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A blue 2023 Honda Accord Sport Hybrid is shown driving on a city street.

Your Guide to the Trim Levels of the 2023 Honda Accord

It doesn’t take more than a quick glance to see that the 2023 Honda Accord is the start of a new generation for this popular midsize sedan. It has a sleek new look, updated technology, and more of a focus on its available hybrid powertrain. Its trim levels also differ somewhat from those of the 2022 model year, so if you’re looking to trade in your current Accord for a new model, you might want to have a head start on knowing which trims you should ask to see in person.

Many of these trims—like the LX, Sport, and Touring—should sound familiar to Honda drivers, but there have been some pretty major shakeups for the eleventh generation. Perhaps the biggest change is that instead of the hybrid Accord getting its own “Hybrid” trim level, this fuel-efficient powertrain comes standard on every trim except for the LX and EX. On top of this, there are plenty of other changes, like what tech features come standard on each trim. But don’t worry—we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know in this handy guide. Let’s take a look at the 2023 Accord’s trim levels…

A gray 2023 Honda Accord Touring is shown parked on a road.

Honda Accord LX

The Accord LX is the most basic and affordable trim in the lineup, but it still comes standard with plenty of desirable features. Its 1.5L four-cylinder engine can produce 192 hp and has a combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 32 MPG and a range of 474 miles, according to the EPA. Compare that to the 28 MPG that the average 2023 vehicle gets, and you’ll see that even the non-hybrid versions of the Accord do pretty well regarding efficiency.

While the 2022 Accord LX has standard LED low-beam lights, it’s the only option not to have LED fog lights. On the other hand, the 2023 LX has full LED headlights and LED taillights. Regarding interior tech, the LX comes standard with a 7.0-inch color touchscreen and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Its standard driver assistance features include adaptive cruise control, a multi-angle rearview camera, a collision mitigation braking system, and a road departure mitigation system. In the rear, the LX comes standard with a new feature—the self-opening trunk. Instead of simply unlocking when you press the trunk button on the key fob, it automatically opens up all the way for easier access.

Honda Accord EX

While the 2022 trim lineup went straight from LX to Sport, the 2023 Accord offers a middle ground with the EX trim. It shares the same powertrain as the LX trim and has pretty similar styling as well. The differences become clearer when you look at the standard comfort and convenience features.

Inside, the LX has a power-adjustable driver’s seat and a one-touch power moonroof that brings in more natural light. It also features a dual-zone automatic climate control system as well as heated front seats, which work together to make it easy to stay comfortable even in unpleasant weather. Instead of the four-speaker audio system offered on the LX, the EX boasts the same eight-speaker system that comes standard on the Sport, EX-L, and Sport-L trims.

Honda Accord Sport

The Sport and Sport-L trims feature unique styling, with exterior touches like black side mirrors, a black spoiler, and black 19-inch wheels. If you’re looking for top-tier tech features, the Sport is the most affordable Accord trim that comes standard with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can connect your smartphone to the car’s interface without plugging in. The Sport also comes standard with a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen, which makes it easier to read text and see camera views, as well as Alexa built-in, which gives you access to a voice-controlled digital assistant.

Like the trims above it, the Accord Sport comes standard with the 204-hp hybrid powertrain. As with the Sport-L and Touring trims, it has a combined city/highway fuel economy rating of 44 MPG and a range of 563 miles. Models with the hybrid powertrain aren’t just more efficient and more powerful; they also have more selectable drive modes to help you customize your driving experience. All Accord models let you choose between a well-balanced Normal mode and a fuel-efficient ECON mode. Hybrid models also have Sport mode, which optimizes throttle response, and Individual mode, which lets you customize your settings to your liking.

A red 2023 Honda Accord Sport-L is shown driving on a highway.

Honda Accord EX-L

With the exception of the exclusive styling features like black exterior accents, 19-inch wheels, and a spoiler, all of the features that come standard on the Sport are included on the EX-L. On top of that, the EX-L trim also unlocks leather-trimmed seating instead of the cloth seats you’ll find in the LX, EX, and Sport. The interior also features a driver’s seat with memory settings, so you can regularly share your car with a partner or roommate without having to manually re-adjust the settings every time your keys exchange hands.

Front and rear parking sensors make it easier to park with confidence, even in tight parallel parking spots; you’ll hear an audible alert when you’re getting too close to another vehicle or a large object, so you can keep track of your position without having to look at the camera feed. The EX-L also has standard heated side mirrors, giving you great visibility even at freezing temperatures. When it comes to fuel economy, the EX-L Accord is the leader of the pack, with a combined city/highway rating of 48 MPG and a range of 614 miles.

Honda Accord Sport-L

The Sport-L has all of the styling features found on the Sport trim, plus an exclusive black rear diffuser and matte black wheels rather than machined face black wheels. There are a few features present on the EX-L that aren’t included on the Sport-L, like parking sensors and heated side mirrors. However, the Sport-L does come standard with leather-trimmed seats, a memory seat for the driver, and heated front seats, unlike the Sport trim.

Honda Accord Touring

The top-of-the-line Touring trim is decked out with plenty of interior features designed to enhance your driving experience. In addition to being heated, its front seats are also ventilated, giving you an extra way to stay cool during hot summer days. In addition to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Touring also comes standard with a wireless phone charger, so you can go completely cordless. And in addition to Alexa built-in, the Accord Touring also has Google built-in, which includes Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play and lets you control features like the climate control system via voice command.

The Touring trim’s acoustic laminated windshield glass and front door glass make the cabin nice and quiet. That makes it easier to enjoy the standard 12-speaker Bose premium sound system, which is sure to satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles. While that takes care of your audio needs, the Touring also has extra visuals in that it comes standard with a head-up display (HUD) that projects information like speed and navigation directions directly onto the lower windshield, so you can stay informed without taking your eyes off the road.

A black 2023 Honda Accord Sport-L is shown driving near a lake.

Our Overall Impression

The updates that Honda brought to the table for the Accord’s eleventh generation resonate across the lineup of trims. While higher-level trims get more of the new features, like the larger 12.3-inch touchscreen and Google built-in, the more affordable trims also get upgrades like the self-opening trunk and modernized body styling. Accord drivers at all budget levels are sure to appreciate the changes that have made the 2023 model stand above its predecessors.