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A silver 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid is parked on a colorful geometric mural while young adults drink coffee in the foreground.

Why a Toyota Hybrid is the Best Vehicle for You in 2021

When Toyota first introduced the public to the Prius over 20 years ago, it was a futuristic novelty. Today, hybrid vehicles are a staple of the market, and Toyota offers hybrid versions of nearly all of its most popular models, giving drivers the best of both worlds – incredible fuel economy and all the features that you need in a vehicle. Further, modern hybrid powertrains have come a long way from the original Prius, and now many Toyota hybrids offer more power than their traditional gasoline counterparts. To take advantage of all of these benefits, simply pay a visit to your local Toyota hybrid dealer.

From the affordable and nimble Corolla Hybrid to the large and luxurious Avalon Hybrid, there is a Toyota hybrid model for every driver. Many models even offer you the choice between hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, with the latter giving you the option to run on battery power alone for short distances. If you live in the city, a Toyota plug-in hybrid gives you all the benefits of an electric vehicle with the versatility of a traditional hybrid.

Affordable Efficiency with the Corolla Hybrid

To me, the Corolla is middle America’s sports sedan. The Corolla is the kind of car your kid wants to drive to college, and you’ll be happy to let them. On looks alone, it’s sleek and small enough to compare to other sporty offerings, but with all the safety features so you can breathe easily. The Toyota Corolla has been a long-standing symbol of sporty affordability. Reliable and roomy enough for families. You can fit your little soccer stars and all their gear in the back with plenty of legroom and still enjoy a nimble car equipped with a 4-cylinder engine that makes zipping around town a snap.

The 2021 Corolla Hybrid is affordable at a starting price of $23,500, making this eco-friendly drive within reach of any budget. It’s a great little ride for you or you and your growing family to ride in comfort. And you can also feel good about it because of the fuel economy. The new 2021 Corolla Hybrid is rated for 53 MPG in the city and 52 MPG on the highway, meaning you can drive all the way to grandma’s house on a tank of gas for what it would cost you for a coffee and lunch. It also comes with an enhanced Hybrid Battery Warranty that lasts for ten years or 150,000 miles. So, you can save money on gas and repairs while also reducing your fossil fuel consumption. That’s definitely something you can feel good about.

A couple is standing next to a red 2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid that is parked outside a restaurant at night.

The Camry Hybrid has Fuel Economy in Style

This car has long-term relationship written all over it. The Camry is the kind of car that has all the right qualities you are looking for. It’s always been a stylish and best-selling model for Toyota and really offers a lot of luxury for a mid-sized sedan. Classy and sophisticated with a surprisingly affordable price tag, the 2021 Camry Hybrid model has a starting price of $27,270 but looks like a car that costs twice that on the road. While not as agile as the Corolla, it has a solid body that produces a lot less noise and provides a smoother ride. And if silence is what you are looking for, you can get pretty close with the almost noiseless powertrain on this hybrid.

You don’t have to sacrifice power either when you drive a 2021 Camry Hybrid. This hybrid is actually faster than its gasoline-powered counterpart and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in just 7.4 seconds. It just feels like what a modern family car should be. The Camry Hybrid comes in four different trims but also with the adaptability to add your own customization. So, you can have the SE version with heated seats if you want to – and you know you want to. Powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine working together with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack, the fuel economy on the Camry is also top of the line at 51 MPG in the city and 53 MPG on the highway. You get the gas mileage of a smaller hybrid with the interior space of a standard sedan.

Luxury and Sophistication in the Avalon Hybrid

A dark blue 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is parked on a pebble beach after leaving a Toyota hybrid dealer.

Now, this is the kind of car you put up alongside a luxury sedan like the classic Cadillac. Even the name sounds tranquil. It’s roomy and sleek and drives like a limousine. That’s because it has been aerodynamically designed for a smoother drive. Toyota reduced its drag with tangential vents on the sides of its bumper, available spoiler, rear diffuser, and underbody panels. While heftier than the Corolla and Camry models, the Avalon Hybrid doesn’t lose much in fuel economy, averaging 43 MPG in the city and 44 MPG on the highway. So you can feel good about a Sunday drive knowing you are getting the most from your fuel, and this is definitely the kind of car for a Sunday drive.

But those are just the basic features. This roomy luxury car comes with safety features such as blind spot monitoring and cross-traffic alert, which really come in handy when maneuvering a larger vehicle. The XSE and Limited editions also come with alloy wheels, gloss accents, and lip spoilers for a sportier look. The soft leather seats, wood trim, and ambient lighting make the interior warm and inviting. And of course, the heated and ventilated seats really elevate the driving experience to pure luxury. Now all you need is someone to drive you around while you sip champagne in the backseat.

Of course, one of the coolest features of the new 2021 models is the compatibility with Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and Amazon Alexa so that you can sync your phone to your car and access its features through the Avalon’s 9-inch color touchscreen. You can get real-time traffic alerts, access your playlists, browse your contacts, and even talk to Siri. You can have her turn on your favorite song on the Avalon’s available JBL audio system, bringing you 14-speaker surround sound.

Choose Your Toyota Hybrid

Toyota models have always been the standard for affordable performance and luxury here at home and abroad. Toyota also introduced hybrid technology to the world, and the models listed here are also just a small selection of what you can find at your local Toyota hybrid dealer, with other options including the iconic Prius and the powerful new RAV4 Prime. With people taking to the road more than ever, it only makes sense that fuel economy is a top priority with car buyers. I know it is with me.

Cars are like part of our family, and we rely on them to get us everywhere we need to go. Whether it is home or to work or to school, we are always on the go, and we need affordable and reliable transportation. But affordable doesn’t always have to mean that we sacrifice comfort. Toyota is delivering fuel-efficient models with all the bells and whistles that used to be exclusive to luxury brands. Now we can travel in style and comfort, fully connected to everything we need. And the best part is, you can feel good about driving a hybrid while you are saving money. That’s always the best kind of ride.

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