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A white 2023 Chevy Silverado ZR2 Bison is shown from the rear at an angle.

Explore the Luxury of the 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 Bison

If you haven’t shopped for a new truck in a while, you may be surprised that even base trims are loaded with luxuries, which you can see for yourself at your local Chevy Silverado dealer and see how far technology and driver comfort have come. If base trims are loaded, then imagine what comes with the top of the top, like the 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 Bison. This is your ultimate guide to the ZR2 Bison and everything you get when getting behind the wheel of this one-of-a-kind truck.

Performance Designed for Venturing off the Pavement

Equipped with a 6.2-liter EcoTec3 V8 engine and 10-speed automatic transmission, the ZR2 produces an astounding 420 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque. GM’s Dynamic Fuel Management system comes standard on the trim, improving fuel economy without sacrificing performance. The system can determine what cylinders are necessary for a specific situation and deactivate those that are not. If more power is needed, the system can activate the required cylinders. This allows GM to still offer power and performance but also offer great efficiency.

The ZR2 uses an upgraded suspension package that includes specially designed Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve dampers. The dampers are designed to absorb impact, which is a great addition to a large truck such as the Silverado. The system uses special spool valves, which work much better than standard shocks. Paired with a lifted suspension, you are guaranteed a drive as smooth as butter. When towing or hauling, the available Tow/Haul mode provides improved control for a smooth ride even when actively towing.

The ZR2 is equipped with aggressive tread mud tires to grip the road and conquer tough terrain. The addition of specially designed, extra strong steel skid plates protects the vehicle’s undercarriage when traversing challenging landscapes. They not only cover the fuel tank and other important components under your vehicle but an additional skid plate is located behind the bumper for even more protection.

Heavy-duty steel rock rails are added to the lower panels of the truck to prevent damage to the body and paint from rocks. Front and rear electronic locking differentials help lock the axle when additional traction is needed. Specialized reinforced front and rear bumpers also come standard on the Bison upgraded ZR2. Extra thick steel, with an added substructure, makes for increased durability.

A white 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 Bison is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a Chevy Silverado dealer.

An Array of Safety and Driver Assistance Technology

Like most vehicles nowadays, the ZR2 Bison has wireless Apple CarPay and Android Auto connectivity to keep you connected, while Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities are also standard. For the audiophiles, the ZR2 comes equipped with an exciting Bose premium sound system with 7 speakers. When paired with SiriusXM, it can give you a next-level listening experience not found in its competition. The ZR2 has two infotainment screens: a 13.4-inch diagonal multi-touch display with Google built-in and customizable features and a 12.3-inch driver information center that offers customizable features and displays important information for the driver.

A full suite of safety features known as Chevy Safety Assist protects you and your investment. Innovative tools like forward collision alert work in unison with automatic emergency braking to lessen front-end impacts. There are also features that alert the driver of potential rear-end collisions and pedestrians. StabiliTrak uses traction control to help your vehicle stay in contact with the ground, while Teen Driver is an additional suite of technology designed to make driving safer for your younger drivers, with adjustable safety settings on things like speed limit and radio volume. Advanced camera features use data to create multi-views of your vehicle’s surrounding areas. Camera technology specifically for hitching a trailer is also included, using the camera system to easily guide your actions or alert you when there is someone in the blind spot of your trailer.

An Interior Packed With Great Comfort Features

Inside the ZR2 Bison, you’ll find ventilated jet black and Greystone dual-tone leather appointed buckets seats in the front adorned with the AEV badging on the head restraints. The front seats are power operated, with ten adjustable settings, including lumbar adjustment and driver memory settings for up to two drivers. Front seats also include temperature control, meaning not only can you heat them, but you can also cool them. The warming feature for the front is programmable so that they can be set to warm up on cold days. While the back is not programmable, the ZR2 does offer heated rear seats. A full bench seat fills out the back with storage inside and underneath.

Dual-zone climate control allows for two climate settings, while USB ports are throughout the cabin, and a heated steering wheel helps keep your hands warm on cold days. A head-up display projects valuable information onto the windshield to keep your attention on the road. Keyless open and start, remote start, and wireless charging round out the luxuries in the ZR2.

The grey interior of a 2023 Chevy Silverado ZR2 Bison is shown.

A Darkened Exterior Equipped With the Multi-Flex Tailgate

The 2023 Chevy Silverado ZR2 features a large black mesh grille with C-shaped headlamps, a faux hood scoop in flat black adorns the hood, creating a rugged impression, and faux door scoops give the truck a chiseled appearance. Specialized Bison tow hooks also sit in the front on either side. The exterior of the ZR2 Bison is unique, with specialized badging on the side of the truck bed and special gloss black wheels with AEV badging. The addition of a body-colored grille bar set against the black grille is another unique upgrade courtesy of the Bison package, not to mention the rear bumper also includes side steps for easy access.

The rear features a Multi-Flex tailgate in a unique black finish, which contrasts against the body-colored back fascia. The tailgate can be folded down into different configurations; use it as a traditional gate or gain easy access with a fold-down center gate. Fold the inner gate flat for a work surface or bend it upwards to create a tailgate stop. The full tailgate can also be used as a stop or bent down to be used as a step. Lighting in the bed and perimeter can brighten the camp or work site. Plus, it comes with best-in-class cargo space, offering 89.1 cu.ft. in the back.

Is the ZR2 Bison Everything You’re Looking For in an Off-Road Truck?

The 2023 Chevy Silverado 1500 ZR2 Bison is everything the ZR2 trim is, with some added off-roading features and special edition badging. But with a high price tag, the question is if it’s worth it. Although the AEV badging isn’t anything to write home about, and the addition of other cosmetic upgrades may not be worth extra dough, it’s the off-road editions that are worth talking about.

The special dampeners that create a lighter-than-air ride will make your experience more comfortable than many other trucks on the market. The added bash plate protection for undercarriage security and the rock rails to protect your paint are all fantastic ways to protect your long-term investment and have more worry-free fun. The sturdy rear and front bumpers add both protection and convenience. To the right person, having a safer and more comfortable off-roading experience may be worth that extra cash. The ZR2 is already well-equipped, but the ZR2 Bison features truly make this a special edition. So, what is the verdict? Is it worth all the hype? Depending on what you’re looking for in an off-road-built truck, you’ll have to get behind the wheel and decide for yourself.