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A red 2023 Nissan Rogue is shown driving on a highway.

Which Nissan SUV Has the Right Passenger and Cargo Space for Your Family?

Nissan has a diverse lineup of SUVs in different sizes and designed with different drivers in mind. From compact to three-row, there’s an SUV for nearly every driver in the Nissan lineup. If you’re shopping for one for your family, having the right passenger and cargo space is essential. Some Nissan SUVs are best for small families, while others are ready to transport an entire soccer team. Plus, there is a variety of cargo configurations and space found in each model.

While some families need room for huge coolers of snacks and loads of athletic gear, others are just needing room for some backpacks and small items. Having the right SUV for your family makes day-to-day life run just a little bit smoother. If you aren’t sure which Nissan SUV has the ideal passenger and cargo space for your family’s needs, here’s a look at a few options for small and large families alike.

One of the most popular Nissan SUVs, a white 2023 Nissan Armada, is shown driving off-road.

For Day-To-Day Life: The 2023 Nissan Armada

If you need to load up your SUV with as many as eight people at a time, then the Nissan Armada could be the way to go. Opt for a bench seat in the second row, and you’ll get eight comfortable seats, or if you need seating for seven, you can opt for Captain’s chairs in the second row. When you choose the seven-seat configuration, you’ll get a deep center console in the second row, where backseat passengers can stash essentials like small devices, snacks, and more. When you need extra room for a big grocery run or a bulky science project, you’ll be glad you have the power folding third row, which folds flat with the pull of a lever. If you need even more cargo space, the second row folds down, giving you a maximum of 2,701.8 litres of cargo space.

Busy parents tend to have their hands full, which is why the standard power liftgate is a big perk in the Armada. It opens the trunk with a simple push of a button, so you don’t need to open the trunk manually. Plus, the trunk has a wide opening, making it easy to load up large items. In the trunk, you’ll also find under-floor storage for hiding valuables. There are a couple of other features that make long drives more enjoyable, like noise reduction technology that complements those backseat naps and a driver’s memory seat to help you get into your most comfortable position for extended trips.

A tan 2023 Nissan Pathfinider is shown driving on a city street.

For Adventurers: The 2023 Nissan Pathfinder

The Nissan Pathfinder, like the Armada, also offers seating for seven or eight. It certainly has the cargo and space needed for everyday life, but it’s also designed with certain details that make it ideal for road trips. Like the Armada, the Pathfinder can be configured with either second-row bench seats for seating eight or second-row Captain’s chairs for seating seven.

How it differs, though, is the EZ FLEX 2nd row, which slides forward to allow easy access to the third row. This feature is perfect for road trips where there will be a lot of pulling over to check out the sights and getting in and out of the vehicle, especially if you’re travelling with little ones. You also have available heated second-row seats on the Pathfinder, which should come in handy on those chilly mornings.

The cargo features of the Pathfinder stand out among the Nissan SUV lineup. You’ll get an available motion-activated liftgate, so when your arms are full, you can open the trunk with just a quick motion of your foot beneath the rear bumper. There are also tons of small and cleverly-placed storage compartments throughout the cabin, including a pass-thru bin in the front, beneath the shift, and lower dash storage bins, perfect for keeping things like sunglasses and chapstick (or wipes for rear seat messes).

A white 2023 Nissan Rogue is shown driving off-road.

For Small Families: The 2023 Nissan Rogue

If you have a family of five or fewer, the Nissan Rogue could be a smart investment. This compact SUV is comfortable and convenient for a small family while still boasting large-vehicle-like storage. The Rogue has Nissan’s popular Divide-N-Hide system, which contains two panels that can be set to several configurations. You can create a privacy screen for valuables, a barrier between the front and trunk when the rear seats are folded, and even create a shelf for multi-tier storage. This special system is great for times you want to keep a pet from climbing from the trunk into the cabin or when you want to conceal pricey items after a day of shopping.

Speaking of folding down the second row of seats, remote folding makes that simple with a push of a button. The Rogue also has the available kick-activated liftgate for hands-free trunk opening. Like the Pathfinder, the Rogue also has that under-shift storage for keeping small essentials between the driver and front seat passenger. Plus, its butterfly armrest enables front-seat passengers to open the center console from the sides and easily pass items to backseat passengers.

As for passenger comfort, the Rogue boasts a generous amount of rear seat legroom and rear doors that open nearly 90 degrees for easy in-and-out access to the cabin. The driver will be comfortable, too, thanks to the available memory system that recalls the driver’s preferred seat and exterior mirror settings. Plus, heated front seats are standard and heated rear seats are available.

Nissan Makes SUVs for Families Large and Small

You know what day-to-day life is like for your family and how many passengers you regularly transport. Throughout the Nissan lineup of SUVs, there is a model that fits you and your family’s needs. Nissan has done an excellent job creating an array of vehicles that appeal to distinctly different drivers and their families. Whether life is tame or lively, there’s something for everyone in this lineup. It is this versatility that has made Nissan synonymous with family-orientated vehicles, since its debut on US shores in the 1950s.

If you have several young children and are in that active phase of life filled with sports practice, play dates and carpooling, the larger Pathfinder or Armada might be right for you. If you have an adventurous family that likes to take off to explore new places, the Pathfinder is specifically made to make road trip life easier and more fun. Some families only need seating for five and want something with easy-to-handle dimensions. The Rogue is an excellent choice for them, boasting a surprising amount of configurable storage.

Luckily, Nissan didn’t forget about parents and put features to keep the driver comfortable in every model. From memory seats that recall your favourite position for driving to under-shift storage to heated seats, each SUV ensures the driver is just as happy as the rear seat passengers. Plus, there are tons of available features to make life a little easier, like motion-activated liftgates and rear seat climate control. If you’re looking for an SUV designed for family life, the Nissan lineup has you covered. Whether you’re exploring the open road on a family road trip or bringing the team to soccer practice, Nissan’s extensive lineup of SUVs are sure to meet the needs of your family.