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A red 2022 Chevy Equinox is shown from the front driving on an open road during a 2022 Chevy Equinox vs 2022 Honda CR-V comparison.

Why Choose the Chevy Equinox Over the Honda CR-V for Your Next Family Vehicle?

Carting the kids around means something different for every family. For some, it means squeezing science projects and baseball gear into the backseat while trying to be on time for school. For others, it means securely fitting in a car seat, diaper bags, and other necessities for the brand-new addition to your family. Despite the differences, however, there are many similarities that families can all agree on, and when it comes to your family vehicle, there are two models that top many lists: the Chevy Equinox and the Honda CR-V.

They’re both favorably sized, include a host of safety and driver assistance features, and deliver the ride that parents require when hauling the kiddos everywhere they need to go, so which one should you pick? There’s a reason why the Chevy Equinox is the brand’s best-selling SUV; however, Honda’s CR-V is one of the oldest, most popular compact models on the market. When you compare the 2022 Chevy Equinox vs 2022 Honda CR-V, we’ll tell you, first-hand, that the Equinox will offer more to your travels, and here’s why.

Kid-Friendly Cabin

You want all on board to be secure and comfortable because even that short drive to school can seem like an eternity when your passengers don’t have the room that they need. That’s where the Chevy Equinox shines, especially with its rear seat, offering plenty of space for your family to sit back and relax on any journey. In addition to plentiful legroom, the 2022 Equinox also features folding 60/40 split-bench seats, hidden under-floor cargo storage, and 63.9 cu.ft. of space to handle sports gear, school necessities, groceries, and whatever else traveling alongside you for the day.

It’s not all about the roominess, though, as you’ll find that the Equinox includes some of the most coveted infotainment features in the industry to help keep your rambunctious passengers entertained during the ride. From standard smartphone integration and Bluetooth capabilities to standard 4G LTE WiFi and USB connectivity, the kids will love being able to stay connected to their devices during their travels.

The CR-V can’t quite compete when it comes to infotainment, as its base models only offer a 5-inch radio screen. This means that the kids will need to occupy themselves without any custom playlists from your phone, which can get a bit stressful during the ride. The infotainment system that resides in upper-level trims isn’t much better, though, as drivers report sluggish response times and difficulty of use. The CR-V does have a nice, roomy cabin space, though, which almost makes up for what it’s lacking technology-wise. Anyone with kids knows that tech plays a big role in their lives, and if you want to make your travels abundantly easier, choosing an SUV with a connected cabin is highly recommended.

A maroon 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid Touring is shown from the side overlooking a city.

Spectacular Safety Features

New parents, especially, are nervous about venturing out with their precious cargo. You can’t always predict what will happen on the road, and now, you’re traveling with your new baby. If you want ultimate peace of mind during your journey, the 2022 Chevy Equinox offers some of the most innovative safety and driver assistance tech standard, making it a trusted family traveler. With Chevy Safety Assist, you’ll be able to enjoy features like Lane Keep Assist to keep you securely in your lane, alerting you when you’ve crossed the line, and Front Pedestrian Braking to help prevent making contact with obstacles in front of you. This is especially helpful when the kids get older, and you’re distracted by all of the chit-chat from the backseat. In addition to all of the helpful safety tech, the Equinox also features a standard Rear Vision Camera, plus available HD Surround Vision to provide clear views around your vehicle.

Although the CR-V keeps up with the Equinox with its standard suite of safety features, its driver-assist options are another story. The best the CR-V can do, in terms of camera views, is a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, and if you’re looking for a surround-view camera, you won’t find it here. That’s disappointing to many drivers who prioritize safety, especially when the road ahead can be packed with uncertainty, with drivers not paying attention and your own distractions making it difficult to concentrate. When you’re looking for the right family car, you want a model that showcases helpful tech to keep you and all on board as safe as possible.

All-Wheel Drive Capabilities

Safety systems play a key role in your journey, and when you pair that with all-wheel drive capabilities, you can expect even more confidence on the road. Navigating through bad weather or bumpy road conditions calls for a vehicle that can handle it, especially when you’re traveling with your family. The 2022 Equinox showcases available all-wheel drive abilities that come to the rescue when the road gets a bit difficult to handle. Switching to front-wheel drive when the road conditions are favorable allows you to take advantage of maximum efficiency, and switching to all-wheel drive when the roads are slippery or uneven allows you to enjoy better traction and stability. Harnessing these capabilities provides you with the assurance you’re looking for, helping you to take on any type of drive with a level of confidence that can’t be beat.

The 2022 Honda CR-V also offers all-wheel drive capabilities, much like those found in the Equinox. Although the systems are very similar, the initial ride quality of the CR-V lacks refinement, so when the weather gets bad, or the road conditions worsen, you may be in for an uncomfortable ride. Its noisy engine takes away from enjoying the trip, and its lack of athleticism makes it more difficult to maneuver on the road. Being able to choose all-wheel drive for your vehicle is a big advantage, but pay attention to the quality of the ride as well. After all, the last thing you want is for you and your passengers to be stuck with an uncomfortable ride and unfavorable road conditions, all lumped into one.

A blue 2022 Chevy Equinox is shown from the side parked in a field during a 2022 Chevy Equinox vs 2022 Honda CR-V comparison.

Value-Conscious Price Tag

Many families have to shift priorities when kids come into the picture. Parents may spend less on themselves and focus more on purchasing toys, clothes, and other necessities for their children, which means staying within budget is mandatory. Although this will differ from family to family, it’s clear that drivers love a good deal on their vehicles, making the Equinox one of the best value options in the industry. From all the standard tech features you get to enjoy to a standard safety suite, plus a comfortable cabin space, it’s no wonder why more families are gravitating toward the Equinox. You get more for your money with this Chevy best-seller, which makes it an affordable solution to your family’s everyday travel requirements.

The Honda CR-V isn’t on the pricy end of the spectrum, but its base models still come in higher than the Equinox. If you paid careful attention to what we mentioned earlier, you’ll realize that means the CR-V isn’t very good value since base models don’t include most of the modern tech found in the Equinox. When you’re looking to stay within budget, the Equinox will showcase an arsenal of features designed for families without the hefty price tag, which allows it to continue on as one of the most value-conscious SUVs in the industry.

Family Travels in the Equinox

As you can clearly see, the Equinox beats out the CR-V in many ways. From its carefully curated cabin space, designed to keep energetic passengers comfortable and entertained, to its suite of advanced safety features to keep you safe, the Equinox has it all. It doesn’t hurt that it’s extremely affordable, and with all you get to enjoy inside, it’s an obvious choice for families everywhere. You have a lot going on during your day, and from school functions to dance classes, orthodontist appointments to soccer games, you need a vehicle that can handle your hectic schedule. That’s where the Equinox comes in to add incredible value to your travels, wherever they happen to take you and your family next.