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A silver 2022 Ford EcoSport is shown from a high angle on a city street.

Experience Driving at It’s Best in Ford’s Smallest SUV

On your search for your next SUV, keep in mind, great things can come in small packages. Bigger does not necessarily mean better, especially when you’re looking for a model that’s just the right size for you and a few passengers without sacrificing fuel efficiency or capabilities. When it comes to finding yourself a small SUV that’s capable and efficient but is also affordable and reliable, you’re in luck because Ford offers a small SUV that meets all of those requirements. The Ford EcoSport is a subcompact SUV designed to maneuver easily through the city streets, save you money at the pump, and tow more weight than its competitors. Unfortunately for the EcoSport, its loyal drivers, and even you, its 2022 model will be the last of its kind, which means you may want to head on down to your used Ford dealer and test drive one while you still can.

Small Yet Satisfying

At first sight, the EcoSport may appear small, as it should, being a subcompact SUV, but don’t let its looks deceive you. The current generation EcoSport, which was refreshed in 2018, is perfectly sized for a commuter passenger vehicle. Although it may be short in length, it offers spacious seating for a total of five total passengers. With 91.1 cubic feet of passenger volume, you and whoever sits in the front seat with you will have up to 42.9 inches of legroom to stretch your legs in on long trips. Those sitting in the backseat receive a little less space to sprawl out in with only 36.7 inches of legroom, but there’s just enough room for everyone to ride comfortably without any complaints.

From the outside, it may not seem as though there’s much room for cargo storage either, but you’d be surprised. Even with the back seats occupied, there’s plenty of space for all of your essentials needed for your daily commutes, with 20.9 cubic feet of storage volume behind the second-row seats. If you’re traveling alone and need extra cargo room for groceries or camping gear for your weekend getaway, the flip-up and split-fold-flat second-row seats give you up to 50 cubic feet of volume. Although the EcoSport doesn’t provide the most cargo room in its class, it certainly doesn’t offer the worst either, especially when you look at what else the EcoSport has to offer.

A red 2021 Ford EcoSport is shown driving on a forest road.

Satisfy Your Senses With Features Designed to Please

Whether you spend most of your time on the road venturing through the city’s streets or driving in the fast lane on the highway, you want every moment inside your vehicle to be enjoyable for all of those aboard. Although the amount of room you and your passengers have to yourselves plays a key role in your comfort level on the road, there’s a lot more required than just that, which is why Ford designed the EcoSport with its passengers in mind. From comfortable and stylish seating to ambient lighting and a sound system to satisfy your musical needs wherever the road takes you, the EcoSport has it all.

On more recent model years, you have four trim levels for you to choose from to help you find what satisfies your need for comfort. Although the EcoSport Titanium models come standard with many of the amenities that can be found on the top trim level, for the most premium driving experience in Ford’s smallest SUV, you’ll want to choose the top EcoSport SES model. It comes standard with sporty, comfortable, and stain-resistant leather ActiveX seats with cloth inserts. The SES model also comes standard with heated front seats and a leather-wrapped heated steering wheel to keep you warm in the colder months when the climate control just doesn’t seem to cut it. However, on summer nights when you want to let in the cool summer breeze, you get the luxury of letting in some additional fresh air with the power moonroof.

What about technology? To some, tech features are a necessity when it comes to their level of comfort. Whether it’s for entertainment or just the peace of mind they get knowing that no matter how far from civilization they are on the road, they are still connected to the world. If technology is a requirement for you, the latest versions of the Ford EcoSport are equipped with just the right amount of technology.

Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility make it easy and safe for you to accept calls and make them while you’re out on the road. The voice-activated navigation, displayed on a 4.2 or 8-inch touchscreen, allows you to stay on the path to your desired destination when you’re in unfamiliar territory. Plus, with the onboard WiFi hotspot, you can connect up to 10 devices making it possible for you to continue streaming your favorite music through the premium 7-speaker audio system or the 10-speaker B&O Sound System and stay connected to your closest contacts even when you lose cell service. Better yet, what better way to set the mood for your drive at night than to light it up with the ambient lighting to relax you and put you into a state of ease and comfort.

A silver 2020 Ford EcoSport is shown from the rear after leaving a used Ford dealer.

Fun-Size With a Purpose

Alongside a comfortable ride, an SUV should be able to offer you a versatile performance wherever you need to go, and the Ford EcoSport does just that. Depending on the model year you choose, you may get a choice on engine size, with many early options coming with either a 1.0L EcoBoost Turbo I-4 or 2.0L I-4. However, for 2022 models, the EcoSport is available with only the 2.0L I-4 engine that offers an impressive 2,000-pound towing capability but gets slightly less fuel economy than the 1.0L EcoBoost Turbo I-4 engine available in previous model years.

If fuel economy is your main area of concern, you’ll want to find a model with one of the smaller engines, as they average 27 MPG in the city and 29 MPG on the highway. However, you can still save plenty of money in fuel costs with the larger engine that has an estimated 23 MPG city and 29 MPG highway.

On top of being able to drive many miles non-stop on your next road trip with the fuel efficiency of the EcoSport, you can drive confidently knowing your SUV can handle any road condition with all-wheel drive. Older EcoSport models were standard with front-wheel drive but were available with all-wheel drive, while the 2022 models are only available with all-wheel drive. Depending on your preference and if you are looking to buy a new or used EcoSport, you’ll have to pay close attention to the drivetrain on the models you are interested in to ensure you get the performance you’re looking for. However, no matter which model year, engine option, or drivetrain you choose, the EcoSport is an affordable, fun-size SUV designed to get you where you need to go in style, efficiently, and comfortably while still being able to out-tow its competitors.

Are You Interested? Now’s Your Chance.

Finding a small SUV that can provide you with the comfort level and performance that you desire can be tough. Many small SUVs come up short in amenities or their all-around performance. The Ford EcoSport, on the other hand, can provide you with everything you are looking for with a small SUV. From easy maneuverability to spacious seating, fuel efficiency, towing capabilities, and even features designed to please, the subcompact EcoSport has it all.