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A blue 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Desert Boss is shown from the front at an angle.

Who’s the Boss? The 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Desert Boss

In your search for a Chevy Colorado for sale, you may become overwhelmed by the options available. This is especially possible when you consider the new 2023 line-up, which includes five individual trims to choose from. From the base WT trim up to the ZR2, there is plenty to impress the truck lover. The ZR2 is even available with an all-new Desert Boss Special Edition, which is quite intriguing. With everything you could want from a top trim, plus the benefits of the off-roading Desert Boss, there won’t be much question about who the real boss is.

Dress for the Job You Want

The Chevy Colorado ZR2 is a boxy beast of a truck. The bulldog-style front end is accentuated by the lifted stance and black fender flares, while the front lower fascia and bumper are aggressive looking but purposeful. The trim-exclusive mesh grille insert with a body-colored surround and bright red front tow hooks are more playful.

Air scoops on either side of the grille add a unique style to the truck. The sculpted side panels and hood are a welcome addition to the overall design and further distinguish the ZR2 from any other Colorado trim. An anti-glare matte decal on the hood finishes off the look and adds an extra helping hand protecting your vision on bright days.

New for this year on the Colorado is a nifty option called the StowFlex Tailgate. It gets its name from the hidden compartment within the tailgate. Open the top to reveal extra storage room and get a watertight seal when it’s closed. The compartment locks so you can store tools or valuables. A drain plug allows you to use it as a cooler for tailgating or camping.

The interior is more modern, with Jet Black and a cool grayish color throughout. The color is affectionately named Artemis and is highlighted with accent stitching. Leather appointments make the cabin feel rich and sleek. A patterned trim runs along the dash with an almost retro nod and includes unique ZR2 graphics.

The motor of a 2023 Chevy Colorado is shown in close-up.

Everything You Could Want, From A to ZR2

The ZR2 is a powerhouse of features designed to put the fun back in driving and the safety back in off-roading. A 2.7-liter Turbo High-Output engine pumps power through the ZR2 producing 310 hp and cranking out 430 lb-ft of torque. To control that power, the eight-speed transmission is equipped with grade braking, which shifts gears in order to slow down, saving the brakes and adding stability.

The ZR2 seems to be a Jack of all trades, offering a little bit of everything. For the off-roading enthusiast, the ZR2 comes equipped with the tools of the trail. To start with, the ZR2 includes an off-road package that raises the overall stance of the truck by three inches. With almost 11 inches of ground clearance and an incredible 38.3-degree approach angle, it’s easy to drive over obstacles in the ZR2.

Added protection comes in the form of off-road rock rails, a modified front fascia, underbody skid plates, and wider fender flares to shield the large 33-inch mud-terrain tires. An upgraded suspension with unique Multimatic DSSV dampers results in a smooth and comfortable ride that minimizes jarring and shaking when putting those off-road components to the test. Multimatic’s spool valve technology is designed to absorb impacts better than traditional dampers.

Trailering Plus Tech

The ZR2 is a smorgasbord of features, including everything you could need for hauling and towing. The ZR2 comes standard with the Trailering Package, which includes wiring, connectors, and a receiver hitch to make hooking up easy. Along with trailering accessories, this trim includes front and rear locking differentials to increase stability and control by locking up the wheels for added traction. This is in addition to the standard four-wheel drive system with an Autotrac two-speed transfer case.

With the ZR2, it feels like towing and hauling are natural, especially with an integrated trailer brake controller. Easy access to brake adjustments makes towing simple and safe. To further towing convenience, a special drive mode is included. Tow/Haul mode adjusts how the transmission shifts to help when towing heavy loads. When you’re not towing, there are also Off-Road, Terrain, and Baja drive modes.

For convenience and safety, Hitch Guidance and Hitch View are two added features that use the Rear Vision Camera to allow you to peek at your trailer and line up your hitch when connecting. Tech and trailer meet with the in-vehicle trailering app that enables more control over the important details. Get security alerts, maintenance reminders, and even electrical diagnostics for your trailer. Use the included checklist to improve safety and stay on top of mileage.

Comforts Abound

What makes the ZR2 so great is that it doesn’t just offer off-road features and towing tech but also comforts and amenities to make it an excellent everyday driver. You will enjoy heated front seats with three different warming levels. A heated steering wheel is also available. As the driver, you benefit from a power-adjustable seat with eight-way adjustment, including lumbar controls, to make the seat fit you.

A large infotainment screen with Google built-in, wireless Apple CarPlay, and wireless Android Auto makes it easy to play your favorite songs or carry on a conversation hands-free. Speaking of hands-free, keyless entry and start is another perk you get with the ZR2. Available wireless charging is a smart upgrade option. Dual-zone climate control is another great feature, offering separate temperature settings for you and your passenger.

A blue 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Desert Boss is shown from the rear while jumping off a sand dune after leaving dealer that had a Chevy Colorado for sale.

ZR2 Desert Boss Special Edition

The Desert Boss Special Edition is a well-rounded add-on that does more than just change the truck’s appearance. But let’s start with that. The sides and tailgate get a make-over with special Desert Boss decals, while the Colorado badges are swapped out with black badges, further refining the look. Even the wheels are replaced with bronze-accented special edition wheels.

The unique wheels aren’t added just for styling, either. The Desert Boss has beadlock-capable wheels that lock to the tires for a solid seal, allowing you to air down safely to tackle softer terrain. A sport bar is mounted to the bed of the truck to emphasize the rugged appearance of the Desert Boss and even includes a ZR2 sail panel.

A large 40-inch light bar comes mounted to the roof, making it easy to see your surroundings when off-roading. If you need a bit more illumination, the Desert Boss throws in a wiring kit and a power distribution box to make aftermarket add-ons easy. With the underbody camera that comes along with the package, obstacles don’t stand a chance. Lastly, an off-road bumper and push bar clear the road ahead, protecting your vehicle like a boss.

It’s Good to Be the Boss

The 2023 Colorado ZR2 is an impressive truck in its own right. It’s an accomplishment to offer off-road abilities, work truck capabilities, and everyday driver luxuries. However, the addition of the Desert Boss Special Edition will truly elevate your experience. By adding a few exterior touches, the ZR2 is made to look even sleeker. Plus, with so many fantastic off-road features, the path is always open for adventure, no matter where your travels take you.