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A white 2022 Chevy Tahoe Premier is shown driving on an open road.

Why the 2022 Chevy Tahoe Is Better Than the 2022 Toyota Sequoia

When comparing two similar models, you’ll often find that there are pros and cons to each model. While one vehicle may offer more perks than the other, you’re likely to see close similarities due to competition. However, the 2022 Chevy Tahoe vs 2022 Toyota Sequoia is a unique comparison. There are 3 main things you’ll want to look for in a full-size SUV, and they are space, tow capacity, and good fuel economy. While the Tahoe and Sequoia share similar price ranges, it is the Tahoe’s features that make it stand out against its competitor.

Let’s Talk Towing Capacity and Fuel Economy

Several aspects here make the new Chevy Tahoe more capable than the Sequoia. First off, there are three different engine options on the Tahoe, but only one on the Sequoia. Even then, the Tahoe’s weakest gasoline engine is more powerful than the Sequoia’s—offering a higher tow capacity and payload capacity. Sure, the Sequoia does have more horsepower and torque than the Tahoe’s smallest 5.3-liter Ecotec3 V8, but that doesn’t mean much given that the Sequoia sucks more fuel and tows less weight than the Tahoe does.

There’s also room for both diesel and gasoline drivers with the Tahoe. Technically speaking, the Tahoe’s diesel engine will tow less than its V8 option. That still doesn’t matter much since the diesel engine tows 8,200 pounds, which is 800 pounds more than the Sequoia’s 7,400-pound max tow rating. The best part about this is that that diesel engine will get you as much as 28 MPG on the highway with a 24 MPG combined average rating. Conversely, the Sequoia maxes out at a weak 17 MPG on the highway and 15 MPG combined rating.

This carries over into other engine options as well. When you purchase the new Tahoe, you can tow up to 8,300 to 8,400 pounds with both V8 engine options while still maintaining a steady 20 MPG on the highway and 16 MPG combined fuel economy rating while using 4WD. No matter which way you spin it, the Tahoe is more powerful while remaining more affordable, which is an undeniably important perk.

A grey 2022 Toyota Sequoia is shown towing an airstream during a 2022 Chevy Tahoe vs 2022 Toyota Sequoia competition.

What Is an SUV Payload?

We hear a lot about payload capacity when it comes to truck driving. This is the amount you can haul in your truck bed, in addition to how much you can tow via hitch. But your SUV payload includes everything that’s in your cab. Essentially, it’s whatever you haul inside in addition to the SUV’s curb weight. This includes both passengers and cargo. It also includes anything you’re hauling overhead, such as luggage, kayaks, bicycles, and the likes.

The Tahoe definitely comes out ahead in the payload category as well. You’re going to be able to haul more in the Tahoe because your payload capacities are much better than they are on the Sequoia. This is true no matter what Tahoe engine option you choose. The Tahoe’s minimum max payload capacity is 1,671 pounds with the 6.2-liter V8 engine. The max you can haul with the Tahoe is 1,834 pounds. By comparison, the Sequoia’s payload maxes out at only 1,405 pounds. Not only can the Tahoe tow and haul more, but it is also much more fuel-efficient than the Sequoia is, making it the winner when it comes to performance.

The Chevy Tahoe’s Advanced Trailering System

Back in the day, technology didn’t factor into towing very much. Today, however, significant advancements in this feature have made towing both more efficient and safer. Chevy is on top of the game here with the Advanced Trailering System. This technology comes in the form of an app on the infotainment system, so it’s easy to view and control. It includes trailer profiles, several camera views, and even trailer tire pressure monitoring. You can use trailer profiles to keep your trailer specs separate. This keeps you from having to reset specs every time you hook up a new trailer (like a fishing trailer versus a small horse trailer, for example).

A Pre-Departure Checklist is also standard with the Advanced Trailering System (ATS) feature. This reminds you to check your tire pressure, hook up your trailer brakes, and much more. An available camera makes it easier to hook and unhook your trailer while also making the commute itself much easier. Both the Hitch View and Transparent Trailer View complement the ATS system, making towing simple and safe.

While the 2022 Toyota Sequoia also offers trailering capabilities, it does not include towing technology features at all. You can certainly tow with either model, but when you find yourself towing alone, the Tahoe’s camera views are handy to have. Furthermore, the Advanced Trailering System acts as an additional safety feature when you’re towing. Thanks to the Invisible Trailer camera view, you can see what’s surrounding your trailer with a simple glance at the infotainment screen.

A white 2022 Chevy Tahoe Z71 is shown from the rear while parked on a hiking trail.

How About Off-Roading Power?

It’s not all about towing. When you’re looking for a full-size SUV, you probably want something off-road capable. Or, at best, you want something that can handle adverse road conditions due to harsher weather conditions. When it comes to this, both the Tahoe and the Sequoia offer an off-road-specific trim that can get you where you need to go—the Tahoe Z71 and the Sequoia TRD Pro.

Truthfully, both of these models do a great job handling off-roading conditions. They both include off-road suspension, tow hooks, off-road tires, and the likes. The main differences between the two trims revolve around technology. The Sequoia is essentially your typical, classic off-roading SUV. It can tackle the mud and ruts, but it’s going to take old-fashioned grit and smarts to keep you trailing.

The Tahoe, on the other hand, includes a higher-quality interior, more technology, and those handy camera views that make trailing much simpler. While underbody skid plates do come in handy, it’s much easier to avoid large logs and rocks altogether when you’re covered from every angle. It’s also important to note that the overall stats remain the same between the Z71 and the TRD Pro. You’re still getting more engine options, higher tow capacity, and better fuel economy with the Tahoe Z71 than you’ll get with the Sequoia TRD Pro.

The 2022 Chevy Tahoe Is the Best All-Around Deal

There’s not much we can say for the 2022 Toyota Sequoia when it’s compared to the new Tahoe. It’s actually more expensive than the Tahoe, yet it has worse fuel economy ratings and lower max tow and haul capacities. Plus, it’s not as tech-savvy, and it has fewer available luxury upgrades. When we look at the Sequoia, we see it as a capable model. The problem is that it has a modern price tag, yet its features are dated.

You could save money by purchasing a used SUV and gain the same perks you’ll get with a new Sequoia, minus the mileage or potential wear and tear that may come with a used model. But, since you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’re better off checking out the 2022 Chevy Tahoe. This way, you’re getting your money’s worth. The 2022 Chevy Tahoe can tow and haul more while maintaining reasonable fuel economy, a feature that all SUV drivers are looking for. When you factor all these features, the Tahoe clearly stands out among its SUV competitors.