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A green 2024 Subaru Crosstrek is shown driving up a dirt road.

The New-Generation Subaru Crosstrek Is Worth Your Time

If you’re in the market for an SUV right now, evaluating all of the options available to you, then you likely fall into one of two camps. You might be the type of buyer who loves this; you’re looking at reviews, comparing specs, and pulling up images so you can directly contrast interiors and exteriors of different makes and models. You chat with your friends about what they have, wondering how you can outdo them. It’s just as possible you’re in the other camp, though; you put your head in your hands as you see all the options out there and you’re flabbergasted. How can you possibly decide? How much of a difference is there really between two different SUVs? And if the price is higher on one, does that mean its safety features are better, or its engine? Can’t there be something that serves all purposes?

You may have an answer in the versatile 2024 Subaru Crosstrek. This Crosstrek is a subcompact crossover SUV with some similarities to hatchbacks. It offers the best of both worlds: the nimble maneuvering of a sedan and the storage capacity of an SUV. The Crosstrek has long been a great but underrated option for buyers since its design lets it serve a wide range of needs, ranging from families to the lone driver who likes to head out into the wilderness. The 2024 model has an exciting addition, though: it’s the start of a new generation.

What Does a New Generation Mean?

So, the Crosstrek is still the Crosstrek. Its exterior appearance has been updated, but it is still recognizable as the classic Subaru crossover. However, there have been many major changes that result in this new generation being a more attractive option. Admittedly, buyers might feel uncertain when they hear a vehicle is entering a new generation. It feels more unknown. It’s like when your favorite TV show changes settings; you’re curious about what will happen next but you miss the old status quo that brought you back each week. Luckily, Subaru seems to have hit all the marks: it’s a better ride without sacrificing any of the elements that made the first and second generations successful.

That’s the goal anytime a manufacturer starts a new generation for one of their star vehicles, but you can ask car aficionados if that’s always the case. What you’ll often hear are tales of despair over how an older generation was so much better than the current one. Thankfully, Subaru is avoiding that issue with the third generation of the Crosstrek. It’s improved in many ways, making it ideal for almost every type of driver. Even if you need something to haul a camper or boat behind you, the all-new Crosstrek comes through beautifully.

A green 2024 Subaru Crosstrek barrels down a dusty road.

Remarkable Performance and Capability

While the previous engine got the job done, the new options add a bit more zest to your ride thanks to a standard 2.0L Subaru Boxer engine with 152 hp. The available 2.5L 182-hp Subaru Boxer engine lets you glide down the highway with ease and delivers a smooth drive. That smoothness extends to the interior, too, as Subaru has increased the sound-deadening qualities of the cabin so that you don’t feel as many vibrations nor hear the roar of your engine. It lets you relax no matter what terrain you’re driving on. Until you’ve sat in the 2024 Crosstrek, you may not have realized how much sound from an engine seeps into your cabin.

Subaru, long an advocate of all-wheel drive (AWD), has an exciting Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system in the 2024 Crosstrek. It’s more than just a fancy name, too. This system will let you drive stress-free in bad weather because it allows the Crosstrek to gain more traction. Rough road conditions, like bumpy streets or potholed roads, also become more manageable thanks to this system. The Symmetrical AWD is one reason the Crosstrek outdoes its competitors when it comes to traveling off the grid, too. It has a knack for managing less-than-ideal conditions, which makes it perfect for getting you to your favorite campsite.

The Dual-function X-Mode adds yet another level of control when you’re behind the wheel. With it, you can adjust traction settings on your Crosstrek to match the conditions you’re in and the type of ride you want to experience. Not only does this make for safer, better drives, but it also gives you an extra sense of command when you’re in the driver’s seat. This is great for you, of course, but it’s also excellent if you have a teen who’s learning to drive; the Crosstrek’s adaptability will make the lessons go a little smoother. Plus, the Crosstrek has a nice height advantage thanks to 8.7 inches of ground clearance, which opens up more wilderness destinations and lets you travel to places other crossovers can’t reach.

A Spacious and Comfortable Interior

All of these capabilities won’t matter if you and your passengers are uncomfortable. Thankfully, the aforementioned traction and sound deadening make your ride go smoothly. But will you be comfortable in your seats? Absolutely. More-comfortable seating was one of Subaru’s main goals as they developed the next generation of the Crosstrek. You get 120.4 cu.ft. of total space to take advantage of inside the all-new Crosstrek, which puts it ahead of most of its competitors and makes it a great option for a wide range of uses.

If it’s just you and a passenger traveling, you can also put down some of the seats to increase storage space; versatility is the name of the game with the Crosstrek. Having all of this space makes traveling a lot easier, but there’s more to love. The Crosstrek has roof rails, so you can pack on athletic gear, including mountain bikes before you hit the road. If you’re an athlete, this is sure to please you. And if you’ve been looking for a way to add more adventure to your life, then this Crosstrek has you covered.

Hikers are shown loading up the trunk of a green 2024 Subaru Crosstrek.

Priced to Meet the Needs of Any Driver

Another perk of the Crosstrek is that it not only beats its competitors in so many ways, but it also tends to be more affordable than them. As of now, the 2024 Crosstrek starts at just shy of $25,000 MSRP, which is an incredible deal. Looking back at all it can do, it’s easy to expect an opening price of well over $30,000. While higher-end trims do raise the price, all versions of the Crosstrek remain quite budget-friendly, making this new generation even more desirable.

Truly Ahead of the Curve

One thing’s for sure: with the 2024 Crosstrek in your driveway, you’ll be letting others know that you’re setting the trend. A new generation stands out because it charts new territory. Owning the all-new Crosstrek lets everyone know that you’re someone who likes the new and exciting and that you have an adventurous side that’s ready to take advantage of everything the Crosstrek is capable of. If you’ve purchased a Subaru in the past, then you already know why the brand has been gaining ground in the marketplace. And if this is your first one, then you’ll probably wonder why you hadn’t checked out a Crosstrek much sooner. It won’t take long for neighbors and friends to start wondering why they, too, don’t yet have a Subaru; but you’ll be able to brag that you were the one to start the trend on your street.