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A grey 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown from the side off-roading in the woods after winning a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning vs 2022 Tesla Cybertruck comparison.

Why the Ford Lightning Is Loads Better Than the Tesla Cybertruck

The electric truck market is finally here. It’s now realistic to purchase an electric truck model without sacrificing power. These new models have long battery lives and more horsepower than you could imagine. There are a few of these new electric truck prospects on the market right now, but when it comes right down to it, we need to know about an important battle: the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning vs 2022 Tesla Cybertruck. Which one offers the better deal?

A Few Important Comparisons

Let’s start out with the most important overarching difference here – design. While both of these trucks fall within the same price range and offer electric power, their aesthetic is completely different. This is a huge deciding factor alone, as the Ford Lightning looks like a modern, typical truck model, whereas the Tesla Cybertruck looks like something that you’d see cruising around in a Sci-Fi movie. While some people are into this futuristic look, many of us just want an electric version of the classic truck design. In fact, the Cybertruck doesn’t necessarily even look like a truck to begin with, as it has a very sharp car-like design.

When you purchase a truck, you don’t pay all that money just to look cool. The main reason to purchase a truck is for its power level, and more specifically, for its towing and hauling capabilities. The main catch is that the Lightning can tow up to 7,700 pounds at its standard range while the Cybertruck maxes out at 7,500 pounds with the single motor. Another important difference is that while both trucks are tow-capable, the Ford Lightning includes several towing tech features that make it stand out.

Now that we’ve got the most important specs out of the way, let’s take a look at all the Ford Lightning’s confirmed features that make it stand apart from the 2022 Cybertruck.

More Than Just Towing Power

When you research the 2022 Ford Lightning, you’ll see that the term “power” is very common. Not only does this truck offer strength to get the job done, but it also offers electricity. This is something that Ford trucks have been known for in this past as well. For example, the F-150 already acts as a powerhouse thanks to the Pro Power Onboard feature that has recently been available on gas and hybrid engines. The new Lightning model carries this portable power tradition with the Mega Power Frunk.

Yes, that’s right, we said “frunk,” not “trunk.” Thanks to its battery-powered engine, all that extra under-the-hood stuff isn’t necessary. So, in addition to the Lightning’s truck bed, you also get a giant cargo “frunk” where the truck’s hood is located. But it’s not just about storage. In the Mega Power Frunk, you can use up to 2.4KW of power. Just like previous F-150 models, you can power your tools, charge your devices, and even bring a microwave along for the camping trim. This is a feature that is unique to the 2022 Ford Lightning thus far. For all things power-related and eco-friendly, the Lightning easily beats out the Tesla Cybertruck.

A grey 2022 Tesla Cybertruck is shown from the side parked in an air-hanger.

Cargo, Space, and Hauling Capability

Since we’ve already brought out that Mega Frunk, let’s talk about what else it can do here. First off, the frunk adds on 14.1 cubic feet of extra space. Second, it’s also haul-capable, with the capacity to haul 400 pounds in addition to the truck’s bed hauling capability, which maxes out at 2,000 pounds. Space-wise, the Lightning’s bed cargo holds up to 52.8 cubic feet.

The Lightning’s power capability is also present in the rear cargo space. So, you can plug up your tools here and utilize the truck’s Tailgate Work Surface feature. This includes rulers, a small item storage space, tailgate tie-downs, and much more. This model’s Enhanced Zone Lightning feature makes this workspace even easier to use. At nighttime, drivers can turn on 360 lightning to light up the whole area and efficiently illuminate the Tailgate Work Surface.

These are features that the Tesla Cybertruck cannot compete with. While the Cybertruck does include a lightbar, it pales in comparison to 360 lightning. Plus, its tailgate and cargo bed area only include charging outlets rather than actual power outlets for powering large devices. It also doesn’t include a workbench tailgate.

Towing Technologies

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Lightning’s multiple tow technologies. There are five different tech features to look at here. The first one is the Pro Trailer Hitch Assist feature. Using automatic throttle and steering, the Lightning automatically hooks up your trailer for you, and you don’t have to worry about the AI messing things up for you, either. Before officially lowering the coupler, drivers receive a permission notification. Once the driver agrees that the coupler and ball hitch are in line, Pro Trailer Hitch Assist finishes the line-up process by lowering the coupler onto the hitch.

The second feature is the Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature, which works well with Pro Trailer Hitch Assist. Once you’re hooked up, this feature lets you steer your trailer in the direction you want by simply turning a knob. This is a great feature for rookie trailer drivers and for complex backup situations. The trailer doesn’t always want to go the way you want it to when you’re using the steering wheel, so this feature eliminates that problem.

For those moments when you’re backing up on your own, tap into the Trailer Reverse Guidance feature. Rather than having to depend on those around you to keep your truck and trailer from bumping into other objects, this surround-mirror feature makes it easy to see everything around you. It also includes hitch line guides to help keep you in line.

Next up is Ford Lightning’s Onboard Scales technology. This helps keep drivers from overloading their truck. While it’s typically easy to guesstimate your load, this is a great way to double-check and to also plan ahead. For example, if you’re hauling a tractor but on your way to the destination, you need to pick up a mower attachment, you can punch that into the system to get an estimated weight range before you even arrive. By using this feature to efficiently plan ahead, you can better estimate loads and save loads of time, no pun intended. Smart Hitch works with this feature to ensure that your weight distribution is appropriate as well. It will not only tell you whether or not the weight is equally distributed, but it will also help you fix the issue if you’re off balance.

As far as we know, the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck doesn’t include any of these technologies. When you purchase a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning model, you can stay confident in knowing that the best towing technologies are available to you.

A red 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown from the front driving on an open road.

Is There Any Reason to Buy the Cybertruck Over the Lightning?

The short answer here is no. The Cybertruck’s perks are unique, but they’re not realistic for the everyday driver. For example, part of what makes this truck stand out from the competition is that its exterior is slightly bulletproof (supposedly at least). If someone were to hit the Cybertruck with small bullets, they’d bounce off. However, while its windows are tough, they’re not bulletproof, and the Cybertruck isn’t proven to ward off larger bullets. So, for all intents and purposes, this truck really isn’t “bulletproof.”

Another major selling point for the Cybertruck lies in its design. It offers a transparent roof which brings a whole new meaning to the term “sunroof.” Again, this truck is designed with Science Fiction lovers in mind. The average everyday driver does not benefit from a model like this. However, the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning caters to the average truck driving crowd perfectly well. If you’re ready for an eco-friendlier powerhouse, check out the new Ford Lightning and set the Cybertruck aside.