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A red 2022 GMC Terrain SLT is shown driving during a 2022 GMC Terrain vs 2022 Honda CR-V competition.

2022 GMC Terrain vs 2022 Honda CR-V: Which SUV Should You Choose for Your Family?

Car seats, crumbs on the floor, “Are we there yet?” comments, and toys covering every square inch of the vehicle—these are key indicators that you’re traveling with youngsters. If this is the case, then you’re going to need a vehicle that can accommodate the unique needs of the modern family. Many families tend to steer clear of the famously uncool minivan, opting instead for SUVs, so if a compact SUV is on your mind, you’ll want to take a look at two popular options on the road today. The GMC Terrain and the Honda CR-V are family favorites, armed with spacious cabins and plenty of family-oriented features to maximize your time behind the wheel with your kiddos in tow. When comparing the 2022 GMC Terrain vs the 2022 Honda CR-V, you’ll find that one family hauler is much more equipped to handle your family than the other.

Configurable Cabin Space

Space. It may seem as though this is a hot commodity in family transporters, especially when the kids get bigger—and thus require even room for things like sports equipment, science projects, and other cumbersome objects. Rest assured that the 2022 Terrain can tackle it like a pro, with a roomy cabin that’s perfectly designed for the average family. Not only does the Terrain emit luxury-style vibes throughout with upscale appointments, setting itself apart from most of its competition, but it’s also a winner when it comes to flexibility.

The ability to configure the seats in a multitude of ways allows you to handle more—during your everyday errands and beyond. From a 60/40 split-folding configuration to a fold-flat design, accommodating more groceries and gear is absolutely effortless inside the Terrain. Able to handle cargo up to eight feet long, the Terrain showcases its abilities as the ultimate family hauler—whether you’re on the way to baseball practice or a camping adventure. Pair this outstanding space and configurable options with some of the most luxurious interior features in its class, and you’ve got one comfortable family vehicle that’s ready for anything.

The CR-V is also a spacious hauler that offers ample cargo space, as well as enough room for young travelers to get comfortable inside. Flexible seating is included; however, the CR-V is lacking one major component when directly compared to the Terrain: high-end style. Although you’re able to enjoy a more sophisticated design in some of its more expensive trims, base trims are very…well, basic! The Terrain tramples most of its rivals when it comes to its cozy ambiance inside—a must for parents enduring long days of answering dinosaur questions and cleaning up sippy-cup mishaps.

A close up of the steering wheel is shown in a 2022 GMC Terrain AT4.

Stellar Safety

It’s a priority for parents to keep their children safe, no matter what, and this is especially crucial when traveling. The vehicle you choose for your family needs to be able to offer unparalleled safety features, so you have the assurance you need that you’re protected on the road. This is where the 2022 Terrain really impresses, due to the lineup of safety and assistance tech that can be found in this phenomenal model. The Terrain is equipped with the GMC Pro Safety suite of advanced safety features, which includes six features (nine in the Denali models) to help you stay as safe as possible in any situation.

In addition to lane change alerts and automated emergency braking, as well as a slew of other standard features, the Terrain can also be equipped with Rear Cross Traffic Alert. This feature reduces the risk of colliding with obstacles behind you when backing up. Its Rear Park Assist feature is also there to help you park confidently, even in tight city parking spaces, while High-Definition Surround Vision provides you with clear views from all angles, offering unmatched security and focus during your travels. When you want to ensure that everyone on board is safe, the Terrain won’t disappoint with its wonderful array of features—designed with your family in mind.

The 2022 CR-V is also equipped with its fair share of safety features through the Honda Sensing program. Popular features, like Collision Mitigation, Road Departure Warnings, and Lane Keeping Assist can be found, as well as available add-ons to enhance the quality of your ride. Although it does offer a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera in top trims, the CR-V is lacking the 360-degree camera found in the Terrain, which can be a disappointment to some. Being able to harness cutting-edge camera systems, as well as some of the most advanced safety features, makes the Terrain a more trusted traveler for families everywhere.

Family-Friendly Features

Traveling with your family requires a few more features to make the ride more comfortable for all on board. For yourself, enjoy a calm and refined atmosphere. For them, there’s enough space to kick back and have fun during the ride. The 2022 GMC Terrain hears these requests and answers them with an abundance of features, specifically tailored to today’s modern family. One of the best features that can be found across all trims is the hands-free programmable power liftgate. This makes loading and unloading your vehicle easy, even when your hands are full carrying all of the gadgets and gizmos that your kids are bringing with them for the ride.

With Alexa Built-In available, adding items to your grocery list or placing a play date on your schedule is easy—all without having to take your eyes off the road. For your youngsters who need to be entertained 24/7, being able to power up their tablets and other devices is simple inside the Terrain. With wireless charging capabilities and a WiFi Hotspot for when streaming is a necessity, young passengers will have all they need to enjoy the ride. Opt for a rear-seat entertainment system to keep your rambunctious travelers even more engaged—and you more focused on the journey ahead.

It’s difficult to compare to a GMC model, especially when it comes to features to enhance your journey. The CR-V does a good job of handling the family, with its hands-free power tailgate and innovative tech for all on board to enjoy. It fails to offer an easy-to-use infotainment experience, though, which can be frustrating for parents who just want to be able to access their connectivity features without hassle. The CR-V’s less responsive and confusing system interface tends to be difficult for drivers to utilize.

A grey 2022 Honda CR-V Touring is shown in a city rooftop parking lot.

The Ultimate Family Traveler

Like we said before, it’s difficult to compete with a GMC, and when it comes to the Terrain, it far surpasses many others in its class—including the CR-V, especially when families are concerned. From its ultra-comfortable interior to its kid-friendly features, designed to keep young travelers occupied, the Terrain thinks of everything. Combine this with all of the configurable space you can fill, and it’s a recipe for success for parents everywhere.

The CR-V falls short in a few key areas, comfort being one of them. Although its interior cabin space is roomy, it’s just not as elegant as the Terrain, which has the tendency to make an impact on your overall driving experience. It also doesn’t include as many camera angles to help keep you safer on the road. Plus, its infotainment system is difficult to use, which may cause more stress when you’re trying to keep the kids occupied. In the end, the Terrain proves that it’s the go-to family hauler, designed with enough space and practical features to appeal to today’s busy families.