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Welcome to the Sell My Car Edition of ‘Would You Rather?’

I remember the very first time I played the Would You Rather? game vividly. It was at summer camp in central Wisconsin, around a campfire on the shores of Amy Belle Lake. The night was quiet, but the sky was filled with teenage hormones, body odor, and a whole lot of inexperience. Faced with scenarios that were designed to make us question the core of our humanity, most of us were more focused on who our latest crush at camp was, and not whether we would prefer to eat a can of slimy worms or swim in a lake full of fish.

The questions we tasked one another with answering seemed not only implausible but impossible to answer in real life. We all gave our last resort justification for desiring to swallow a can full of underground insects, but the truth is, we all knew that none of these scenarios would ever make their way into our actual lives. As impractical as this game was so many years ago, it seems that it can be very useful in deciding important life decisions, such as where to sell your car.

Would You Rather…Sell My Car Style

So, you want to sell your car. Welcome to the vast majority of Americans who aren’t currently in the trenches of a lease agreement. How you should sell your car is a big decision and one that should never be taken lightly. To help advise you on the choice that is ultimately right for you, let’s transport back in time to the shores of Camp Minikani, and play an innocent game of would you rather? Simply answer each question in earnest, and by the end of this page, you should have at least some level of clarification on this matter.

  • Would You Rather Sell Your Car for Less, or Make at Least $500 More?
  • Would You Rather Contribute to Big Box Retailers, or Support Local Small Business?
  • Would You Rather Be Stuck With the Car You Have, or Sell it Despite Its Condition?
  • Would You Rather Be Pressured Into Making a Decision, or Have Ample Time to Consider Your Options?

These four would you rather? inquiries might be as simple to answer as whether you want your morning cup of coffee with cream or without. To most people, these are easy scenarios to answer, all of which point a way to big box stores like CarMax. The auto superstore might promise to buy your car for cash, but so will a lot of local dealerships. When you say no to CarMax, and yes to your neighborhood car dealer, not only are you supporting local business, but you will likely end up with more money for your car and enjoy ultimate peace of mind.

There is nothing like walking away from a situation with a generous check in your hand and the world at your fingertips. When it comes to selling your car, don’t end up with the short, blue and yellow stick. Rather, explore your options. Call around to local car dealers, and find out about their car buying programs – we are willing to bet that they will surprise you.