hardest decision you have to make is what color scheme you like the most.