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A popular used Subaru for sale, a brown 2022 Subaru Outback Touring, is shown driving on a road.

Why Buy a Used Subaru SUV?

In today’s day and age, SUVs are dominating the streets, especially when you want to take advantage of space and capabilities that sedans simply don’t offer. You may wonder about Subaru, especially with all of the commercials highlighting the brand’s various accolades in the industry. From five-star safety ratings to extremely high brand loyalty, it seems as though once you own a Subaru, you’ll never want to own another type of vehicle ever again.

What about that used Subaru SUV for sale near you? Does the same ring true for used Subarus? If so, which SUVs are among the brand’s top picks? When it comes to Subaru, you can expect to get a lot more than you bargained for, especially when safety, reliability, and versatility are among your top expectations.

A light blue 2022 Subaru Forester Touring is shown driving near a lake.

Exemplary Features

Subaru is known for its stellar safety record. With advanced safety suites available, its vehicles earn top nods from the IIHS and others. With more IIHS Top Safety Pick+ awards than any other brand in the industry since 2013, Subaru and their slew of vehicles is known to offer one of the safest rides in the business. You’ll find that their more recent models showcase some of the most advanced features through standard EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, which provides access to a host of features designed with top safety in mind. From lane departure warnings to pre-collision alerts, you’re covered from all angles inside a Subaru. With a rigid chassis and durable construction, Subaru SUVs also perform better than many rivals. Combining this with an exceptional safety suite, the chances of accidents occurring are drastically reduced when traveling in a Subaru.

Another aspect that sets Subaru SUVs apart from the rest is that its recent models showcase standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive capabilities, providing maximum control in any environment. Whether it’s a rough trail or a slippery roadway, Subaru models are ready and able to navigate this with impeccable precision. This state-of-the-art system sends power to all four wheels simultaneously, rather than defaulting to front-wheel drive and only sending power to the rear when the front wheels slip. This means that you’re enjoying optimal control at all times. There’s no delay in transferring power from front to rear because it’s already there. The fact that you’ll find these features on any Subaru SUV you happen to choose makes it easy to shop used, especially when you’re looking to save money on your purchase while enjoying top-of-the-line features.

Top Resale Values and Driver Satisfaction

Subaru owners sure love their vehicles. In fact, 97% of Subarus sold within the last ten years are still on the road, confidently whisking drivers everywhere they need to go. Occupying the top spots when it comes to satisfaction, dependability, and product quality, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Subaru offers it all to its loyal following in ways that other automakers can’t. Many of its SUVs have also earned Best Resale Value awards from Kelley Blue Book, which means that these vehicles are among the best in the industry at holding their value.

Experian has awarded Subaru the Built to Last award, which further amplifies the brand’s appeal with drivers. Plus, when it comes to the lowest ownership costs, Subaru ranks high, according to IntelliChoice, making this brand one of the most popular in the industry. Many shoppers are concerned about the quality of used vehicles, but when you have a Subaru in mind, rest assured that you’re enjoying only the best models available on the road today.

A black 2022 Subaru Accent Onyx is shown driving on a city street.

Best Subaru SUVs to Buy Used

Which Subaru SUVs are ideal when you’re looking to buy used? It depends on your unique driving needs, as well as your budget, but remember you’re able to get more for your money when you buy used. This allows you to take advantage of features, capabilities, and models that better suit you, all for a price that fits perfectly within your budget. Here are the top options in the used Subaru SUV lineup:

Subaru Outback

The Outback is the ideal SUV for drivers who are searching for a spacious, yet easy to drive vehicle. This midsize SUV showcases a rugged appearance that’s ready for anything, with high ground clearance, an impressive cargo hold, and extreme practicality radiating throughout its comfortable cabin. We suggest checking out models from 2022 if you want to enjoy an off-road experience like no other, as this is the year that the Wilderness model debuted in the Outback’s lineup. From an off-road tuned suspension system to higher ground clearance and all-terrain tires, traversing any type of terrain is more thrilling in the Outback Wilderness model.

Subaru Forester

For those searching for a smaller option, the compact Forester may be ideal for you. This crossover offers a roomy cabin, plus a smooth and capable ride. The fact that it includes standard AWD features places it apart from many SUVs in its segment, since this feature is mainly offered as optional equipment in compact crossovers. If you want to take advantage of one of its newer designs, we recommend taking a closer look at models from 2019. These feature a more spacious interior and a more modern design. Its practical cabin can be accentuated with leather upholstery, chrome elements, and more premium materials as you make your way up the trim levels, creating the ideal atmosphere for any type of ride.

Subaru Ascent

Making its debut for the 2019 model year, the family-friendly Ascent makes schlepping the kiddos everywhere they need to go easier and more convenient. This three-row SUV has enough space for your kids, their pals, and some extra gear, without encroaching on everyone’s comfort on board. It also offers an incredibly smooth and refined ride, despite being on the larger side, allowing drivers to travel with immense confidence. If you’re looking to buy used, we like models from its debut year of 2017, especially if you want to enjoy advanced tech and safety features, a turbocharged engine for immaculate performance, and a stylish and well-crafted design.

Subaru Crosstrek

For city dwellers and everyday commuters, you need a vehicle that is built to handle the unique challenges that await you on your daily drive. Fortunately, the subcompact Crosstrek is there to save the day, offering a small yet nimble design that effortlessly floats through traffic with agility. In addition to its easy handling, the Crosstrek showcases an athletic experience behind the wheel. When you choose a model from 2021, you get to enjoy more modern design elements. From refreshed bumpers and a stylish front grille to an arsenal of enhanced performance features, 2021 Crosstreks allow you to get more for your money, while also adding invaluable enjoyment to your everyday commute.

A blue 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness is shown parked off-road.

Finding the Ultimate Used Subaru SUV for Sale

When you want to ensure that you’re enjoying one of the best rides in the industry, complete with superior safety features, standard all-wheel drive, and impeccable resale values, Subaru is the brand to trust. The biggest advantage of this brand is the fact that there is an SUV in the lineup designed for every type of driver. From commuters to families, adventurers and others, Subaru has a vehicle that will make your time on and off the road utterly spectacular. You won’t get this type of experience with any other vehicle in the industry, which is why you see so many Subarus on the road, expertly zipping through traffic, navigating challenging terrain, and delivering a safe experience to drivers all across the nation.