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A white 2023 Jeep Compass is shown driving through a river sending water spraying into the air on either side.

A Peek Inside the 2023 Jeep Compass

Jeep has spent its lifetime thus far committed to building vehicles that are rugged, practical, and comfortable. They’re experts in combining off-roading features with elements that help you navigate busy city streets. As far as style, the Jeep aesthetic is one of classic strength merged with reflections of today’s best technological updates. Fans of the brand want that discernable “Jeep” feel each time they return to the dealership, and with that loyalty in mind, Jeep pours its core values onto every blueprint. When Jeep sets out to release a new model year, the latest rendition is always thoughtful and well-planned; knowing this, we were eager to take a look at the 2023 Jeep Compass to see what it has in store.

This new Compass is a highly sought-after crossover SUV for Jeep. With the 2023 model year arriving, Jeep updated the powertrain and made some new and exciting changes to the styling, both inside and out. If you haven’t discovered the latest, you’re in for a treat; meanwhile, the ’23 Compass stays true to its roots of capability with a loaded package of features that help tackle any terrain. The cabin offers a warm and comfortable experience for the driver and passengers alike, with its inviting materials and generous entertainment features. Great for individuals and families, the Compass has all the best-available safety features, inspiring confidence in every drive. This year’s Jeep is the type of redesign that gets the blood pumping while still offering tons of value at its price point.

So, What’s New for 2023?

The 2023 Jeep Compass is dynamic and has plenty of options to offer its drivers. From exterior colors that pop to interior materials that feel upscale, you can customize your Jeep down to the wheels. The Compass is available in seven trim levels that offer dynamic features and unique styling. From least to most expensive, these trim levels are the Sport, Latitude, Altitude, Trailhawk, Limited, Red Edition, and High Altitude. There are dozens of ways to pair different trim levels with different exterior and interior colors, getting you a Compass that feels like your very own.

Jeep included a new powertrain for the 2023 Compass, now equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged inline-four. This new engine delivers 200 hp—an improvement over the previous model year, whose engine produced 180 hp using a 2.4L setup. Jeep also eliminated the front-wheel drive option, making the all-wheel drive configuration standard across each model. Going for efficiency without sacrificing performance is a recipe for success. The infotainment center also received a facelift for the 2023 model year, and Jeep added some previously optional driver assistance features to the standard package. Finally, Jeep introduced new 17-inch wheels on the lower trim levels.

A 2023 Jeep Compass is shown driving down a steep, rocky hill.

How to Off-Road in the 2023 Jeep Compass

One of the main reasons drivers flock to Jeep is the capabilities of their SUVs. The Jeep 4×4 system is instrumental in making the Compass a great outdoor companion, delivering traction when you need it most. In making the 4×4 system standard on every trim, Jeep has expanded the possibilities for all Compass drivers to venture out into uncharted territory. There is an available Active Drive advanced 4×4 system that adds a 20:1 crawl ratio, as well as a low range to the Trail Rated trim levels. The better-than-ever Selec-Terrain Traction Management System features settings specifically for Snow, Sand/Mud, and an Auto setting that optimizes driving based on current road conditions.

If you opt for the Trailhawk trim, you’ll gain the benefit of Jeep’s Hill Descent Control feature; this works by monitoring the throttle, speed, and braking on any steep decline. Whenever an incline reaches eight degrees, the system activates, kicking in when needed to assist with braking so that you can focus on steering.

Each model is paired with an eight-speed transmission that flawlessly moves through gear ratios. The Compass has a fully disconnecting rear axle designed for fuel efficiency that’s beneficial when you’re navigating city traffic and don’t need the 4×4 system active. The electronic differential feature is there for you to transfer torque to the wheels to optimize distribution. Plus, the 2023 Compass can tow up to 2,000 lbs, so you can bring a small trailer or boat along with you on your extracurricular excursions.

A Facelift for the Interior

One of the most exciting developments for the 2023 Compass is the redesign of the cabin. Without reinventing the wheel or scrapping good elements from previous models, Jeep pressed a subtle reset button on the Compass. They’ve adjusted the infotainment center to incorporate a class-leading display, dramatic styling, and their UConnect 5 entertainment integration system. There are a number of variables that change as you move through different trim levels; however, the overall feel of the Compass interior is one that evokes inspiration and energy.

The 2023 Jeep Compass offers the largest touchscreen radio display in its class. The standard screen is an 8.4-inch display, while the optional larger 10.1-inch display is a unique statement. Both offer an intuitive display of your music, navigation, surroundings, and more, and the UConnect 5 integration has wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can also take advantage of voice recognition for commands. The instrument panel sits within an upscale dashboard that comes with a textured fabric mid-bolster, as well as slim air vents that ooze refinement. Top it off with the available 10.25-inch digital cluster display that is front and center above your steering column, all for an exquisite and undervalued pilot’s roost.

The interior of the 2023 Jeep Compass is shown with gray seats and a warm tan colored leather dash.

The Compass is smaller than Jeep’s other SUV models like the Wrangler and Wagoneer; this compact design makes it more efficient and easier for city commuting—however, it still comfortably fits four adult passengers thanks to its roomy back-row seating. The high seats allow for more legroom, and you can fit plenty of cargo in the back, like luggage, groceries, and sporting equipment. For even more storage solutions, the Compass has an elevated center console that makes organizing your belongings simple and convenient. Available luxury touches like a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel and heated seats turn your Compass into an oasis during cold weather fronts. As part of the redesign, too, Jeep added appealing door trim and bezels throughout the cabin that reflects its bold look and modern atmosphere.

Discover the Jeep Difference

The 2023 Jeep Compass is an all-around badass adaptation of previously successful models, merged with the innovation that keeps the brand at the helm of the automotive industry. Updates to the Compass include a powertrain that offers more while using less. The turbocharged 2.0L engine shows Jeep’s commitment to improving fuel economy and maintaining the kind of performance that draws drivers in.

For a crossover SUV, the Compass offers an impressive package of off-roading equipment and capabilities that make it the perfect weekend getaway vehicle. After checking off the boxes for performance, Jeep goes on to refresh the interior in a way that feels inviting and thrilling at the same time. The timeless exterior pairs well with the elegant cabin and delivers Jeep drivers the full 4×4 luxury experience. Now is the perfect time to test drive a Compass and see for yourself. However you drive, you’ll be in for a real treat.