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Will the 2017 Volvo S90 get Volvo Back in the Luxury Sedan Game?

The 2017 Volvo S90 for sale in NJ is Volvo’s successor to the 2016 S80 mid-size luxury sedan. As many of you Volvo fans probably know, the S80 was one of Volvo’s blander vehicles. A lot of attention so far has been dedicated to the wagons and SUVs in the Volvo arsenal, and the sedan has fallen behind slightly. Therefore, the 2017 S90 is Volvo’s chance to get back into the luxury sedan game, although it’s a daring move releasing a sedan that is similar to the previously less-successful model. But, it looks like a daring move that’s ultimately going to pay off. The 2017 S90 is an exceptional-looking vehicle, far more stylish than the S80, complete with a couple of great engine options. Furthermore, it easily boasts one of the best interiors in the luxury sedan class. It’s intuitive, modern, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomically designed with high-quality materials.

But, will it be enough to get Volvo back in the luxury sedan game?


Much more Stylish than the S80

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Unlike the previous sedan, the S90 has a sleek, coupe-like shape that complements its bold grille and LED headlights. The grille bevels inward, with the famous Volvo logo slapped directly in the center. The headlights wrap around towards the front fender in a sleek curve. Much like the XC90, the headlights have Thor’s hammer designed into them. This might not necessarily impress all consumers, but I personally enjoy the Norse culture infused into the design of the vehicle.

The hood is relatively simple, with a couple of valleys on either side to aid in the overall aerodynamics. That simplicity is also reflected on the sides, where they are beveled inward like the grille to help the car more effectively cut through the wind. The top of the S90 has a sunroof, and tapers off slowly to the trunk, which is also left relatively plain.

Is it a simple design? Yes, but the couple-like influence and stunning grille and headlights really make the design of the S90 pop. It’s certainly unique when compared to some of the other mid-priced luxury sedans out there.

Most importantly, it’s more unique and stylish than the 2016 S80, which is exactly the type of sedan Volvo needs to bounce back from.


Excellent Engine Choices

The 2017 Volvo S90 is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine which is available in two power grades: T5 and T6.

The engine in the T5 model is able to put out 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, which is pretty powerful for a base engine on a sedan. Of course, the turbocharging technology is the reason it’s able to get a decent amount of power. The T6 model kicks it up a notch, and the 2.0-liter engine is now both turbocharged and supercharged (twin-charged). This allows it to generate 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque.

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Regardless of trim level or engine option, the S90 comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. But there is a difference between the two models. The T5 model with the 250 hp engine is front-wheel drive, while the T6 model with the 316 hp engine is all-wheel drive. Obviously, the increase in horsepower and torque, coupled to all-wheel drive will make for a sedan that is able to handle the snow reasonably well. So if you live in a state that gets snow, the T6 model will be the way to go. If not, the 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque on the T5 will be more than enough for getting on the highway.

At this point in time, fuel economy estimates are still pending. However, we can expect decent returns simply because of this vehicle’s size coupled with the turbocharged engine.


Great Interior

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If I could only pick one thing about the S90 to talk about, it would have to be the interior. As soon as you see the inside of the S90, you know you’re in for a treat. Arguably, it could become the best interior from the class of 2017. While it’s still a little early to say that, it’s not an unreasonable prediction.

The interior of the S90 is elegant and minimalist. Compared to the S80, you’ll barely find any buttons in this car. Instead, Volvo engineers moved most of the functions to the infotainment system. Now you won’t feel overwhelmed by a plethora of buttons and switches. Instead, you can focus on how luxurious and comfortable the interior is.

Wooden inlays (birch on lower trims, walnut on higher trims), along with chrome and metal accents, run throughout the cabin from door to door and across the dashboard. Alone, the materials used to make the interior distinguish the S90 from the S80.

Not to mention, the seats are some of the best ones out there. They are wrapped in high-quality materials regardless of trim level, and the driver seat features ten power adjustments. Higher trims allow you to get heated and ventilated front seats, and even heated rear outboard seats. Furthermore, this mid-size sedan makes legroom a priority. With 36-inches in the backseats, there is enough room for children and adults even when two taller adults are seated in the front.

This will perhaps be the biggest selling point of the S90. Combine the stellar quality and layout with the fact that the S90 represents a drastic “180” compared to the S80, and it might be enough of a shake up for Volvo to conquer the luxury sedan segment. Go Thor! 


The Verdict? It Should Sell Well

Like I said before, the 2017 Volvo S90 is different enough from the S80 that it should sell and sell well. The stylish design, exceptional engines, and high-quality interior will see to that. Not to mention, it comes in at a reasonably priced $46,950 starting MSRP. That puts it right in line with other luxury mid-size sedan competitors, and the fact that it’s an all-new model should help it garner some attention, too.

Will it get Volvo back in the luxury sedan game? I’m confident it will.