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A red 2022 GMC Yukon is shown from the front at an angle while driving down the road after leaving a GMC dealer.

Which GMC Has the Best Cargo Area?

One of the best things about an SUV is the cargo space. That’s part of what makes an SUV so much more than just a form of transportation. You can keep all of the things that you need—both for comfort during your trip and also for when you get to the destination—inside of the vehicle. Some travelers opt for taking their SUV instead of booking a flight for travel because those airline luggage fees wind up costing far more than the tickets themselves, and certainly more than a couple tanks of gas

The great SUV accommodates all of your stuff. If your life requires you to carry ample gear for work, school, or hobbies, good cargo space is a must-have. So if you are visiting your local GMC dealer, be sure to check out these GMCs that offer a generous amount of cargo space. You can be sure that your family members won’t be fighting over cargo space on the next road trip

2022 GMC Yukon

The GMC Yukon is one of the largest GMCs out there at 210” long. This three-rower can hold seven or eight people, and all of their stuff, without issue. Both of the back rows fold down. In the standard 2022 Yukon, you’ll get 25.5 cu.ft. of cargo space behind the third row (so just the trunk), or a maximum of 122.9 cu.ft. of cargo area if you fold down both back rows.

Meanwhile, if you move up to the XL, you’ll get an impressive 41.5 cu.ft. of cargo room in the trunk, or a massive 145 cu.ft. of max cargo room with all back rows folded down. Some users have packed as many as 35 carry-on bags into the Yukon with the rear rows folded down.

In addition to mere space, the Yukon has some other convenient cargo features, including a motor-controllable center console that can be moved up or back to make room for large front-row cargo items such as coolers or beach bags. It’s also rich with hidden cubbies for small, miscellaneous items.

Plus, it has an optional cargo convenience package. This package has a rear fold flat cargo organizer that folds up briefcase-style and keeps the trunk tidy. It also has a collapsible cargo organizer that is removable and customizable, and is great for small items. Additionally, it has a vertical cargo net for stashing small items like sunscreen and magazines. So, from the tiny items that make a big difference to bulky cargo, this car has you covered.

A white 2022 GMC Acadia is shown form the front at an angle.

2022 GMC Acadia

The 2022 GMC Acadia is also one sizable vehicle at a whopping 193.6 ” in length. This beauty fits 28 carry-on bags with the second and third rows folded down, so it can definitely save you a pretty penny in airline luggage fees. You can opt to either have the back seats fold down entirely, or you can do a 50/50 split on the third row. Depending on which seats you fold down and how, you can see anywhere from 13 to 42 cu.ft. of storage space in this vehicle.

The 2022 GMC Acadia also has a cargo package. It’s not quite as hefty as the Yukon’s, but it does have a retractable cargo shade as well as a vertical cargo net for storing those smaller items. What it does have that some of its competitors don’t is large, pass-through, under-console storage, which is great for storing items without taking up space in the main legroom of the car. It also has a covered under-floor cargo storage area and a second-row storage drawer behind the center console. Between that pass-through console, under-floor area, and second-row drawer, this is a great vehicle for those who want to carry a lot of stuff, but still want the inside of their vehicle to look organized and tidy.

The 2022 GMC Terrain

The GMC Terrain is a great choice for those looking for a small SUV that still has plenty of storage space. With seating for five passengers and a total length of 182.3″, the Terrain is easy to get in and out of tight parking spots, is a great road trip car, and has a surprising amount of space for stuff inside.

Its second row of seats can either fold flat as one or split-fold. And when these are down, the car can hold an impressive 24 carry-on bags. It boasts 63.3 cu.ft. of volume behind the first row with the second row down, or 29.6 cu.ft. of storage room behind the second row (in the trunk). So, if it’s just you and a co-pilot off for a weekend getaway, you can easily back tons of luggage, adventure gear, a cooler, and more. Plus, it can accommodate items up to eight feet in length, meaning it can carry that kayak or those snowboards for your outdoor adventure.

Cargo Accessories You Can Add

Even though each of the vehicles discussed here can carry plenty of stuff, maybe you need to load up even more gear. Luckily, GMC offers some convenient, versatile, and just-plain-fun cargo accessories to let you bring just about anything on your adventure. Take a look below at the best cargo accessories offered by GMC:

· The Hitch Carriers (Cargo Box)

This is a box that ultimately extends the size of your trunk and hitches onto the back exterior of your vehicle. It’s made with tough materials to keep your items protected from the elements. It’s not just good for adding cargo space, but it’s also good for freeing up the trunk space if you want to camp inside your car with the seats folded.

· Roof Carriers (Canyon XT Roof Basket)

This roof-mounted basket is ready for outdoor adventure. It must be attached to crossbars (which are sold separately) and is great for items like kayaks, bike racks, and surfboards.

· Powered Coolers.

Instead of loading up your loose cooler to slide around the back seat while the ice melts inside, try one of these powered coolers. They connect to the car’s power source to keep foods at the ideal temperature for hours on end and are made of weatherproof, durable materials.

A white 2022 GMC Terrain is shwon from the front at an angle in the snow.

Which GMC Should You Get?

If you are looking for a vehicle with dimensions so large it can comfortably seat seven or eight tall passengers—plus all of their belongings—the 2022 Yukon XL is hard to beat. It’s an absolute beast and ensures that you don’t need to leave any of your gear behind. However, the 2022 GMC Acadia also has a generous amount of cargo space with its rear seats folded down. Plus, it’s rich with clever and convenient storage areas for small items and valuables, including the pass-through console storage and the under-floor storage. So if you’re concerned with concealing valuable items, it’s a great choice.

I wanted to include an option for those looking for a small SUV, without compromising on cargo space. The 2022 GMC Terrain hits the mark, in my view. This sporty, easy-to-handle SUV will be easy to get around busy city streets while still providing plenty of space for your valuables.